world significance of the founding of new China the founding of new China is another great victory of the socialist revolution and has far-reaching and great world significance.

It ended the imperialist and colonial aggression, slavery, plunder and exploitation of China for more than a century, put China on the road of independence, prosperity and strength, stood in the East with a new attitude, and greatly inspired the revolutionary struggle of the people of the world.

The Chinese people’s revolution is a part of the world revolution.

The victory of the Chinese revolution is another great victory after the October Revolution and the anti fascist World War.

It has had a profound impact on the struggle of people all over the world and the development of the international situation.

Over the past century, China has always been the focus of imperialist powers in the East, an important market for imperialism and an important place for plundering resources, and an important strategic base for imperialism in Asia and the world.

The victory of the Chinese revolution has since ended the long history of imperialism enslaving the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, destroyed the imperialist base of aggression in Asia for a long time, interrupted the chain of imperialist rule in the East, dealt a powerful blow to the imperialist colonial system, narrowed the capitalist world market and raw material supply areas, and deepened the imperialist crisis, It has contributed to the anti imperialist struggle of the people of the world.

The founding of new China had a profound and huge impact on the development of the post-war international situation.

It broke through the eastern front of imperialism, greatly enhanced the strength of socialism, changed the balance of international forces, and promoted the transformation of the world situation in a direction conducive to peace and progress.

After the end of the Second World War, the United States, relying on its strong military and economic strength, launched an anti Soviet and anti Communist cold war movement around the world in an attempt to dominate the world.

To this end, the United States has spent money and guns in Asia at all costs to help fight the civil war in an attempt to eliminate the revolutionary forces of the Chinese people, occupy China forever and dominate the east of the world forever.

The victory of the Chinese people’s revolution completely disillusioned the United States and had an important impact on changing the balance of international power after the war.

The victory of the Chinese revolution and the birth of the people’s Republic of China were the first to break the “Yalta System” in the Asia Pacific region, completely negate the Yalta agreement that infringed on China’s national interests, disrupted the strategic deployment of a few major powers, cracked down on hegemonism and power politics, and promoted the development of world political democratization.

The birth of new China greatly inspired the national liberation movement and accelerated the disintegration of the imperialist colonial system.

Old China was a semi colonial and semi feudal power in Asia.

Old China was in a similar situation and faced the same tasks as some countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

They were all fighting against imperialism, colonialism, national independence and national liberation.

In the Second World War, the vast areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America were the areas with concentrated contradictions in the world, the areas with the weakest imperialist rule and the main source of the world revolutionary storm.

After the war, the national liberation movement in these areas has been surging.

Relying mainly on their own strength, the Chinese people have achieved the true independence of the Chinese nation, which has given great encouragement to the colonial people and increased their confidence and strength in striving for national liberation.

At the same time, the victory of the Chinese revolution is a model for the people of semi colonial and semi feudal countries led by the proletariat to win the victory of the national democratic revolution.

It has set a glorious example and provided many valuable experiences for the oppressed nationalities in Asia, Africa and Latin America to carry out the struggle for national liberation.

This effectively promoted the development of the post-war national liberation movement and accelerated the disintegration of the imperialist colonial system. 2. China’s international status is increasing and its role in international affairs is increasing.

After more than 50 years of socialist construction, China’s comprehensive national strength has been rapidly enhanced.

China has changed from a poor and backward old China to a preliminarily prosperous socialist new China, and has made remarkable achievements in economic construction.

The consumption level of urban and rural residents has increased steadily, and their spiritual and cultural life has become increasingly colorful.

The cause of science and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.

With the development of economy, China’s military strength is increasing.

At present, China’s army has developed into a composite force of multiple arms, including the Navy, air force, strategic missile force and other technical arms, which has greatly enhanced the defense and combat capability under modern conditions.

China is also one of the few nuclear powers in the world.

This not only provides a good premise for China’s further development, but also lays a solid material foundation for improving China’s international status and expanding its activity capacity in the region and around the world.1. As a large developing socialist country, China has a unique impact on the solution of many hot issues.

The stability of the world needs China’s cooperation and participation.

China plays an important role in arms exports and nuclear non-proliferation.

China plays a great role in safeguarding world peace, promoting world disarmament, opposing hegemonism and power politics, safeguarding world justice and promoting the construction of a new international order.

With the continuous development of China’s economy and the continuous enhancement of its economic strength, China has a greater and greater impact on the world economy.

From 1997 to 1998, East Asian countries suffered a serious financial crisis, and Japan, the world’s second largest economy, fell into depression.

The Chinese government solemnly promises that the RMB will not depreciate and has provided a large amount of assistance to countries hit by the crisis within its ability.

It has played a prominent role in reducing the pressure on East Asian countries to recover their economies, preventing the regional financial crisis from spreading to other regions of the world, and stabilizing the international economy and finance.

In addition, China has abundant resources, cheap labor, huge market and other favorable conditions.

With the rapid growth of comprehensive national strength, China plays an indispensable role in world economic and trade exchanges and plays an important role in global interdependence.2. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has always adhered to principles, upheld justice and promoted the fair and reasonable settlement of international disputes and conflicts in international affairs.

China enjoys an important and unique position in the United Nations and the international arena.

On September 8, 2000, the United Nations held the millennium summit attended by more than 150 heads of state or heads of state.

This is a very important meeting in the history of United Nations development.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin attended the meeting and achieved fruitful diplomatic results.

First, President Jiang Zemin comprehensively and systematically expounded China’s proposal to establish a fair and reasonable international political economy with the main line of “establishing a new order and creating a new century”.