Heidrich sent people to destroy the anti Nazi radio station.

The Second World War began with Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

Then, how did Germany find an excuse to invade Poland? This involves Heidrich, the leader of the SS in Nazi Germany.

Hedrich was born in 1904.

His father was the principal of a music school and his mother was an actor in an opera house.

Therefore, he received a good education in music since childhood.

Later, when he became the head of Gestapo, he often played musical instruments to eliminate fatigue when he came home from work.

In 1920, Germany was in chaos because of years of war and the great depression.

The 16-year-old Hedrich had to go out to make a living.

He first joined a free regiment organization, and then chose to be a soldier.

He became a noncommissioned officer in the naval training school with his brilliant mind.

After graduation, he became a second lieutenant and was promoted to lieutenant two years later.

He was just 22 this year.

Heidrich has been interested in politics since he was a child.

As a second lieutenant, he is undoubtedly full of hope for the future.

However, two years later, due to an accidental incident that offended his boss, Hedrich was expelled from the Navy after being tried by the relevant naval departments.

After a period of time in society, Hedrich was introduced to Himmler.

Himmler was deciding to reorganize the SS security service at that time.

His short conversation with Heydrich made Himmler like the young man with blond hair very much.

So he gave the task to Heidrich.

At the same time, Heidrich was appointed captain of the shock regiment.

Since then, Heidrich has made great progress, and the officials have become bigger and bigger.

With the efforts of Heidrich, the SS intelligence agency grew from scratch, from small to large, and finally became the largest intelligence agency in Nazi Germany.

It can be said that without Himmler, there would be no Heydrich, and without Heydrich, the SS would not have an unusually large intelligence agency later.

Heydrich worked very hard for the SS security service, and Himmler was quite satisfied.

In 1934, Himmler placed the young man who had been under his door for less than five years in the highest position of the Gestapo.

In 1934, his assistant Hess announced on behalf of Hitler that the security service of the SS was the only intelligence agency in the party and no other institutions in the party were allowed to engage in espionage activities.

So far, Heidrich’s position in the intelligence agency of the Nazi party was further consolidated.

In 1936, Heidrich made efforts to expand the SS security department, which he served as the director, into the Security Bureau, and Heidrich became the director of the SS Security Bureau.

Prior to this, the SS security service led by Hedrich and the military intelligence service led by kanaris signed an agreement that the intelligence agencies of the security service would not intervene in foreign intelligence affairs.

After being promoted from the director of security to the director of the Bureau, Hedrich had greater ambition.

He was not willing to engage in intelligence activities only at home.

He wanted to intervene in foreign intelligence.

Heidrich’s first direct intervention in foreign intelligence was the destruction of an anti Nazi radio station in the Czech Republic.

The radio station set up in the suburbs of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, was called “black radio station”, which was one of the most influential anti Nazi radio stations at that time.

Hitler hated it so much that he wanted to get rid of it.

When Hedrich learned of Hitler’s intentions, he had long forgotten the agreement he had signed with his former superior kanaris.

Heidrich learned from the clues provided by intelligence personnel in the Czech Republic that the person in charge of “black radio” was named fomis.

He used to be the technical leader of a German radio station, and later went to the Czech Republic with Strasser, the leader of an anti Nazi organization.

That day, Heydrich called Yorks, assistant secretary of security and squadron leader of the SS secondary commando, to the office and asked him to find a way to bring fomis, who was an enemy of the Nazis in the Czech Republic, to Berlin.

After receiving the task, Yorks disguised as a businessman and came to Prague with his girlfriend who was engaged in dance.

Yorks was indeed a capable agent.

He didn’t have much trouble finding the exact location of “black radio” – a room in a hotel.

But he didn’t act immediately.

Instead, he took his girlfriend to have a good time in Prague before reporting to Heydrich that he had found the target.

After receiving the order of Heidrich’s operation, Yorks quietly moved into the hotel where “black radio” was located, and unknowingly stole a key to the room where “black radio” was located.

That night, Yorks received another Nazi Spy named geqi according to the previously agreed secret signal.

Yorks whispered so and so to the later spies, and the two immediately began to act.

They crept to the door of fomis’s room, and Yorks quickly inserted the matched key into the lock hole.

They thought the host was not there, but there was a question from fomis.

In a hurry, Yorks disguised as a waiter and said, “put soap in your room.

” As soon as the unprepared formis opened the door, Yorks and gege rushed at him.

Sensing that something bad was going on, formis quickly reached into his arms and wanted to take out his gun.

However, Yorks’ gun had sounded, and fomis immediately fell into a pool of blood.

After that, the two spies took out phosphorous powder and sprinkled it on the radio and other items, lit a fire and ran away.

Hitler was very happy when he learned that the “black radio” had been destroyed and praised Heidrich, which strengthened the “blonde beast”‘s determination to intervene in foreign intelligence.

The SS Security Bureau under the leadership of Heidrich, which implemented the “Himmler operation plan” of the SS, has become even more important since it destroyed the “black radio station” and was praised by Hitler.

They played an important role in the process of Nazi Germany splitting the Czech Republic.

The Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia borders Germany, where nearly 3 million Germanic people live.

Because the mines and bohemian forests in the north and West are extremely rich land, the German Nazis have long coveted this land.

As early as 1923, shortly after the end of World War I, some Nazi groups full of Pan German doctrine began to operate here.

Among the pro Nazi groups in the Sudetenland region, there is a relatively large organization called the German Fatherland Front”In 1935, the organization was renamed “Sudeten German Party”.

Therefore, there is some basis for Nazi Germany to stir up public sentiment in the Sudetenland region of the Czech Republic.

As a pawn of the Nazi Party and Hitler, Heidrich knew Hitler’s intention and the current situation of Sudeten like the back of his hand.

Therefore, as early as the beginning of 1936, Heidrich provided economic and other support to the organization of Sudeten German party through the German Embassy in Prague at the instigation of Himmler, and guided them to organize intelligence networks and carry out espionage activities.

In the summer of 1938, under the manipulation of Heidrich and others, the German Nazis in Sudetenland constantly penetrated into the organizations in various regions of Sudetenland, not only turning all these organizations into pro Nazi, but also turning many people in those organizations into Nazi German agents.

The new German agents spared no effort to gather intelligence for the SS security service.

In order to transmit a large amount of information to Germany in time, the Security Bureau sent people to set up telephone lines at both ends of the border.

In order to find an excuse for Hitler’s military invasion of the Czech Republic, the Security Bureau of the SS led by Heidrich instructed the Sudeten German Party to make trouble everywhere and shouted to return to Germany.

As a last resort, the Czech government fought back and arrested a number of troublemakers.

However, the fate of the Czech Republic is no longer in the hands of Czech leaders.

With the signing of the Munich agreement, Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Czech Republic has been “legalized”.

Soon, the German army moved to Czech land.

If the spies led by Heidrich initially stood behind the scenes on the issue of Germany’s invasion of the Czech Republic, then when Hitler prepared to launch the “white plan” against Poland, they went directly to the front desk to create trouble.

The manufacturing plan of this incident is called “Himmler operation plan”.

In order to find an excuse for invading Poland, Hitler ordered Himmler to create an incident on the German Polish border, and Himmler handed the task to his favorite student Hedrich.

After receiving the mission, Heydrich quickly worked out a wonderful plan, which is the “Himmler operation plan”.

The plan was designed as follows: on the night before the German attack on Poland, the forces of the intelligence and security bureau put on the uniforms of Polish guerrillas and created the Polish invasion of Germany along the German Polish border.

Their mission was to capture the German radio station in grewitz within a few minutes and attack Germany in Polish.

Heydrich realized that to perform the play well and make it more realistic, he had to take it seriously and create real bloodshed.

Heidrich immediately thought of the SS commando led by Yorks, who led a special intelligence department of the Security Bureau, in which special technicians worked.

These personnel mainly forge documents, passports and passes of different nationalities for foreign spies in the security department.

At the end of the Second World War, the Department also made counterfeit money.

In short, it is a department specialized in counterfeiting.

So Heydrich immediately found Yorks, the captain of the SS commando, and assigned him a task.

This time, Yorks’s main task was to take six capable SS members and attack glewitz radio within the specified time.

After explaining the task to Yorks, Heidrich emphasized that this matter should not be contacted with any German organ or unit in grewitz.

Each person on duty shall not carry with him documents that can be seen as German, such as members of the SS, members of the security service or the police.

Finally, he came to Yorks’s ear and said, “it’s best to leave a few Polish bodies on the scene afterwards.

” After giving Yorks the most important task, Hedrich was busy assigning tasks to some other responsible persons related to it.

Some are responsible for the purchase of Polish military uniforms required in the operation.

Some are responsible for withdrawing the armed forces stationed near the radio station.

Some led soldiers to attack the radio station disguised as polish offensive troops.

Others acted as border police and fought fiercely with the “enemy”.

The task of the last person in charge is to transport the prisoners pulled from the concentration camp as polish bodies to several “battlefields” that will appear.

When Yorks came back from Hedrich, he took six SS members, including a Polish interpreter, to grewitz quietly within the specified time.

He asked the team members to stay in two hotels.

Then, he took the team members to scout the terrain around the radio station.

The radio station is located beside the tarnowitz road outside the city, surrounded by a two meter high barbed wire fence, and there are almost no guards around the radio station.

After all the people reported that everything was ready, Hedrich called several responsible persons together to discuss the specific details again to see if there was anything wrong.

After everything was perfect, we waited for the order of the head of state.

On August 31, 1938, Hitler issued an order to the German armed forces to attack Poland at 4:45 on September 1.

Hedrich immediately instructed his “Directors” to make relevant preparations.

At 16 p.m. on August 31, Heydrich issued a battle order to Yorks.

After Yorks got the order, he took the six SS members to the radio station at 19:45 p.m. At the same time, the truck already parked in front of opeen villa also started quickly to transport the newly killed prisoners to the scheduled location.

At about 20 pm, when the staff of the radio station were working as usual, they suddenly found that several strangers came in murderously and rushed to the studio.

They pointed pistols at the frightened announcer and shouted “hands up!” Others shot at the ceiling.

Yorks ordered the radio staff to be tied up and stuffed into the basement, and then asked the interpreter to take out the prepared Polish speech and broadcast it into the microphone.

In this way, countless Germans listening to the radio heard the voice of the poles and the mixed gunfire.

The whole process of this event was only four minutes.

Four minutes later, Yorks slipped away with his men and horses.

Outside the radio station, there were several bloody bodies in Polish army uniforms lying on the ground.

On the same night, Nazi agents in several other places also feinted from Poland to the German border according to Heidrich’s instructions.

On September 1, all newspapers, radio stations and radio stations in Germany without exception issued the same news “Polish mobs invaded Germany”.

On the same day, hundreds of thousands of German troops invaded Poland and the prelude to World War II began.

The “Himmler battle plan” planned by Germany led to the fall of Poland.

The first few months of 1939 were a time when the British government felt quite happy, which they had not had for a long time.

They believe that due to the accelerated rearming of their own country, the United States’ rearmament plan and Germany’s economic difficulties have reduced the danger day by day.

At that time, the British government even prepared to convene a new disarmament conference, believing that the world was about to enter a “golden age”.

At this time, the German Nazis were cultivating an independence movement in Czechoslovakia, which led to the division of Czechoslovakia.

On March 12, the Slovaks officially declared their independence after their leader father desso visited Hitler in Berlin.

Later, the German army entered the country as a protectorate and occupied the country.

After occupying Czechoslovakia, the goal of Germany’s further eastward advance is Poland.

Poland is the country that occupied the largest area lost by Germany in history.

At first, Hitler did not want to take action against Poland, because Poland, like Hungary, once helped Hitler threaten the Czech rear, prompting the Czech Republic to submit to Hitler, and Poland also took the opportunity to obtain a piece of Czech territory.

Hitler changed his will because the British government took an unexpected step.

After the German occupation of the Czech Republic, Britain once reacted, but soon adopted a compromise attitude.

The British government had promised that the Czech Republic would not be threatened by aggression, but after Germany occupied the Czech Republic, British Prime Minister Chamberlain told the house of Commons that he believed that Slovakia’s independence had invalidated this guarantee, so he felt that Britain was no longer bound by such obligations.

Britain has no reason to “change” its policy.

However, within a few days, Chamberlain made a complete change, which surprised and stunned the world.

The British government suddenly decided to stop Hitler’s further actions, and on March 29 took the initiative to express to Poland its willingness to support it against “any action threatening Poland’s independence and any action deemed necessary by the Polish government”.

What are the factors for Chamberlain’s cabinet to make such an impulsive decision? People can’t prove it, but this reckless and hasty decision not only failed to stop the consciousness of Nazi German aggression, but prompted it to accelerate the pace of expansion.

According to some data obtained after the war, Britain suddenly announced to protect Poland’s security because it did not take any measures and steps to obtain the support of the Soviet Union and did not obtain Poland’s consent in advance.

Colonel Baker of Poland once said that he decided to accept British protection within the time he flicked the cigarette ash twice.

He explained that when he met Hitler a month ago, he told Hitler that he must return the land, but the tone and attitude were unbearable.

Therefore, when the British proposal was conveyed to him, he thought it was a good opportunity to fight back against Hitler.

At this time, Hitler felt that the British began to oppose Germany’s eastward expansion.

He was afraid that if he delayed any more, he would be stopped, so he accelerated his action to strive for “living space”.

Hitler felt that the British were cool headed and rational.

They would not easily go to war for Poland.

At the same time, the Soviet Union is the object that should be fought for.

Therefore, Hitler decided to put up with all hatred and fear of communism for the time being and try his best to please the Soviet Union and keep it neutral.

Hitler’s move really worked.

Chamberlain gave the Soviet Union a cold reception, especially after Hitler’s march into the Czech Republic and the Soviet Union’s proposal to establish a joint defense alliance again, Chamberlain naturally resented the West.

The British government and the Polish government reached a separate agreement on security protection, which could not but deepen the Soviet Union’s doubts and suspicions about the two countries.

Relevant people analyzed at that time that Soviet Foreign Minister livinov, who had always been inclined to cooperate with the west to resist Nazi Germany, was dismissed, and his successor was Molotov, who preferred to deal with dictators, which had issued a warning to the world.

However, the West has not made corresponding positive recovery measures.

On August 23, German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop flew to Moscow, and then Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non aggression treaty.

The signing of this treaty will inevitably enhance Hitler’s ambition to wage war, which will inevitably lead to the introduction of the “Himmler war plan” and the occupation of Poland.

In his memoirs of the Second World War, the former British Prime Minister made an incisive comment on Britain’s involvement in the war.

After describing how Britain allowed Germany to rearm, how it allowed Germany to annex Austria and the Czech Republic, and how it rejected the Soviet Union’s proposal for joint action at the same time, he wrote: when all aid and interests had been lost, Britain began to lead France to protect the integrity of Poland.

If we say that we fought for the Czech Republic in 1938, it is still very reasonable.

At that time, the elite soldiers of the German army on the western line may only have 6 divisions, while the French force has 67 divisions.

However, at that time, people thought that this practice was reckless, unreasonable and lacked modern ideas and moral concepts.

Over the past five or six years, we have adopted a policy of appeasement, but now we have made a sudden and complete change overnight.

We are determined to accept a war of a certain scale that is obviously about to break out under far worse conditions than in the past.

This approach is obviously difficult to achieve.