in the long history of the world, there have been countless brave and valiant generals. They have courage and wisdom and exquisite strategic ideas to make themselves invincible. In the nearly 200 years since the Barbarian Invasion in Europe from 374 to 568, there have been countless brave and good warriors in Europe, creating miracles and appalling events. The most familiar one is the Huns. The Huns, a nomadic people, lived in no fixed place, were extremely cruel and aggressive. During the period of invading Europe, they passed through a lot of ruins and left no survivors. In addition, the invasion of vandal Germanic barbarians is also brave, good at war and extremely cruel. There are many fierce generals in these barbarians. Now let’s take five of them for example!

“whip of God” Attila: Attila is the nephew of Luga, the king of Hungary. He was a hostage in the Western Roman Empire in his early years. After Luga died childless, he inherited the Hun king with his brother Breda. Breda is positive and Attila is auxiliary. The two brothers worked together to reunify the separated Xiongnu tribes, and made many Germanic and Slavic people such as gepides and Dongge people become the servant country of Xiongnu. Attila himself also personally raided and destroyed the first Kingdom of bochen, which had defeated Attila’s great OKTA. Later Attila helped etius attack Visigoth and won. Then he murdered his brother King’s landing empire! Then Attila crossed the Danube River to attack the Eastern Roman Empire, defeated the army of the Eastern Roman Empire, surrounded Constantinople, and forced the magnificent Eastern Roman Empire to pay tribute! Later, when the main force went to Armenia to fight the Sassanid Dynasty of Persia, Attila was confused by King gaiserik of vandal and attacked Gaul on a large scale on the grounds of the letter of the Roman princess, but was defeated by the Germanic coalition forces such as Western Rome, Visigoth and Alan, but Theodoric, King of Visigoth, also died. After the main force came back, Attila invaded Italy again, Milan, Pavia and Aquilia, known as the sun never sets fortress, fell one after another, and the front pointed at Rome! However, after an unknown dialogue with the Roman emperor Leo I, the army withdrew to Buda city and died violently on the wedding night. After his death, the princes attacked each other, and the vassal nations such as donggoth and gepide began to revolt, which destroyed the huge empire.

“the difficulty of Rome” fritig (Visigoth): fritig is one of the two leaders of Visigoth. Under the invasion of Xiongnu, donggoth, gopide and salmatians became vassals one after another. He resolutely gave up the confrontation and led the tribe to retreat south to the Eastern Roman Empire for refuge. However, due to the oppression and almost harsh conditions of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Goths are equal to slaves! At this time, fritik revolted for national independence. Then, under the threat of the army of valens, the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, he showed compromise and actually asked balanbo, the Hun king, for reinforcements, which happily agreed. Fergris constantly sought peace from the East Rome, which made the emperor valens think that the Visigoths were afraid and vulnerable. Without waiting for their own allies of the Western Roman Empire, they felt the decisive battle in Adria fort. Fritico led the army to defend it with a round array. When the Roman army was completely dispersed, the Hun cavalry launched a sudden attack from behind the Romans, and the battle turned into slaughter! Emperor valens was also burned to death in his escape, and the elite of the field battles of the Eastern Roman Empire for decades were destroyed! After that, fritig took the opportunity to occupy many cities in the Balkans.

“disaster of Rome” Alaric (Visigoth): Alaric commanded Visigoth mercenaries as an ally of Theodosius the great in his early years, helping Theodosius win the battle of the cold river and reunify Rome. And saved Theodosius’s life in the later rebellion, but it was not valued by Theodosius. After Theodosius’s death, he was established as the leader of the post Visigoth by his subordinates and led his army to sweep all the cities in the Balkans of the Eastern Roman Empire except Constantinople. However, it was defeated by styrico, the commander-in-chief of the Western Roman Empire, who supported the Eastern Roman Empire, and was forced to retreat. Then Alaric marched into Western Rome twice, but was defeated by styrico twice in the battles of polentia and Verona. Later, after the Roman emperor Horatio destroyed the great wall and killed styrico, Alaric led his army to besiege Rome three times, and finally conquered Rome with the park in 410. Later, Alaric wanted to cross the sea to North Africa through South Italy, but he encountered a shipwreck and finally died of illness in South Italy at the end of the year.

“Gaul overlord” Clovis: Clovis defeated king sivason sigrius in 486 and spread his power southward to Paris. In 493, he married crotilda, the Catholic Princess of rovison in Burgundy. In 491, he won a series of victories in Thuringia. In 496, he attacked the Alemanni and won the battle of qurphi. In 506, Clovis I annexed the amanilla between the Upper Rhine and the north of the central Alps. In 507, he attacked the Visigoths in Gaul south of Loire, won near Poitiers, and killed the Visigoth king Alaric in a single fight. He moved south to Bordeaux and sent his son to seize the capital of the Visigoths, Toulouse, but he did not drive the Goths out of setimania, nor did he make South Gaul the residence of his family. After returning to the division, he accepted the title of honorary consul awarded by anastasius, the emperor of Eastern Rome. After that, he settled in Paris and built a church dedicated to apostles. In his later years, in order to consolidate his rule, he cut off other leaders and former allies of the tribal alliance. The salik code was compiled and promulgated. Clovis is a very influential figure. He unified today’s France and became the first regime to completely control Gaul after the fall of Western Rome.

“the first wise man” geserik (vandal): geserik succeeded to the throne when his brother jundrick died in battle with the Visigoths. He then ordered the whole family to cross the sea to North Africa. Then under his command, the vandals captured Carthage, the capital of the province of Afrika in the siroma empire, And took advantage of the contradiction between etius and the Empress Dowager to obtain the nominal ruling power in North Africa. Suspicious in his later years, he disfigured his daughter-in-law and the princess of Visigoth. In order to prevent the Revenge of Visigoth army, he sent people to confuse Attila and trigger the Sharon war. Leading to the injury of Visigoth, Western Rome and Xiongnu, while he himself