said that

the anger of the French people pointed to the traitors. Of the traitors who were sentenced to death reported by the court every day, 23 were pardoned and changed to life imprisonment. The women with shaved heads are generally those who flattered Germany during the fall of Paris, and are by no means the “lanolin ball” described in the pen. When walking in the street, the people look at it angrily, while those who laugh, criticize and jump back and forth are generally disciples rather than anti German Heroes.

1940 was a terrible nightmare for France. Fascism swept Western Europe with tanks, armored vehicles and lightning tactics. Poland was the first to bear the brunt. It was weak in resistance and lost. The British and French troops in Norway were defeated and the capital fell. When they attacked Denmark, they only fired a few shots. The king surrendered and said, “we want, not national heroes.” The Netherlands and Belgium wanted to live in troubled times and sent a signal of neutrality, which Hitler despised. The complacent Hitler mistakenly thought that the Empire of the Aryans, which encompassed the whole world and annexed all directions, was just around the corner. Instead, he bypassed the Maginot Line and drove his troops directly under the city of Paris. The Third Republic of France was in turmoil.

war is inseparable from the flame. In the fire, Phoenix can fly out and crows will be scorched. The Third Republic of France was in a panic. The last wise decision made by Prime Minister Renault before Paris was surrounded was to let de Gaulle, who was promoted from Colonel to brigadier general, fly to London on June 9 as vice minister of war 10 days later. The French capitulationists, led by Marshal betten, gained the upper hand. The hero of the battle of Verdun in the first World War was hated forever. From the French Museum, the Germans took out a carriage in which the Germans signed the letter of surrender during the first World War, put it outside Paris, humiliated bedang and signed the League under the city. At the moment when bedang wrote, he nailed the pillar of shame in history. Renault, unwilling to go along with the capitulationists, resigned as prime minister. He was replaced by the scheming and shameless Laval. On the morning of June 14, German tanks entered Paris, and the French government moved to Bordeaux and then to Vichy. This is the notorious treason regime, but this regime has lost its legitimacy. At that time, the military and political affairs of the French territories in North Africa and southwest Africa were trapped in the nest. The military heart was floating, and there were no leaders. Some tended to resist, while others were tied up with Marshal betten. General Giro, who once served in North Africa, is undoubtedly patriotic and resistant to the enemy. However, his arrogant character contains a weak side, while de Gaulle’s arrogance comes from the unwavering maintenance of French dignity. Therefore, in terms of performance, Giro’s position is a little shaky, at least there is no de Gaulle decision to the regimes of bedang and Laval. And the relationship between Giro and the United States is not taken by de Gaulle. In 1943, Giro went to the United States to stay, which is not like what Charles de Gaulle did in Britain. He thought that Giro would be useful after the war. For example, let him join a seemingly “democratic” and weak and controllable regime, which is easier to control than the independent and uninhibited Charles de Gaulle who does not belong to any country.

de Gaulle is a great man who only has the word “France” in his heart and puts himself out of life and death. He doesn’t care about his brigadier general rank at all. When the situation is critical, all titles that are important in the world of Taiping Jingsheng are irrelevant. De Gaulle said that Joan of arc was just a civilian woman, and she was the symbol of Free France. In the five years from 1940 to 1944, de Gaulle’s arduous struggle not only unified the underground resistance in France under his command, but also combined the free French soldiers with all the underground heroes, including the Communist Party. This shows the general’s foresight, which makes him eliminate all the prejudices of party struggle. His goal is: Free France, fighting France and independent France. This is the future of the whole French people! Only by relying on France’s own strength to liberate France is the only way for this great nation to regain its glory and self-esteem. When de Gaulle had his own tank force, flight brigade, a mighty infantry division and countless underground armed forces, the light of France from the defeated country to victory broke through the haze. This is the king’s teacher who does not rely on the allies. Only in this way can Roosevelt, and no longer ignore the existence of France. Although they are anti fascist giants, it is inevitable that politicians have their own strategies. For example, Roosevelt’s idea of winning the war from the Allies was not moved, but it was inevitable that he would not be helped by the allies.

in February 1945, the Yalta agreement between Roosevelt and Stalin and the subsequent Bostan announcement excluded de Gaulle from the meeting. This was mainly Roosevelt’s policy, and Churchill was not the main force to block it. Stalin had some plans, thinking that there would be a rebellious de Gaulle in the future world, and he would not lose a power to contain the United States; Roosevelt and Stalin worked together in different ways. Out of competing with the Soviet Union, they also wanted to take France as an important weight to control. If everyone were like de Gaulle, many problems of the allies would be much easier to solve at that time. General de Gaulle was finally enraged. This thunderous anger forced Truman (Roosevelt died in April), Adrian (Churchill stepped down) and Stalin to bow down in front of de Gaulle’s tall body. The Potsdam Conference not only determined that France participated in the occupation of Germany, but also became one of the five sponsors of the United Nations (China, the United States, France, Britain and the Soviet Union).

the French people have risen from hardship to become one of the world’s great powers. Readers can review the following great historical scenes over the years. These scenes are the yardstick of General de Gaulle’s infinite loyalty to France and the milestone that led France to victory.

one of the scenes: on June 18, 1940, de Gaulle borrowed British BBC radio to deliver his historic speech to Churchill, which was a call to arms against fascist Germany, He told the French people:

“is this the final outcome? Do we have to give up all hope? Is our failure a foregone conclusion and irreparable? No, never!”

“whatever happens