the British media issued a special article pointing out that bin Laden also had an indissoluble bond with football. The Arsenal fan had planned to attack Beckham and Alan Shearer!

on May 1 local time, US President Barack Obama delivered a national television speech announcing that Al Qaeda leader bin Laden had been killed by the US military. At this time, the whole world is talking about bin Laden. The British media issued a special article pointing out that there is also an indissoluble bond between bin Laden and football. The Arsenal fan had planned to attack Beckham and Alan Shearer! Here are ten anecdotes about bin Laden and football. It should be emphasized that the British media published such anecdotes to prove one thing: even if he is an unforgivable terrorist, thanks to football, he can expose the innocent side of others’ sex.

first thing. After the famous “9 / 11” attack, the mainstream media in Europe disclosed that bin Laden lurked in London to raise funds from 1993 to 1994. At that time, he was an Arsenal fan. After the “9 / 11” incident, Arsenal fans obviously didn’t want to see the dangerous man at Highbury stadium. In September 2001, the Arsenal press spokesman was forced to stand up and say: “we saw the media reports that bin Laden was an Arsenal fan, but it was clear that he was not welcome at the Highbury Stadium…

the second thing. If bin Laden is really an Arsenal fan, he may not be a “real fan” but a “fake fan”. According to Adam Robinson, the author of bin Laden’s biography, bin Laden only went to the scene to watch four games during his stay in the UK, including Arsenal’s 3-0 victory over Belgium’s Standard Liege in the winner’s Cup 18 final in 1993-94 and Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Parma in the winner’s Cup final that year. Obviously, as a high-income person, his pursuit of Arsenal is not enough. Real gun fans will despise him…

. The third thing is that after bin Laden left London, he was in Saudi Arabia until he lost his Saudi nationality in 1994. According to biographer Robinson, during his stay in Saudi Arabia, bin Laden somehow got Ian Wright, then Arsenal’s signature star’s Jersey, as a gift to his son Abdullah. In addition, bin Laden told a friend, “I’ve never seen anyone more enthusiastic than the fans at Highbury stadium. I was shocked when I first went there.”.

the fourth thing, it is reported that during the period when the U.S. military offered a reward for bin Laden but could not find him, some members of Al Qaeda usually like to sing a hymn like this: “Obama – OH – Oh, bin Laden is in Kabul (the capital of Afghanistan), and he still watches Arsenal Games”.

the fifth thing, after the news of bin Laden’s death came out, the three most widely circulated messages on the British social networking website twitter were “do you know why bin Laden was exposed? Because he saw that Arsenal celebrated too loudly after beating Manchester United, so he exposed his position”. There is also a “bin Laden, although Arsenal won, you should not shout and run all over the street until you are found by the Americans”. The third is the most interesting: “bin Laden is dead. Now there is one more season ticket for Arsenal. Go and buy it.”.

the sixth thing, bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1957, His childhood friend Khaled batafi revealed: “As a child, bin Laden was a football fan. Every morning, after religious worship, we liked to play football together. At that time, we often quarreled, ‘that’s a foul, that ball has been scored’, but bin Laden was the only person who never argued with us. He just played football with a silly smile. He thought it was a kind of enjoyment and never argued with anyone.”

the seventh thing, the authoritative reporter Lawrence Wright revealed: as a devout believer of religion, bin Laden never did illegal things, but only football. Even on fasting days, as long as he played football, bin Laden would always break the taboo and eat something. The reporter revealed: “He will eat tuna or cheese sandwiches, and others who play football with him can also eat some. When he gets old, bin Laden likes to let his men play football. Usually he is very careful in his clothes and he will wear orthodox clothes, but only when playing football, he will take off his formal clothes and put on his sweatpants, and at this time, people can’t see the heaviness of Ben from his face And cruel, can only see a kind of crazy innocence. He will divide his men into two teams and let them play football. When his pro guard wins, he will happily shout ‘come and have something to eat with us’. Although it is fasting day, everyone will be happy and, of course, will not offend any gods. ”

the eighth thing, how did bin Laden play his own football? Where does he play? Bin Laden’s school friends revealed that during his school years, bin Laden played the goalkeeper for four years, and his rescue response was relatively fast. However, Osama bin Laden’s guard Nasr al RI revealed that Osama bin Laden was a “very efficient” center, but the problem was that sometimes Osama bin Laden was unwilling to take off his Muslim headscarf when playing football, which always affected him due to the presence of sight, so his head ball skills were relatively general, Al Bahri pointed out: “at that time, although he was very tall, he often couldn’t hit the ball when he jumped up.”

the ninth thing, bin Laden planned a suicide attack on the stars of the England team in the 1998 World Cup match between England and Tunisia. This was revealed by Ahmed zaoi, bin Laden’s subordinate at that time. Zaoi wrote in a confession book: “at that time, we conducted a series of studies on the activity routes of David Seaman (England goalkeeper) and Alan Shearer (England’s top star at that time), and the then England coach Hoddle, two young players at that time, David Beckham and Michael Owen were also used as alternative attacking playersHit the target. At that time, our plan was that a man with a bomb rushed to seaman and detonated himself, and then in the chaotic time, other potential partners took the next step “. Thank God, this plan is stillborn, otherwise… People can’t imagine.

the tenth thing, according to the analysis of Al Jazeera, Osama bin Laden’s failure in the 1998 World Cup attack was partly due to his failure to operate the plan at any cost, partly because he still had feelings for football, but for Americans, Osama bin Laden was very cruel. He attacked the US embassy in East Africa in August 1998, killing 257 people and injuring more than 5000. A video of bin Laden released by Al Jazeera shows that he really loves football. When he encouraged his followers to commit suicide attacks, It vilifies the US military in this way: “I had a dream that we had an appointment to play football with those Yankees. It should have been a happy thing, but when we walked into the stadium, we didn’t see their team, only a group of pilots pointed guns at us! Suicide attacks are not as terrible as you think. Let’s imagine that if your team won a football game Will you feel happy about the game? Believe me, you can get the same joy by doing such a thing! ”