On May 11, 1995, Charles Sweeney, a retired major general of the US Air Force and the only pilot who participated in the atomic bombing of Japan twice, gave testimony in the US Congress to expose Japan’s aggressive nature and atrocities in the second world war with indisputable facts: I am Charles Sweeney, a retired major general of the US air force.

I was the only pilot who participated in the atomic bombing of Japan twice.

In the bombing of Hiroshima, he served as the right seat pilot of pilot Colonel Tibbets and the formation commander in the bombing of Nagasaki.

As the only pilot who participated in the atomic bombing of Japan twice, I will state my personal experience.

I would like to emphasize that what I have stated are indisputable facts, and some people just ignore these obvious facts because they are inconsistent with the prejudice in their minds.

Now, as a person who has experienced that history, I want to state my thoughts, observations and conclusions.

I believe that President Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan is not only in line with the situation at that time, but also has the moral necessity to overwhelm other possible choices.

As Charles said, most American soldiers who participated in the war against Japan and those who were occupied and enslaved by the Japanese army would agree with him that the atomic bombing of Japan was very necessary and correct.

Charles said in his speech that the vast majority of their generation liked peace and least wanted war.

He said that although the United States had won the war, “as a nation rather than a knight, we do not desire that glory”.

Charles exposed the pain and disaster brought by Japan to the Asian people in the second world war with a large number of facts.

He listed the so-called “Greater East Asia co prosperity circle” established by Japan in Asia, and believed that it was a beautiful banner played by all fascists to invade other countries.

Its essence was to cover up the most despicable conspiracy.

Charles said that this “common prosperity” was carried out through a cruel overall war against China.

As a country, Japan believes that it is destined to rule Asia, and thus occupies Asia’s natural resources and vast land.

Without the slightest pity and hesitation, the Japanese army slaughtered innocent men, women and children.

In the tragic Nanjing Massacre, 300000 unarmed civilians were killed.

It’s a crime, it’s a fact.

Charles mentioned the Nanjing Massacre because Japan’s right-wing forces ignored history and tried to erase the truth of the Nanjing Massacre.

They disguised themselves as victims while denying the war of aggression they had launched.

This cannot but arouse the righteous indignation of peace loving and just people all over the world.

After that, Charles explained the reason and necessity of the United States using the atomic bomb against Japan with a large number of facts and strong evidence.

At the same time, he strongly refuted the fallacies in today’s society.

In his speech, Charles pointedly pointed out that the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor launched by Japan was a carefully planned sneak attack on the Pacific fleet of the U.S. Navy stationed in Pearl Harbor because “Japan believes that the United States is the only obstacle to preventing the” divine “fate of Asia now”.

This is enough to show that Japan is a very aggressive country, and the means used are extremely despicable.

“The attack was scheduled for a Sunday morning, and the lives of thousands of U.S. sailors were lost in the U.S. Navy ship Arizona still sleeping at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

Many of them didn’t even know why they were suddenly attacked.

The war was imposed on the United States,” Charles recalled Charles also talked about the fall of corehido and the subsequent Japanese massacre of Allied prisoners of war.

“The Japanese massacre of Allied prisoners of war dispelled the last trace of doubt about the brutality of the Japanese army.

Even in wartime, the atrocities of the Japanese army were heinous.

The death march in Bataan province was full of terror, and 7000 American and Philippine prisoners of war were beaten, shot, stabbed to death, or died of disease and hunger.

This is true,” he said Yes, at that time, poisoned by the propaganda of “bushido spirit”, the Japanese believed that surrender was an insult to themselves, their families, their country and the emperor.

They have no mercy on themselves or on the enemy.

As the United States marched towards Japan “slowly, painstakingly and bleeding step by step” in the vast Pacific Ocean, Japan showed that it was a ruthless and rebellious killing machine.

No matter how desperate the war is, no matter how slim the chance is, no matter how certain the result is, Japan will fight to the last person and go all out to kill as many Americans as possible.

“The closer the US military is to Japan, the crazier the Japanese behavior becomes.

” According to the statistics of the United States, in Saipan: the U.S. military killed 3000 people, of which 1500 died in the first few hours.

In Iwo Jima: 6000 US troops were killed and 21000 wounded.

Battle of Okinawa: 12000 Americans were killed and 38000 wounded.

During the battle in Okinawa, the Japanese army was almost crazy.

The “kamikaze special attack team” drove a plane loaded with explosives to hit an American warship.

They regarded this behavior as “the supreme glory of heaven and earth and the sublimation to the realm of God”.

In the Okinawa sea area, the kamikaze suicide attack killed 5000 US troops.

When talking about the reason why the United States used the atomic bomb, Charles showed extraordinary anger, “Japan has made it clear in words and deeds that as long as the first American sets foot on the Japanese mainland, they will execute all Allied prisoners of war.

Japan prepares for the Holocaust and forces Allied prisoners of war to dig their graves.

Even after surrender, they still execute some prisoners of war.

This is a fact,” he said After the Potsdam Proclamation demanded the unconditional surrender of the Japanese army, Japan actually thought it was absurd and despised it.

According to the password intercepted by the United States, Japan intends to delay time to strive for acceptable conditions and surrender through negotiation.

In the months before August 6, American planes began to carry out heavy bombing of Japan.

But the Japanese vowed never to surrender.

Charles said here in a trembling voice, “they are ready to sacrifice their people in exchange for the honor and honor they understand – no matter how many people die.

They refuse to rescue civilians, even though our pilots have sent a leaflet in advance for a possible air raid.

in a 10 Day bombing operation, Tokyo and Japan were killedMany places in ancient houses, Kobe and Osaka have been reduced to ashes.

” In all desperation, on August 6, the United States used the first atomic weapon in human history.

Even after bombing Hiroshima with an atomic bomb, the Japanese military headquarters still believed that the United States had only one bomb and Japan could continue to insist.

After August 6, Japan had three days to surrender, but the profit driven Japanese militarists were unwilling to give up their illusory dream.

After Nagasaki was bombed by the atomic bomb, the emperor of Japan finally announced his surrender.

Even under such circumstances, the military still claims that they can and should continue to fight.

A group of army officers launched a rebellion in an attempt to intercept and destroy the imperial edict announcing the surrender of the emperor to the Japanese.

Charles said to the people present in an unjustifiable tone: “these facts help to explain the nature of the enemy we face, help to understand the background President Truman should consider when making various choices, and help to understand why it is necessary to bomb Japan with an atomic bomb.

” In a national television debate in the United States, a so-called outstanding historian claimed that it was unnecessary to drop an atomic bomb on Japan.

President Truman wanted to scare the Soviets with an atomic bomb, and Japan had planned to surrender.

The so-called argument put forward by these people is that the general once said that Japan was ready to surrender and there was no need to use an atomic bomb.

However, this argument is untenable.

Based on the same judgment, General Eisenhower seriously underestimated Germany’s will to continue fighting.

In 1944, he concluded that Germany was no longer able to carry out offensive operations.

As a result, it was a disastrous misjudgment.

The consequence was the failure of the battle of burz, and tens of thousands of Allied soldiers sacrificed their lives.

It was because of this campaign that the Allies almost lost the good situation and gave Germany the opportunity to delay the war and surrender conditionally.

“A fairly fair conclusion is that based on the situation of the Pacific War, it is reasonable to expect Japan to be a crazier enemy than Germany,” Charles said Some people believe that if the Allied forces did not use atomic bombs, but used a large number of troops to attack Japan, the casualties of the U.S. military would not be 1 million, but 46000 people would be enough.

“Just 46000 people! Can you imagine the coldness of this argument? Only 46000 people, as if these were insignificant American lives.

” Charles was distressed by such an argument.

He continued: “At this time and here, I would like to admit that I do not know how many U.S. troops will be killed or injured in the attack on Japan, and no one can know.

However, based on the judgment of Japan’s behavior during the war, I confirm that a fair and reasonable assumption is that the attack on Japan will be long and costly.

According to what we know, not based on certain conditions People assume that Japan does not intend to surrender unconditionally.

In the attack on Iwo Jima, an 8-square-mile island in the Pacific Ocean, 6000 Marines were killed, with a total of 27000 casualties.

“But for those who think our loss is only 46000, I want to ask, who is 46000? Whose father? Whose brother? Whose husband?” Yes, as for the situation at that time, the United States had no choice but to wait, while Japan could choose to continue fighting or surrender, but one thing people should not forget is that American soldiers were constantly killed in the waiting.

Charles said: “just when Japan ‘did nothing’, with the progress of the war, the U.S. military suffered more than 900 casualties every day.

” In addition to the above statements, people can also hear another statement that the United States should negotiate with Japan to reach a conditional surrender acceptable to Japan.

Charles said sarcastically: “I have never heard anyone put forward the idea of negotiating surrender with fascist Germany.

This is a crazy idea, and no rational person would say such a thing.

Negotiating with such an evil fascist devil is to recognize its legitimacy, even if it has been defeated in fact.

This is not the empty philosophical principle of that era, but the just requirement of mankind , we must thoroughly and cleanly eradicate the forces of fascist demons and smash these evil forces.

Fascist leaders have mercilessly broken the credibility of diplomacy.

Why is the history of the Pacific war so easily forgotten? ” More than 60 years after Japan’s defeat, its leaders rashly claimed that they were victims, which is extremely irresponsible.

That’s why many Japanese today don’t understand why they should apologize.

Different from the German attitude of pleading guilty, some people in Japan insisted that it had done nothing wrong and that its behavior was dragged down by the situation at that time.

This attitude of Japan cannot be understood and forgiven by people who hold justice, and will never heal the trauma of their hearts.

Charles warned: “only memory can bring true forgiveness.

Forgetting can risk repeating history.

” Charles used the viewpoint of a veteran and the consciousness of a survivor who cherished his life to remind those who distorted their hearts to be vigilant against the restoration and spread of extreme nationalism.

He pointed out: through carefully planned political and public relations activities, Japan now proposes to use “Pacific Victory Day” to replace the term “Victory Day Against Japan”.

The Japanese term will not be so relevant to the end of the Pacific War.

Some may ask, what can these words say? “Victory over Japan” and “victory over the Pacific” are definitely not the same thing.

What is “Pacific victory”? It’s an event.

Let’s celebrate an event, not a victory.

Celebrating an event is similar to celebrating the opening ceremony of a shopping mall, rather than celebrating the victory of the war.

Tens of millions of dead, tens of millions of people who have suffered physical and mental injuries and more people will be at a loss.

This language reverses history and confuses right and wrong.

Contemporary Japan has skillfully played the card of racism to show the justice of its behavior.

Japan always wants to beautify its war of aggression as an innocent and evil aggression, but only liberate the oppressed Asian masses from white imperialism.

Charles continued in a mocking and contemptuous tone, “liberation! What a ridiculous solution.