and “Palace” began to become a hotbed of scandals and gradually developed into a big stage of scandals. Charlemagne’s second daughter, freodoro toruto, had an incest with count rorugen, and his third daughter, beta, had children with poet Angelo beltes. This is very famous in the scandal of the emperor’s daughter.

since the Clovis Dynasty, the palace governor (court Prime Minister) began to gradually grasp power, and the piping family who held this important position began to emerge. Carl (Charles), the son of pipin II, became the palace ruler of the whole Frankish kingdom in 720 and defeated the Saracens invading Gaul in the battle of Poitier in 732. People said he broke the enemy like a golden hammer (pronounced “Martel”), so they called him “Carl Martel”.

according to the Belgian historian Henry pirana, the invasion of the Saracens (Islamists) at the end of the 8th century declared that Europe began to enter the middle ages. Before that, Europe still belonged to the Roman cultural circle and was connected to Africa and Asia through the Mediterranean. After the Saracen invasion, they occupied the former Roman cultural circle and isolated northern Europe. Thus, “Europe” was separated from its eastern part, began to develop an independent “European” cultural circle, and opened the prelude to the “Middle Ages”.

the Pope hoped that Carl Martel, who defeated the Saracens, could establish Christianity as the state religion. Pippin III, the son of Karl, became king of the Franks in 751, and the Carolingian Dynasty began to replace the Clovis Dynasty. The son of piping III was Karl the great (Charlemagne the great).

when Carl visited Rome in 800, Pope Leo III crowned him with the crown of the Western Roman Empire and made him emperor. At this time, a country and religion were combined, and a complete “Europe” had taken shape.

einhard, who served Charlemagne the great, once wrote a biography of Karl the great. Although the book idealizes its monarch too much, it still has interesting content. It is said that Charlemagne had five wives and four concubines. The church at that time complained about it, but it was difficult to speak. He also attaches great importance to the education of his children, has been living with them and giving them fatherly love. Einhard described the general atmosphere of Charlemagne’s court. Although Charlemagne often fought and visited Europe, he took his big family with him every time. He is especially fond of his daughters. “Charlemagne loves his daughters very much because they are very beautiful. Maybe these words sound incredible, but he will never marry his daughters. He wants to keep his daughters at home until he dies. He once said, ‘I can’t lose my common life with my daughters’, and he hopes to live with them all his life.”

parents who refuse to let their daughters marry are simply stupid. As for whether he was afraid of his daughters’ love problems, or worried about the division of property, or felt that his power was threatened, it was unclear.

in short, Charlemagne did not let his beautiful daughters marry and kept them around to dress up the palace, but this behavior eventually brought trouble to him.

“if someone is happy on one hand, the goddess of fate will always make trouble on the other. The king’s practice has led to some gossip outside, and people doubt whether he has any immoral relationship with his daughter.” The daughters who were forbidden to marry launched a free and unrestrained love in the palace, which was severely criticized by external public opinion. But the emperor turned a blind eye to the matter.

intriguingly, Charlemagne the great founded the cultural salon known as the “Carolingian Renaissance”. Palace culture began to blossom and bear fruit. As a result, the “court” began to become a hotbed of scandals and gradually developed into a big stage of scandals.

the events of the merovian Dynasty are full of blood and cruelty, but they lack the laughing point of scandal. Charlemagne, on the other hand, regarded the scandal as nothing, which made people feel that he was promoting a tolerant culture of suspicion and rumors.

einhard vaguely describes the following scandals with “the prank of the goddess of destiny”. Charlemagne the great had an incest relationship with his second daughter, Fredo toruto, the Earl, rorugen, and his third daughter, beta, and the poet Angelo beltes, and had children respectively. This is very famous in the scandal of the emperor’s daughter. Perhaps this means that Charlemagne has a new palace full of freedom and charm.

with the death of Charlemagne, the Frankish kingdom fell into division again. In 843, the Frankish kingdom was divided into East Frankish (Germany), West Frankish (France) and middle Frankish (Italy). In 987, the Carolingian Dynasty of West Frank ended and the Kape Dynasty was established by Kape.

the Kape family was originally a big landlord between the Seine and the Loire. When the Carolingian Dynasty was tottering, they became king through election. Because he was elected on the basis of the balance of power of local lords such as count Frand, count blova, Archduke Normandy, Archduke Anju and Archduke Aquitain, the throne is very unstable. Therefore, in order to obtain stable rights, he must get the support of the church.

there was a scandal when Hugo caper handed over the throne to his son Robel, which is enough for us to reveal the relationship between the Kingdom and the church. Hugo caper married his son to count Flander’s widow. Robert hated the strategic marriage, especially marrying an older wife. In fact, he was already in love with his cousin Bertha, the daughter of the king of Burgundy.

after Robert became king, he immediately divorced his wife and his uncle