in the past, the status of women in many countries in the world was very low, and women rarely participated in politics. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, even those in power with the same strength needed an emperor to make a face for themselves, while in another distant country, a woman became the world’s first legitimate female prime minister because of her husband’s death. The protagonist introduced today was born into a famous family. Her husband died unexpectedly and became the world’s first female prime minister. She is celimavo ratdias. On April 17, 1919, Sirimavo latvatdias, who later became Mrs. Bandaranaike, was born in the latwat home in the beautiful and beautiful kanti mountains of Ceylon (changed to Sri Lanka on May 22, 1972). This is a rich family of the local Sinhalese. Like the Bandaranaike family, the ratwat family is also a famous family in Ceylon. Its ancestors of a generation were close ministers around the ancient Ceylon king in history and had a prominent position. This family is not only the leading big landlord in Kangti mountain area, but also has extensive political influence in the country. Latwat, the father of silimavo, is the master of the big family and the patriarch of the Sinhalese people of Ceylon and the Sinhalese people of balangot. Despite his wealth and power, ratwat was not arrogant and domineering. In the eyes of the public, he is honest, kind, knowledgeable, polite to his wife and amiable to the people. He is a very human person and attaches importance to family life. As soon as little celimarvo was born, she was regarded as the apple of latwatt’s eye. Silimavo’s mother is a gentle and virtuous woman with a quiet temperament.

although her words are not many, they make people feel close. Celimavo inherited her mother’s character and was a quiet and clever girl since childhood. She never quarrels with her parents or dictates to others because she is the eldest daughter of the latvats. Enlightened parents did not restrict her from playing with the children of low-ranking farmers, and she always got along well with others. When he was old enough to go to school, latwat decided to send silimavo to school for education. For a well-known family like latwat, a good education means that their son will be able to rise steadily in officialdom in the future; For her daughter, it means that there will be a good marriage waiting for her in the future. Under the arrangement of her father, silimavo successfully entered the best St. Bridget church women’s school in Colombo, the capital of Ceylon. Due to the influence of family environment, she has been interested in politics and social work since childhood. In addition to learning, she also participated in the community service activities organized by the school to get out of school and understand the outside society. In such social activities, silimavo fully shows her affinity character advantages. She and her classmates are often behind famous families, and it is difficult to get in touch with the lives of the middle and lower class people at ordinary times. In Ceylon, which has a caste tradition, we often can’t understand the gap between ordinary people and the upper class at that time. When dealing with the people, we will even be teased by others. Nevertheless, xilimavo shows a strong interest in the lives of ordinary people. She never deliberately shows her superiority in identity. Instead, she walks into the lives of ordinary people with her consistent peace of mind, understands their hardships, understands their joys and sorrows, and serves the civilians in various ways. In this way, silimavo learned a lot of knowledge not taught in books, learned the real and painful side of Ceylon society, and cultivated her feelings for the poor people. She also loves playing tennis and is often taken by her father to the upper class. Her experience as a girl has laid a good foundation for her to reach the peak of power in the future. After graduating from xilimavo high school, she returned to her father’s manor according to Ceylon tradition. During these days, the father was busy helping his daughter find a suitable groom, and the marriage soon came to fruition. The other is Solomon West Bandaranaike, the only son of another large family in Ceylon, the Bandaranaike family. The Bandaranaike family enjoys a high position in the political and economic life of Ceylon, and its influence in China is second only to the governor. As the eldest son of this family, Bandaranaike is also a legendary man. Because of his parents’ unhappy marriage, Bandaranaike grew up with his father, sir Solomon. Sir Solomon was a proud and snobbish man. He had little education, but he was in a high position. He usually wears a suit and shoes. He is busy socializing with senior political officials in Ceylon and senior political officials in Britain, the then suzerain country of Ceylon. He only cares about the status and honor of his family and has little feelings for his motherland. He was very strict with Bandaranaike and wanted his son to succeed, but Bandaranaike was a completely different kind of person from his father. Bandaranaike, born in 1890, is a radical nationalist, well-educated and a top student at Oxford University. While studying in Oxford, Bandaranaike showed great political talent and speech talent, and made friends with a large number of people in the international political arena in the future. Anthony Eden, the later British Prime Minister, lived in the dormitory next to him. Although Bandaranaike is deeply influenced by western culture, he deeply loves his motherland. The marriage of the eldest daughter of the latwat family and the only son of the Bandaranaike family shocked the whole Ceylon. This is the union of the two most powerful and prestigious families on the island. The Sinhalese people of Ceylon are divided into several branches for many social and historical reasons. This marriage brings the two Sinhalese people they represent together. Under the arrangement of their elders, silimavo and Bandaranaike met for the first time. A few days later, the marriage was settled. On October 3, 1940, silimavo, 24, married Bandaranaike, 17 years older than her. People are worried that the age gap will affect their marital happiness, but developments have proved that this worry is unnecessary. After their marriage, the Bandaranaike couple rented a simple and elegant house on the outskirts of Colombo, the capital. Bandaranaike is still very busy, i.e