The candle she once used to read the book full of worry, fraud, sorrow and sin flashed an unprecedented brilliance, shining everything that had been shrouded in the dark.

Then the candle gave a slight beep, dimmed and finally extinguished forever.

Even though there have been thousands of tragedies, death and destruction in the world of mortals, It is undoubtedly the highest form of tragedy.

In particular, once beautiful things are disillusioned, the flash of the moment becomes more and more brilliant due to the surrounding darkness and silence, like a shocking derailed meteor that cuts through the night sky.

At that glance, he accumulated all his life’s energy and vented the unbearable pain, which not only greatly belittled the mediocrity and obsolescence of the customary forces, but also a difficult transcendence of the tragedy itself.

Therefore, what tragedy contains is extreme beauty, and the beauty that can surpass tragedy by virtue of one’s own impulse is similar to the resurrection of jade broken officials in exchange for a perfect new face.

Before reviewing the tortuous and graceful love story of a Russian noble young woman, I first want to talk about Anna’s death.

Let’s start from the ending and trace back the endless thrills and peace along the way.

It was at a railway station near Moscow.

Anna Karenina appeared beside the railway track with her noble head slightly raised.

A smoky truck was passing by, “A feeling as if she were swimming in the river grabbed her and she crossed.

This cross drawing habit aroused a series of memories of her girlhood and childhood in her heart.

The darkness around her was suddenly broken, and the past of life with all its brilliant joys appeared in front of her in an instant.”. Somehow, when I think of the name Anna Karenina, I always think of a pair of frightened eyes looming in the gap of the flying train carriage.

Who brought her here, between the sleepers strewn with sand and coal, the call of the divine order, or the old and too cold arrangement? It was a pair of eyes that were once full of suppressed excess vitality, erupted in the thunder and lightning of love, and finally immersed day and night by bitter tears and were on the verge of extinction.

It was a fledgling heart that broke through the golden cage and had too much hope for freedom and the sky, but had no branches to live in.

The power of love is terrible, especially in Anna, a beautiful woman full of fantasy and dissatisfied with vulgarity.

It can create and destroy everything.

Once the sealed love burns like alcohol, it will exclude others and constitute the unshakable law in Anna’s life.

She will strip off the coat of rationality in the carnival like self Immolation and resolutely reveal the poetic and extraordinary world in her heart.

What a world it is.

There are birds singing and flowers smelling, and there are huge minerals to be explored.

With only one match, she can fully experience earth shaking happiness.

Although in ordinary days, Anna hardly guessed the taste of real happiness, she always lived in an illusion – before meeting the romantic vrensky.

She accepted the bouquet delivered by vorensky in a wake-up posture, with obsessed eyes covered with eyelashes, like obedience to fate.

They opened her long-term closed heart more effectively than the key.

Shortly after the beginning of the story, the ceremonial Waltz ball was held in the midst of festivity.

As a bystander, giddy found that Anna showed a look of elegance and excitement that was very different from the past.

She couldn’t help guessing who made her so intoxicated.

When she turned her eyes to vorensky, who danced with Anna, she realized that what intoxicated Anna was not the appreciation of everyone, But a person’s worship: “every time he talks to Anna, Anna’s eyes shine with happiness, and her cherry lips also glow with a happy smile.

She seems to be trying to restrain herself from showing signs of happiness, but these signs are naturally displayed on her face.

” And what giddy made so clear on Anna’s face was also seen in vrensky.

This is the special effect of looking in the mirror when you are in love.

They lit each other generously and selflessly.

At first, Anna also suspected that vrensky was just an illusion that flashed in her life and one of the countless ordinary young people she could meet everywhere.

She tried to restrain herself from thinking about him.

On the platform with flickering lights under the blizzard, vrensky made a sincere confession on the journey of vrensky following her back to Petersburg, which made her realize that “this is what her heart desires and what her reason fears”.

Finally, she believed that she had become the cause of another person’s joy or sadness, And it’s hard to keep your mind calm as required and ordered by real life.

No wonder when she returned home with a red glow while fiddling with the ears of her headscarf, “this face is not the glory of joy, but like a terrible fire in the night”.

She hides and insists on the secret of happiness in front of the old life, wearing an armor of impenetrable lies.

And she is honest in the face of happiness, and she can’t help turning to happiness – because she feels that there is a power she has never experienced, driving her like fresh blood, and helping her break away from the trivial and numbness of the past.

In this short glance, vrensky found a suppressed anger on her face, passing through her bright eyes and smiling lips, as if she was filled with excess youth, which could not help but be revealed from the flash of her eyes and smile.

Anna was suffering from the decline of vrensky’s love, Seeking to vent, “she felt that in addition to the love that brought them together, there was a hostile devil between them, and she could not drive it away from him, let alone from her heart”.

The invisible devil eats away the remaining tenderness of the fruit, leaving eye-catching pupils and cracks.

From this day on, Anna is another Anna.

She no longer abides by the image of a calm, melancholy, friendly and easygoing lady.

She gets rid of strict and rigid dress and ethics and devotes herself to vrensky’s Love Utopia like embracing a fire in a cold night, “At the beginning of her freedom and rapid recovery, she felt that she was too happy to be forgiven.”. However, for vorensky, the satisfaction of this desire is only one of the vicissitudes of his expected happiness.