The Missouri was the largest battleship during World War II, and on this alone it was entitled to glory.

But its true glory is that here the second world war is over.

In September 1943, Italy surrendered unconditionally.

In May 1945, Germany surrendered unconditionally.

In August 1945, the emperor of Japan announced unconditional surrender.

On August 15, 1945, after US President Truman issued the statement that Japan had officially expressed unconditional surrender, the supreme commander of the Navy Nimitz ordered his troops to stop the attack on the Japanese army.

On August 19, 1945, Japan sent representatives to Manila by two planes marked with green cross according to the order of the commander-in-chief of the southwest Pacific theater of the US military.

They listened to the instructions on the entry of the Allied forces into Japan and the signing of the letter of surrender, and accepted the text of the letter of surrender drawn up by the allied countries.

On the morning of August 28, 1945, the first batch of US troops landed in Japan by air and sea.

The next day, under the leadership of general Halsey, the third fleet of the US Navy sailed into the Tokyo Bay.

In the afternoon, general Nimitz arrived in the Tokyo Bay by seaplane and raised his five-star admiral flag on the battleship “South Dakota”.

At 2 p.m. on August 30, MacArthur’s special plane landed in Japan.

On that day, the United States and Japan announced at the same time that the signing ceremony of Japan’s unconditional surrender was scheduled to be held on board the USS Missouri at 9 a.m. on September 2, 1945.

You know, this is a ceremony attracting worldwide attention.

Although the “Missouri” is known as the super battleship at that time, it is very spacious, but it is not as spacious as the flat ground in Tokyo, Japan, is it? Why choose the Missouri as the venue? It turned out that when the news of Japan’s surrender reached the United States, President Truman hoped that MacArthur would become the supreme commander of the Allied forces in Japan, be responsible for arranging and presiding over the Japanese surrender ceremony, and sign the surrender as a representative of the Allied powers.

Of course, the president’s order is indisputable.

General MacArthur has run east and West since the United States entered the war and made outstanding contributions to the victory of World War II.

But some people don’t think so.

The opposition comes from the Navy.

Everyone knows that the Pacific battlefield is a war at sea.

We can see how much effort the US Navy has made.

Moreover, the Pacific Fleet was almost destroyed by Japan.

Even if there was no credit, there was pain! After the victory of the war, an army general was allowed to stand in front of the stage, which obviously wiped out the credit of the Navy.

When the two sides were in dispute, it was suggested that the surrender ceremony was presided over by the army general, and the ceremony was held on a naval ship.

The proposal was unanimously approved by both parties.

At the same time, it was stipulated that MacArthur signed as the representative of the allies and Nimitz signed as the representative of the United States in recognition of the Navy’s contribution in the war.

In order to make both sides happier, Truman chose the “Missouri” named after Truman’s hometown and presided over the launching ceremony by his daughter Margaret as the ceremony warship.

But one day later, there was a new problem. U.S. military regulations stipulate that warships can only fly the flag of the supreme commander, but MacArthur and Nimitz have the same rank, so they can’t only fly the flag of one of them.

The personnel concerned took great pains and finally found a solution.

That is to hang a red and a blue flag on the main mast of the battleship side by side.

The red flag represents MacArthur and the blue flag represents Nimitz.

On September 2, the weather was not very good, but many people were in a very good mood.

The open deck on the starboard side of the “Missouri” warship was used as the venue for the signing ceremony.

A large table was placed in the center to the right.

This table was very exquisite.

It was a long table in the “Missouri” sergeant’s restaurant, covered with a green cloth tablecloth.

A row of microphones stand beside the table.

Inside the table is the position of the signing delegation of the allies.

On the left front are 50 Navy generals and on the right front are 50 army generals.

Facing the best position of the table, the temporary platform is the special area for photographers, and outside the table is the position of the Japanese delegation.

At 8:50, the music sounded.

MacArthur came from Yokohama in the destroyer Buchanan.

General Nimitz came forward to meet him.

They climbed up from the main deck with conversation and laughter and entered the general’s rest cabin.

Probably after eating something unclean in the morning, MacArthur vomited violently in the bathroom.

When the Missouri delegation was asked to vomit, it was over.

The 11 Japanese had the chief of staff of the army, representatives of the Ministry of foreign affairs, the army and the Navy.

They all showed a depressed look because they didn’t want to surrender at all, but the emperor ordered them to sign.

When they boarded the ship, they were asked to hand over their weapons.

Seven of them took off their long Samurai sabres and body protecting daggers and put them on the table.

Then they lined up and bowed to the generals of all countries, but no one returned.

After the salute, the people were divided into three rows of tables.

At 9 o’clock sharp, the band played the American National Anthem “the star spangled banner will never fall”.

MacArthur and Nimitz stood side by side in front.

The delegation of the allies and the generals of the army and navy who watched the ceremony lined up at the specified position.

MacArthur made a speech and read out the order of surrender.

After reading out, he pointed to the chair in front of the table and announced solemnly: “now I order the representatives of the imperial government of Japan and the commander-in-chief of the imperial army of Japan to sign at the place designated in the letter of surrender!” On that table, two texts of the surrender had already been placed.

One was the text retained by the allies, with a dark green leather cover.

The cover of another text given to Japan is black canvas.

When the two surrender documents were taken out, a Japanese representative first came up, carefully examined the two surrender documents on the table, and then returned to his position, and the signing ceremony officially began.

The representative of Japan took the pen and shivered all over.

It took him a while to sign his name.

Then came the signatures of the representatives of the member states.

After signing, the Americans held a small military parade: Ten B-29 “super fortress” heavy bombers passed over the Missouri in neat pairs.

Then, batch after batch of American planes roared past.

People had no time to count the numbers.

In the rumble, More and more planes flew over the Missouri towards Tokyo.

When the Japanese delegation left the ship, the representatives of the Allies began to drink coffee and eat doughnuts to celebrate such a victory.

Although there was no wine, the atmosphere was very warm, because from this day on, the gunfire that lasted for many years finally subsided, and peace came! In order to commemorate this historical event, the United States specially inlaid a metal nameplate on the starboard deck of the battleship “Missouri”: “on September 2, 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allies here, and the Second World War came to an end.

” The Missouri is still remembered today because of this incident, and countless people still visit and remember it after it has been retired.

[cool review] people should have luck, and ships should also have luck.

A historical event made a ship, and the Missouri is still remembered today.

Naturally, we should also know that the so-called luck is actually the interest paid for your efforts.

As a saying goes, luck is an opportunity that happens to bump into your efforts.

Therefore, luck is based on effort.

Luck appears on the way to success.

Only by making continuous progress can we get the chance of luck.

It can be said that your efforts yesterday are today’s luck, and today’s efforts are tomorrow’s luck.