In order to compete for Europe, the two powers of the United States and the Soviet Union have just ended the “Berlin Crisis”.

Soon after, another unexpected event happened.

This is the “U-2 spy plane incident” that caused an uproar all over the world in 1960.

On July 4, 1956, there was an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the sky of Russia.

However, the sudden appearance of a “Black Ghost” cast an ominous shadow on the land of Russia.

“UFO found!” When the radar watchman gave an alarm, the air defense forces immediately entered the “first level combat preparation”.

The “UFO” swaggered its long black wings and flew to the deep hinterland of the Soviet Union.

“Shoot!” The colonel of the antiaircraft artillery regiment issued an order.

Dozens of anti-aircraft guns opened fire at the same time, which was earth shaking.

From below, the dense fire net has surrounded the “UFO” and is about to be torn to pieces.

But it is still leisurely walking through the fire net.

It turned out that it flew too high, and anti-aircraft shells could do nothing about it.

Two green flares rose from the air force base.

The latest “MIG” jet fighter formation took off like lightning into the blue sky.

Unfortunately, it can only buzz under the belly of the “Black Ghost”, but it can’t.

Launch surface to air missiles.

The air defense commander ordered 10 rounds of continuous fire at the cost of money.

Unexpectedly, missiles are also useless.

All that could be used was used, but the guards of the Soviet Union could only watch the “Black Ghost” in their own airspace, like a horse in the sky, go its own way.

It’s tolerable, who can’t bear it! Khrushchev, the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was furious, and the Minister of national defense and the field marshal of the Soviet Union were very angry.

In a rage, the colonel of the antiaircraft artillery regiment, the major commander of the MIG aircraft, the lieutenant colonel of the missile battalion and the battalion commander were dismissed for investigation.

The Minister of national defense was still angry and ordered the whole army: “if such dereliction of duty occurs again in the future, take the commanders at all levels as a question!” There is no joke in the army.

The officers and soldiers stood up one by one and were ready.

“Black Ghost” is flying again! Once, twice, three times.

The solemn Soviet airspace has become a place of entertainment for “ghosts” to enter and leave at will.

Powerful Russia has become an “undefended” country.

Marshal Malinowski, who replaced Zhukov as defense minister, ruthlessly removed one group after another of lieutenants, school officers and generals.

However, the first secretary did not forgive the new defense minister.

“Comrade Malinowski, when will you end this intolerable situation? Did you not hear the Russian mother earth crying and scolding her unfilial children?” The short, stout Khrushchev waved his short arms and roared excitedly.

“Comrade first secretary, we have done our best, but height.

” before he went on, Khrushchev impatiently interrupted him: “height, this damn ‘height’, I’ve heard enough! Can’t you let your major generals, middle generals and generals build planes and missiles that fly high?” “It will take at least three years to reach that height.

” Malinowski said with a sad face.

“Three years,” said Khrushchev with a sudden sneer, “honey, it won’t take three years for our defense secretary comrades and lovers to have a tryst in the garden to be photographed, posted in the post and become an American star!” Malinowski smiled awkwardly and speechless.

So, what is the “Black Ghost” that frightened the whole Soviet Union? Originally, it is a newly developed high-altitude high-speed reconnaissance aircraft in the United States, code named U-2, nicknamed “black widow”.

In order to compete with the Soviet Union for world hegemony, he formulated a “large-scale retaliation strategy” after entering the White House.

In order to carry out this strategy, it is necessary to determine the target of nuclear attack, which requires mastering the core intelligence of the Soviet Union’s cutting-edge military science.

To this end, the US intelligence agency sent many spies to spy everywhere.

However, due to the good confidentiality of the Soviet Union, for the United States, this superpower across Eurasia has always been “a mystery among mysteries”.

How can we open the “mystery Palace” of the Soviet Union? The US intelligence agency finally came up with the idea of sending a spy plane to secretly sneak into the Soviet airspace for photographic reconnaissance.

This kind of aircraft had to fly very high and far, so that the Soviet Union’s ground weapons and aircraft could not be hit.

It must have strong endurance capability, be able to fly over the vast Soviet airspace and carry out photographic reconnaissance anywhere in the Soviet Union.

According to this assumption, the US government allocated a huge amount of money, and a secret factory subordinate to Lockheed company soon successfully developed a new high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, named U-2 (utility aircraft II).

This aircraft has a special shape, quite like a glider, with a wingspan of 24 meters, almost twice as long as the fuselage.

The whole aircraft is silver gray, and the fuselage has no identification marks.

It is jet propelled and can carry fuel for more than 10 hours of flight.

The flight altitude can reach 23000 meters, which is more than twice that of the most advanced aircraft at that time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Soviet anti-aircraft guns and MIG aircraft had nothing to do with it.

The factory that produces U-2 aircraft is also translated as “skunk factory” The U-2 spy plane produced by the “skunk factory” will release electronic jamming waves when it is targeted and attacked by a missile when performing reconnaissance missions at high altitude, causing the missile to deviate from the direction, and it will run away.

This method is very similar to skunk.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to give the factory a translation of “skunk”.

Since the U-2 aircraft is used for aerial espionage, it is natural that the truth cannot be made public to the world.

In late April 1956, the United States announced the successful trial production of U-2 aircraft by means of a news release by the National Aviation Advisory Committee.

However, in order to cover people’s eyes and ears, it lied that it would be “used to study turbulence and meteorological conditions” with the logistical and technical support of the US Air Force Meteorological Administration.

“The pilot flying the U-2 is also a non military person borrowed from Lockheed,” he said In fact, the pilots of the U-2 are all soldiers selected from the air force.

Although the Soviet Union could not shoot down the U-2 aircraft, the pervasive “KGB” soon unveiled the mystery of the U-2 aircraft and mastered all the above secrets of the U-2 aircraft.

Not only that, they also learnedThe United States set up a mysterious force named 1010 at an air base in Turkey, a neighbor of the Soviet Union, from which the U-2 aircraft were sent.

They even got a picture of the golf course taken by the U-2 plane at an altitude of more than 20000 meters and sent it to Khrushchev.

Seeing this picture, Khrushchev was surprised: in the picture, two small golf balls were clearly visible.

Thus, it is not nonsense for him to satirize the Secretary of defense and say that the scene of his tryst with his lover will be photographed by the reconnaissance of the U-2 plane and posted on the Washington Post.

Khrushchev wanted to lodge serious protests with the US government several times, but he lacked credible and reliable evidence.

In all desperation, he could only keep silent and think hard.

One day, Khrushchev suddenly called the adjutant granitov into the office, told him so and so, and asked him to act quickly without neglect.

Judging from Khrushchev’s sly and secretive look, he has come up with a “clever plan” to break the enemy.

Moscow, 1 may 1960.

Balloons are floating in the air and white pigeons are flying overhead.

Red flags and flowers covered the square.

The parade in holiday costumes cheered past the reviewing platform, and Khrushchev standing on the reviewing platform waved to the parade.

Strangely, defense minister Malinowski, who attended the celebration, was late.

What made him late for such a grand occasion? After a while, Malinowski hurried to Khrushchev’s side and whispered.

Khrushchev listened, first with a grim expression, then with a smile, then with silent reflection, and then turned his head to Malinowski’s ear and said something.

Later, he was full of energy and delivered a speech to the assembly in a loud voice.

Seeing all this, a careful Western reporter immediately sent an urgent telegram to his country, introduced what had just happened on the review platform, and asserted that there must have been some major events related to national defense in Russia.

The reporter’s inference is correct.

At 2 a.m. on that day, American pilot Bowles, who was sleeping at Peshawar airport in Pakistan, was awakened and came to the office of his boss Colonel Shelton.

“It’s your turn to travel to Russia again.

You’re lucky that you’re the only one in the United States to celebrate the festival with red Russians.

” The colonel said friendly and humorous, patting Bowles on the shoulder.

Then, the Colonel assigned the spy mission to Bowles: fly over Weihai, pass Sverdlovsk, Kirov, alhangelsk and Murmansk, and focus on the rocket racks on the rocket base near Sverdlovsk and the new rockets on them.

It is said that they will fly over Russian airspace again, Bowles looked calm and without fear.

As soon as the East was white and the Peshawar airport was still hazy, Bowles took off with his U-2 plane under the strong searchlight at 4:30 a.m. He calculated that he would enter the territory of the Soviet Union in an hour.

It was daybreak and it was just time for reconnaissance and photography.

He could arrive at the terminal of the flight – Bude airport in Norway at about 1 p.m. After entering the airspace of the Soviet Union, Bowles encountered a haze.

He passed through layers of clouds and reached the sky over Weihai.

He saw a single engine jet plane monitoring it far below.

He sneered and flew far above it.

Then he began to take photos of the chulatan satellite and spacecraft launch site of the Soviet Union, flew forward over the Ural Mountains, and took photos of the airport The oil depot and base were marked on the map one by one, and then flew to Sverdlovsk.

At this time, the Soviet “MIG” aircraft caught up again and flew surprisingly high.

Bowles quickly increased the accelerator, climbed up the plane and dumped the MIG.

There was a shadow in his heart and he felt that it was unlucky today.

He lifted the plane to a height of 68000 feet that could not be reached by any Russian weapons and firepower, looked for the target of the rocket launch position according to the scheduled route, and then carried out reconnaissance, photography and recording.

After completing the reconnaissance mission of Sverdlovsk, Bowles flew in the direction of Kirov.

Suddenly, there was a dull thunder and the plane shook.

Bowles looked back, There was a yellow flame at the tail, then the engine stopped and the plane fell down.

He started the engine as soon as he issued an emergency call for “dog 68” to Bude airport in Norway, but failed.

The plane sped down.

In order to escape, he had to abandon the plane and parachute.

Originally, the U-2 aircraft was equipped with an automatic parachute jumping device and connected with a timing device.

As soon as the pilot presses the button, the ejection device can eject the pilot.

At the same time, the timing device detonates electric detonators and explosives to blow up the aircraft, thereby destroying all evidence of espionage on board.

However, there was a situation before that.

When a U-2 plane was flying as a spy, the engine failed and the plane lost control.

The pilot could have parachuted, but somehow he couldn’t jump out.

Instead, he exploded in the air and killed both the man and the machine.

Based on his years of flying experience, Bowles guessed that this timing device is likely to be a deceptive trick, coaxing you to detonate the explosives behind you when you eject and parachute, so as to destroy the aircraft and kill people.

Government officials can swear at a press conference to let God testify and clean up espionage.

So he didn’t use the automatic parachute device according to the regulations of his superior.

Instead, he took the risk, opened the cockpit cover with his hand, rolled out of the rapidly falling plane with his own strength, and then opened the parachute.

As soon as Bowles landed in the farmland on the outskirts of Sverdlovsk, he was immediately surrounded by several state-owned farm workers.

He was very sensible, did not resist, and obediently raised his hands.

The news spread quickly to Moscow.

It was precisely because of this that Malinowski was late for the May Day celebration.

Khrushchev was overjoyed to learn about it.

He strictly explained to Malinowski: “block the news and don’t tell anyone, especially the top secret that the pilot is still alive!” Not to mention how proud the Russians were after the U-2 plane was shot down, but also that the United States is in a mess at the moment.

When the commander of 1010 troops stationed at bud airport heard the emergency call of Bowles “dog 68”, he had a hunch that something bad was going on. 1 p.m. U-The plane didn’t arrive at the airport as scheduled.

At 3 p.m., the U-2 plane was still missing.

In terms of time, its fuel has been exhausted and the last glimmer of hope has been dashed.

The flustered commander of unit 1010 immediately reported to the CIA by coded telegram.

CIA director Alan Dulles got the bad news and flew to President Eisenhower.

However, the president spent the weekend away from the White House.

The next day, the president came back.

When he learned from Dulles the mystery between the ejection parachute and the self destruction device on the U-2 aircraft, he was relieved: “the Russians can only pick up a pile of unidentifiable aircraft fragments and a few pilot’s broken bones.

” He instructed the National Aeronautics and space administration to issue a communique: a meteorological survey plane, which took off from Adana base in Turkey and was piloted by a non military man, has been missing since May 1.

The Soviet Union did not respond within a few days after shooting down the U-2 aircraft.

Khrushchev announced to the Congress that the Soviet plane was shot down on May, but it was not the Soviet plane that killed us.

Eisenhower didn’t know what to do.

He believed Dulles’s self destruction device of U-2 aircraft too much.

He didn’t expect the pilot to guess the mystery and escape from death.

Therefore, shortly after the publication of the communique, the National Aeronautics and space administration was asked to publish the meteorological flight plan, the number of aircraft, instrumentation and flight routes, in an attempt to prove the authenticity of the previous communique from another side.

At the same time, the State Council was ordered to make a solemn statement on May 6, saying that the United States “has not — never — deliberately violated the airspace of the Soviet Union”.

It is absurd to say that some people think that the United States is trying to fool the world about the real purpose of the U-2 aircraft.

Some US senators also made a mischief and accused the Soviet Union of shooting down an unarmed US meteorological plane on the eve of the Paris summit held by the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France.

This is a sign of lack of sincerity to the summit.

After reading these two statements, Khrushchev was filled with ecstasy: he felt that it was time to expose American lies.

Therefore, on May 7, an explosive news was announced at the closing ceremony of the Supreme Soviet conference of the Soviet Union.

“Comrades, I want to tell you a secret.

The last time I talked about it, I deliberately didn’t mention that the pilot was alive, in good health, and we got the parts of the plane.

We did it on purpose.

Because if we said everything at once, Americans would make another statement,” he said However, for the sake of peaceful coexistence among major powers, he still kept a sense of propriety and gave Eisenhower a step.

“I’m going to admit that the president didn’t know that a plane was sent to the Soviet Union and didn’t fly back,” he said In this regard, He explained internally: “I tried to use the wording of the American press in my conversation, that is, Dulles and the US military should be responsible for the U-2 plane incident, and I didn’t mention the president at all.

Because it’s in our interest to put the blame on the irresponsible people in the US intelligence agency, not the president.

As long as President Eisenhower is not involved, we can continue Pursue the policy of strengthening the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, which began after my visit to the United States and talks with Eisenhower.

” Khrushchev’s speech caused an uproar in the United States, the West and the world.

The U-2 plane incident has become the world’s top news, and major newspapers and news agencies have rushed to make headlines.

The US government is extremely embarrassed about all this.

Since Khrushchev was merciful and lenient, Eisenhower’s colleagues naturally advocated that the relevant departments should bear the responsibility and let the President get away.

However, Eisenhower did not want Khrushchev’s affection.

A few days later, he personally stood up and issued a statement: the U-2 plane’s espionage against the Soviet Union was personally approved by him.

He further explained in a provocative tone that the United States was “forced” to adopt this approach because the Soviet Union was a “closed society” and did not allow any journalists and Americans to stay on their territory.

As the president who “has the responsibility to protect the security of the United States”, he had no choice but to adopt this kind of reconnaissance aircraft to collect intelligence.

“The United States has the right to protect its own safety and will continue such flights in the future,” he said Eisenhower’s naked recognition and further provocation greatly annoyed Khrushchev.

In order to vent his anger, he ordered a U-2 aircraft wreckage exhibition to be held in Moscow’s Park, and took the captured pilot to visit his own aircraft wreckage, so that domestic and foreign journalists and thousands of Soviets could see with their own eyes the hard evidence that the United States violated Soviet airspace and captured people and stolen goods.

The exhibition opened on May 11 and closed on July 15 for 56 days, which fully achieved the publicity effect expected by Khrushchev to publicize the national strength of the Soviet Union and expose the conspiracy of the United States.

Khrushchev cleverly chose August 17, the 31st birthday of U-2 pilot Bowles, to publicly interrogate Bowles in Moscow.

In court, Bowles took the attitude of cooperating with the Soviets, answered all questions, and confessed to the crime of accepting the employment of the CIA and spying on the Soviet Union.

Khrushchev’s tactics have made the US government in a mess.

In view of the fact that the Soviet Union already had new missiles capable of hitting U-2 aircraft and the pressure from all aspects, Eisenhower had to order to cancel all flights of U-2 aircraft in Russian airspace.

However, Eisenhower did not know that the Soviet Union did not have any new missiles.

The reason why the U-2 plane was shot down was entirely due to an excellent espionage directed by Khrushchev.

This mystery was not solved until five years later, bartolesky, an important official of the “KGB”, defected to the United States.

It was late one night in 1960.

An uninvited guest, Khrushchev’s adjutant granitov, came to the home of malinsky, the head of the Middle East and South Asia region of the “KGB”.

After a burst of greetings, granitov mysteriously whispered in malinsky’s ear and conveyed to him a top secret task assigned by Khrushchev.

That night, malinski quietly flew to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and found one through the intelligence agency of the “KGB” in KabulAn Afghan Air Force pilot named Muhammad hizni Khan.

He learned to fly “MIG” aircraft in the Soviet Union and was an espionage officer developed by the “KGB”.

After a plot, on a dark and windy night, Muhammad, who was on an important mission, crossed the Afghan Pakistani border and sneaked into Pakistan.

According to a friend, Muhammad found a humble job sweeping the runway at Peshawar airport.

Muhammad quickly found out the situation of Peshawar Airport: This is the air base shared by the United States and Pakistan.

The part used by Americans is heavily guarded and guarded by sentinels day and night.

No one is allowed to enter.

There are several U-2 planes of 1010 troops transferred from Turkey.

On a dark night, he secretly sneaked into the US military area of the airport under the cover of night.

Muhammad quickly got into the cockpit of a U-2 plane while the two Sentinels were on guard.

He first used a small screwdriver to remove a small screw at the top right of the aircraft altimeter, and then took another small screw out of his pocket and replaced it.

All this was done quickly and covertly, and the US military was unaware of it.

At 4:30 a.m., Bowles took off with the U-2 plane.

Where did he know that the plane had been tampered with.

After the plane entered Soviet airspace, Bowles pulled the stick and rose to a higher altitude.

At this time, the screw Muhammad replaced began to make trouble.

This is a magnetic screw.

Under the action of magnetic force, the pointer on the altimeter was slowly sucked to the right.

Of course, Bowles couldn’t know all this.

When he found that the pointer of the altimeter had pointed to 68000 feet, he stopped climbing.

He never thought that the actual height of the plane was less than 60000 feet, so it would be chased by the MIG.

After getting rid of the chase of the MIG, Bowles still kept flying at a high altitude before his brain reacted.

As a result, when flying near Sverdlovsk, it was attacked by 14 missiles, and then let the Soviet Union get the stolen goods.

The farce directed by Khrushchev himself made Eisenhower extremely embarrassed.

It not only snowed the shame of the Soviets, but also the ugliness of the Americans.

Eisenhower never dreamed of a dragon and tiger fight that caused a sensation in the world.

It was a small magnetic screw that detonated the “detonator”.

The five-star general’s half life reputation was planted in the hands of the little spy of the “KGB”.

However, Khrushchev’s happy days did not last long.

Just two years later, a crisis broke out again between the United States and the Soviet Union, which was the “Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962.

It was Khrushchev who made a fool of himself this time.

The history of the Republic of Cuba is full of twists and turns and difficulties.

In 1511, Spanish colonists began to invade Cuba, which became a Spanish colony.

From 1868 to 1878, the Cuban people fought the first war of independence.

After the American Spanish war in 1898, the United States occupied Cuba.

In 1901, the United States forced the Cuban constitutional conference to incorporate the “amendment” proposed by us congressman Pratt into the Cuban constitution, stipulating that the United States had the “right” to send troops to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs.

The Republic of Cuba was established on May 20, 1902.

In 1903, the United States forcibly rented two Cuban naval bases (Guantanamo base is still occupied by the United States).

Later, the United States sent troops to Cuba in 1906, 1912 and 1917 to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs.

President Batista, who came to power with the help of the United States, banned political parties and democratic organizations, slaughtered patriots and progressives, and implemented a white terror policy.

Succumb to the United States, listen to the Americans and betray the country for prosperity.

The cruel rule of Batista government has caused the Cuban people to resist and revolt again and again.

The Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro, a poor man, overthrew the Batista dictatorship supported by the United States and established a new revolutionary regime.

After the establishment of the revolutionary regime, Castro first visited the United States and took the initiative to improve bilateral relations.

However, the United States did not pay attention to Castro and asked Cuba to continue to be a sugar colony of the United States.

Castro defended Cuba’s sovereignty and ordered the nationalization of foreign-funded enterprises, including the enterprises of big bosses of the United States.

The young man was so angry that he announced in 1960 that the United States would stop importing sugar from Cuba.

Kennedy’s hegemonic behavior angered the Cuban people.

Because the sugar industry has always been the lifeblood of Cuba’s economy.

Sugar is the main source of Cuba’s national income.

They rely on sugar to exchange food and other goods.

This US ban is tantamount to cutting off Cuba’s economic lifeline.

In order to break the US sanctions and blockade, Castro had to turn to the Soviet Union for help.

The Soviet Union, out of the need to compete for hegemony with the United States, was trying to find a foothold in America.

The request for help from Cuba was exactly what Khrushchev wanted.

He immediately announced that the Soviet Union was willing to lend a helping hand and buy Cuban sugar.

On February 13, the two sides signed an agreement on Trade and payment between the Soviet Union and Cuba.

The Soviet Union promised to buy 1 million tons of sugar from Cuba every year within five years and promised to provide Cuba with industrial equipment to enable Cuba to obtain foreign exchange and other benefits.

The Soviet Union’s support for Castro solved Cuba’s urgent needs.

Kennedy was even more angry.

If economic sanctions failed, he used force.

He instructed Alan Dulles, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, to train 2000 Cuban mercenaries and landed from the Jilong Beach (Bay of pigs) in Cuba in the early morning of April 1961 in an attempt to subvert the Cuban revolutionary regime at one stroke, Strangle the young people’s Republic of Cuba in its “cradle”.

At this critical moment of life and death, Castro commanded the Cuban army and people to fight for 72 hours, completely annihilated the American mercenary “Cuban brigade” composed of Cuban exiles, and completely shattered the American dream of subverting Cuba.

The news that the Cuban intelligence director had to resign was shameful, and the United States could not blame the United States for directing the mercenary attack.

Kennedy became angry with shame.

On the one hand, he ordered the US secret service to assassinate Castro and on the other hand, he tightened the sanctions and blockade against Cuba.

In order to resist the military threat of the United States, Cuba urgently needed Soviet weapons and equipment, and Castro had to ask the Soviet Union for help.

Khrushchev took the opportunity to use Cuba as a bargaining chip against the United States.

On July 2, 1962, Raul Castro, Minister of the Cuban armed forces, arrived in the Soviet Union.

During his visit, the two countries reached an agreement: the Soviet Union secretly deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba.

GusuThe meeting was held in the Oval Office of the president.

McNamara stated his arguments in favor of blockade, and Acheson and others put forward their views on military strike.

The meeting lasted until 5:10.

The president made a decision on the blockade and was scheduled to deliver a televised speech on the evening of October 22.

At 6:00 on the 22nd, Secretary of state rasK met with Soviet ambassador to the United States dobrenin and informed him of the president’s upcoming speech.

Before the president’s broadcast, the US ambassador to Moscow foy Kohler sent a copy of the speech to Khrushchev’s office in the Kremlin and a private letter from Kennedy to Khrushchev.

The letter reads: “Your government may not correctly understand the will and determination of the United States in any particular situation.

Because I do not think that the Soviet Union or any other sane person will deliberately plunge the world into war in this nuclear age, but it is very clear that no country can win this war, and the result will only be to the whole world, including the aggressors The world has disastrous consequences.

” An hour later, the president sat at his desk and appeared on millions of television screens across the country.

He cleared his throat, Start talking: “Good night, fellow citizens.

According to the regulations, our government has always carried out the strictest surveillance of the Soviet military installations on the island of Cuba.

Over the past week, unmistakable evidence has shown the fact that a series of offensive missile bases are being prepared on the imprisoned island.

The purpose of establishing such bases can only be equipped to attack the Western Hemisphere Nuclear strike weapons pose a clear threat to the peace and security of all Americans.

The Soviet Union’s sudden and secret decision to install such strategic weapons outside their territory for the first time shows that they deliberately change the status quo, and we must not allow them to do so.

We will never risk world war too early.

But we will never retreat when we have to face this danger.

“Then President Kennedy issued a seven point statement: (1) a maritime blockade against Cuba.

(2) Continue to intensify the close monitoring of Cuba and its actions to strengthen its military forces.

(3) Regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any country in the Western Hemisphere as the Soviet Union’s attack on the United States and make a full retaliatory response to the Soviet Union when necessary.

(4) As a necessary military alert measure, strengthen the base at Guantanamo and order other military forces to be on alert at any time.

(5) Requests the consultative body of the organization of American States to meet immediately to discuss the security and threats in the hemisphere.

(6) Demands that the UN Security Council immediately convene an emergency meeting to take action against the threat posed by the Soviet Union to world peace.

(7) He called on President Khrushchev to stop and cancel this secret, reckless and provocative threat to world peace and the stable relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Kennedy’s speech shocked the United States and the world! It was on this day that Kennedy signed the order of maritime blockade.

Within 13 hours of Kennedy’s speech, the Soviet Union had no response.

But in fact, the Kremlin is in chaos.

Khrushchev did not expect that the nuclear missile base would be discovered so soon, and that the United States would impose a maritime blockade so soon.

Khrushchev was ready to take another risk, the next bet.

The commander in chief of the joint armed forces of the Soviet government and the Warsaw Treaty ordered their troops to enter combat readiness, and the Soviet Ministry of foreign affairs also returned the note of the United States blocking Cuba.

On October 20, the Soviet government issued a statement and declared that the Soviet Union would never instruct the captains of Soviet ships bound for Cuba to obey the orders of the United States Navy.

“Resolutely reject” the “interception” of the United States and “fight back the strongest” against the threat of the United States.

Kennedy did not show weakness.

He announced that he would intercept ships that might go to Cuba from the 24th and ordered them to wait for American inspection.

At the same time, the United States Air Force and its fleet of 68 warships, composed of 68 frigates, were intercepting the Cuban Air Force’s fleet and its fleet of 68 frigates.

In Florida and neighboring states, the United States also assembled the largest landing force after World War II to prepare for war.

The crisis reached a climax.

A few minutes after the blockade took effect, the Navy reported to McNamara that within a few nautical miles of the blockade line, two Russian ships, Gagarin and comiles, were fast sailing to Cuba.

Then came a disturbing report that a Soviet submarine was escorting the two ships.

The crisis has reached a white hot level.

“What shall we do now?” Asked the president.

McNamara replied that the aircraft carrier Essex was asked to use sonar signals to inform the submarine to surface to prove its identity.

If it refuses to do so, use a small deep-water bomb to force it to surface.

At this moment, the air in the room seemed to solidify, and Kennedy’s heart was raised to his throat.

Suddenly, a messenger sent a note to John McCann. “Mr. President, we have received a preliminary report that seems to indicate that several Russian ships have stopped at sea.

” Suddenly, people’s emotions became active and asked further questions: have they stopped in the sea? Which ships? Have they checked the accuracy of the report? is that true? Soon, a naval intelligence officer came to the conference room with a complete report, reporting that 20 Russian ships closest to the blockade line had stopped motionless in the sea, and some had turned around.

At this time, Kennedy’s heart that mentioned his voice was released, and his extremely nervous nerves relaxed a lot.

October 25th passed in the stalemate between the two sides.

On that day, a Soviet tanker “Bucharest” was intercepted by the US navy off the coast of Cuba.

After the Soviet tanker quickly explained its identity, it was released by the US Navy.

Kennedy was tough on the appearance of the crisis, but in fact he was weak inside.

Like Khrushchev, he was afraid of the situation getting out of hand, which was particularly evident in the question of whether to board Soviet ships for inspection.

In this regard, the US Navy General has repeatedly asked Kennedy, as commander in chief of the three services.

Kennedy was in a dilemma.

He didn’t check and seemed too weak.

The check was afraid to annoy the moody Khrushchev.

So he chose one.