There are “child labor” in modern industrial society and “boy scouts” in ancient feudal society.

Although “child labor” is miserable, the “boy scouts” are miserable.

From 1096 to 1291, Christian countries in Western Europe launched eight religious military operations against countries on the east coast of the Mediterranean, collectively known as the “crusade”.

The troops of one of the eastern expeditions were all composed of children under the age of 12.

They continued the cause of the eastern expeditions that adults failed to complete, and then embarked on the road of no return.

The sun shines in March, and the sun in early spring drives away the cold in winter.

Stephen, a 12-year-old French boy, hopped to the Paris monastery and went straight to the church, startling the priests and friars who were attending mass.

Before the priest could speak, Stephen went to the statue of Jesus and knelt down, saying, “Almighty Lord, thanks for your love and giving me such a sacred mission, I will defend it with my life and live up to your entrustment.

” The priest came to Stephen and heard what he said.

He stroked his head lovingly and said, “what a pious boy, boy, what’s your name?” Stephen stood up, looked at the priest and said, “it doesn’t matter what my name is, but I’m a messenger sent by God.

God has given me a very important task.

” The priest was stunned, then smiled and asked him curiously, “Oh! So you are the messenger of God.

What important task does God give you?” Stephen said solemnly, “I had a dream last night.

In the dream, the LORD came.

He appointed me as his messenger and asked me to tell the world that only pure children can save the holy land.

Therefore, we should form a children’s Crusade, and I will be the commander-in-chief.

Just now I was thanking God for his grace.

” After hearing this, the priest suddenly realized: “so it is! No wonder the previous Eastern expeditions have failed.

It seems that God has already understood and has sent messengers to save the holy land.

Dear messengers of God, please forgive my ignorance and offence to you just now, and I will try my best to help you complete your task!” When the monks who had been attending mass in the church heard the dialogue between the priest and Stephen, they were very happy that they could see the “messenger of God”, so they all knelt on the ground to worship the messenger.

As soon as the messenger of God spread, it spread all over Paris and some other small places in France.

People went to Paris Abbey to listen to Stephen’s sermon.

Soon, Stephen attracted a large group of people, and the children’s Crusade continued to grow, soon exceeding 30000.

Finally, on a sunny morning, the neatly arranged children’s Crusades gathered in the port of Marseille and were ready to embark on the road of saving the “holy land”.

When Stephen preached, he said that God would open the way for the children’s Crusade, so many people who heard the news wanted to see this magical moment with their own eyes.

But wait, wait, the sea has not separated, still so surging against the coast, making bursts of loud noise.

The children who had held their heads high began to become restless, and the adults who watched began to talk.

Suddenly, someone stood up and said, “this is God testing the children’s sincerity and courage.

As long as the children dare to jump into the sea, the sea will naturally separate!” After hearing this, several older children volunteered to jump into the sea, but the sea was still not separated.

On the contrary, the poor child was swallowed up by the ruthless sea.

The situation was chaotic.

The children cried for their parents, and the adults began to become excited.

At this time, several merchant ships docked, several businessmen came down from the ship and saw the chaotic crowd, “Thank God for giving you the Holy Land and the will to help you,” he said.

“There is no one in the holy land to help you.

” Hearing that there was a boat to sit on, the frightened children suddenly became very excited, and their curiosity drove them to run to the boat one after another.

Soon, seven large ships carrying the children’s Crusades left the port and ran to the sea.

The first few days of sailing at sea were safe, but the situation on the sea changed rapidly.

On that day, the children returned to their room to rest after dinner.

Suddenly, thunder, lightning and strong wind made waves on the sea.

The wave crusade was a series of religious wars launched by feudal lords and horsemen in Western Europe against countries on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea for nearly 200 years with the permission of the Roman Catholic Pope.

Since the Holy Roman Catholic city of Jerusalem fell into the hands of Islamists, most of the Crusades were aimed at Islamic countries, and the main idea was to recapture Jerusalem from Islam.

During the eastern expedition, the church awarded each soldier a cross, and the army formed was called the crusade.

The crusaders carried out eight Eastern expeditions, with less success and more defeat.

The children’s Crusade took place between the fourth and fifth Crusades.

Throw the boat to the top of the wave and to the bottom of the valley.

Three or five children held together and cried.

For a time, the wind, thunder, rain and children’s cry were mixed together, making the originally silent night no longer silent.

In the early morning, when the first ray of sunshine shone on the sea, the storm all night finally passed, and the sea returned to its original calm without leaving any trace.

Seeing that the wind had stopped and the rain had stopped, the children went up to the deck to pray.

Just as they thanked God for his blessing, they were suddenly startled by the sight in front of them: only five of the original seven big ships are still floating on the sea.

I don’t know when the two missing ships were swallowed up by the sea, and all the children on board were buried in the sea.

The remaining children can only pray for their lost partners.

The remaining five ships finally arrived in Egypt without danger.

At this time, the face of the ship owner was finally exposed.

They ignored the oath made before God.

As soon as the ship landed, they sent the boy scouts to the slave market and sold them to others as slaves.

Although these abominable illegal businessmen were hanged afterwards, the poor boy scouts had no idea where they were sold.

The news soon reached the ears of German slave traders, including.