Archibald Thomson, also known as Roy Fontaine, is a Scottish serial killer and thief. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he was known as the killer housekeeper or monster housekeeper after committing crimes while serving members of the British aristocracy. At the time of his death, he was the oldest man and enjoyed a lifetime tariff in prison.

hall was born in 1924. His criminal career began as a 15-year-old thief. He soon entered the ranks of burglary. Taking advantage of his bisexuality, he infiltrated the * * * scene in London after moving there and taking advantage of the profits of his criminal enterprise. He was sentenced to his first prison sentence in London for trying to sell jewelry he stole in Scotland. During his sentence, he studied antiques and learned aristocratic etiquette, and took a tour guide course to soften his Scottish accent.

after his release, he began to use the name Roy Fontaine, after the actress Joan Fontaine, and as a housekeeper, occasionally returned to prison for further jewelry theft. During this period, he married and divorced.

in 1975, Archibald hall was released from prison and returned to Scotland. He began working as housekeeper at Margaret Hudson, the widow of Sir Austin Hudson living at kirtleton house in dunfrith county. Archibald hall initially planned to steal her valuables, but he never took them out when he realized that he liked his job and employer too much. In 1977, David Wright, an acquaintance of his last prison term, was also offered a job at the manor as a game manager. The two had an argument after Wright stole some of Mrs. Hudson’s jewelry and threatened to tell her about Hall’s past crimes. Hall reported him.

Archibald hall accepted Wright’s rabbit hunt and tried to find a friendly solution. Once he left the field, he shot Wright to death and buried him next to the stream at the kirtleton house site. After Mrs. Hudson found out that his crime had passed, Archibald hall quickly left his job. Once again in London, he will work more thieves and extortion with Walter Scott Eliot, 82, and the housekeeper of his wife Dorothy, 60.

Scott Eliot served as a Labour MP for Clinton from 1945 to 1950. He was rich and came from the background of Scottish aristocracy. Hall’s plan was to take some of their money and retire, but in the end, after Dorothy Scott Eliot walked into hall and an accomplice, Michael Kitto, they were discussing their plan when they killed both of them. Kitto immediately put a pillow on her mouth and suffocated her. Then they prescribed medicine for her husband and drove them to Scotland with the help of Mary, the housekeeper of Scott ELLIOTS.

after they buried Dorothy in braco, Perth County, they strangled her calm husband with a shovel and buried him in the woods near tomic in Inverness. Their next victim is Mary, who once wore Dorothy’s expensive clothes and jewelry and paid too much attention to himself. After she refused to deal with fur coats that might have evidence, Archibald hall and Kitto killed her with * * and left her body in a stream near midby, near midmere county. She was found by shepherds on December 25, 1977.

the couple’s last victim was Hall’s half brother Donald, a paedophile recently released from prison, which hall hated. Hall and Kitto found Donald at the hall resort in Cumbria and told him that their next robbery would be a cooperative job, cheating him and letting them practice him. Once Donald was tied up, hall incapacitated him with chloroform and drowned him in the bathtub. The failure to deal with his body led to the collapse of hall and Kitto.

Archibald hall and Kitto put Donald’s body in the trunk of the car before driving to Scotland for another burial. However, Archibald hall asked Kitto to replace the license plate containing three 9s because he thought it was unlucky: it meant that the tax plate did not match the license plate number. The cold weather made driving dangerous. After waiting for North Bellick in East Lothian, they decided to stay at the brenheimhouse Hotel on the north side of high street overnight to reduce their chance of accidents.

however, the cunning movements of Archibald hall and Kitto made hotel operators doubt and worry about whether he would be paid for their accommodation. He called the police preventive measures. When they arrived, they realized that the tax plate and the license plate number did not match, and brought Kitto and hall to ask. Then they drove to the police station, where they found Donald’s body.

Kitto was arrested, but Archibald hall escaped through the toilet window. He was caught at a police roadblock near hardington. The police then linked Hall’s car to the vehicle registration number recorded by a suspicious antique dealer in andaram, Newcastle. The two men offered silver and China at a price lower than their real value. Police tracked the car to Scott Eliot’s address in London and found that the apartment had robbed many valuables and splashed with blood.

this is also related to coggle’s murder. Mary’s body has been found and has previously been registered as the housekeeper of Scott ELLIOTS. Police have evidence that three men and a woman stayed in a Scottish hotel for one night, but only two men, hall and Kitto, returned the next night. Before revealing the whereabouts of the three buried victims, hall tried to fail to commit suicide during detention. In the deep snow and cold weather, with the attention of the royal family, the police dug up the bodies of David Wright and Walter and Dorothy Scott Eliot. They accused hall and ki