Disney is the largest animation factory in the world today. Relevant animation industries and brands are popular all over the world. The most familiar image is Mickey Mouse. However, the arrival of the Mickey Mouse couple is a very accidental opportunity.

Walt Disney was born in Chicago. When he was five years old, the old Disney bought a 200 hectare farm with all his family’s assets. He can let his family do the work without bothering the big animals. So whenever he saw little Disney drawing cows on the stable wall, he rushed over and scolded. In this case, the big brother and the second brother of little Disney have long run away from home, and the third brother Roy and little Disney also plan to run away. Who knows, before they ran away, old Disney fell ill, sold the farm, and the family moved to Kansas City to deliver newspapers for a living. The main employees are 8-year-old Disney and 16-year-old Roy. They have to send more than 1000 newspapers every day. They just walk and don’t even have a pair of decent shoes. In 1918, the United States participated in World War I. as soon as the brothers saw the chance to escape, they threw away the newspaper and joined the army. Disney was assigned to France to drive an ambulance, which should have been a busy job, but as soon as he arrived in France, Germany surrendered. So bored, he painted on his car every day. Other people’s ambulances were painted with the Red Cross. His ambulances were full of comics. He drove out to pull the wind. It was during his service in France that Disney aspired to become a cartoonist.

in 1921, Disney just turned 19 after drawing an ambulance from France. Roy arranged for him to draw comics in an advertising agency by finding a relationship, so he got to know the comic artist ubu Ewoks. This man wears messy hair and doesn’t laugh. The only fun is painting. At the first meeting, the lively Disney nagged him for more than an hour, and then asked, “can you have a rest?” Ubud raised his head and said the first sentence, “can you shut up for a while?” People like Ubud, if they don’t know Disney, are destined to spend their life safely. Later, Disney was fired after less than a month because he painted too badly. Disney decided to go it alone, so Hubu resigned. They started an art company together, but the company closed down within a month. The two brothers went to work in an advertising company. Meanwhile, ubu was responsible for doing double work and earning wages for his good brother; Disney brought back a lot of books from the library and was responsible for studying what happened to cartoons. The result of the research was – let’s resign and start a business again. In 1922, the 21-year-old Disney set up the “laughter cartoon company” with the honest wubu, which specializes in making animated short films and selling them to local cinemas. At that time, animation was not regarded as a serious work, and no one was willing to spend money to see it. It only existed in the form of additional films to fill the gap during the intermission of the film, so cinemas usually needed to buy supporting animation short films. Under this profit model, “laughter cartoon company” operated well and went bankrupt for a full year. Because the publisher went bankrupt and Disney failed to collect debt, it had to close down. Disney, 22, has failed to start a business twice. He summarized the reasons for the failure. The most important one is that the company lacks a CEO responsible for operation. Roy was just in Los Angeles for tuberculosis treatment. When Disney went to him, he was playing chess with people in high spirits. Disney lifted the chessboard and said, “don’t waste your life. Start a business with me.” Roy agreed vaguely. Strangely enough, he hasn’t had tuberculosis since. When Disney was looking for reliable investors, you went online. That was Margaret Winkler, the beauty boss of Universal Pictures. The works of the animation studios she invested in were quite powerful. It is not too much to say that Margaret has supported half of the history of American animation. As soon as she saw that Disney had done half of the Alice comedy, she immediately made a decision and signed a long-term distribution contract with him. With this big contract, Disney Brothers Studio was established in 1924, which is the predecessor of Disney Company. After gaining a firm foothold, Disney connected the wubu family to Hollywood. At that time, the power territory of Hollywood was almost the same as today. The only thunder and lightning film company that went bankrupt was replaced by Disney film company. Margaret has been very happy with Disney’s cooperation. Later, she married. Unfortunately, she met a bad lady. Her husband Mingzi is an out and out profiteer. Margaret quit her job after marriage and left her business to Minz. Minz thought that the audience was tired of watching “Alice comedy” and asked Disney to make another series of animated short films, called “Oswald the lucky rabbit”, with a rabbit as the protagonist. The animated short films of the series were also very popular, and the rabbit quickly became an animation star. After signing the long-term copyright contract with Disney studio, Mingzi can threaten the future of the film and give up the copyright of the film. In order to force Disney to comply, Minz secretly bought all the animators in Disney studio and instigated them to change jobs with high salary. Only one of them refused, that is ubu.

Disney was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. He didn’t compromise, tore up the contract on the spot and returned to the empty studio. In the middle of the studio stood a black cloth with messy hair. Ubu asked, “the contract is gone, the rabbit is gone, and the colleagues are gone. Hollywood doesn’t even have the northwest wind. What will you eat in the future?” Disney thought about it and said, “if the rabbit is gone, draw another one.” So Ubud picked up his brush and said to himself, “we should have a round face… And two ears… If it’s a long ear, it’s our rabbit. If it’s a sharp ear, it’s a cat. Oh, there are too many cats in Hollywood. We don’t need one… What if it’s a round ear?” Disney patted his thigh, “draw this mouse!” DeesNi named the mouse Mortimer. His wife Lillian protested, “it’s so cute that it should be called Mickey! By the way, honey, don’t let it be too lonely. Arrange a girlfriend for it, just Minnie.” In this way, the most famous mouse couple in history was born. They are real childhood sweethearts and couples in need. Oswald rabbit’s copyright was taken away by universal pictures, which has always haunted Disney. As a result, he is extremely sensitive to the copyright issue and will no longer sell the copyright of animated characters. 78 years later, Disney Company persevered and bought back the copyright of Oswald rabbit. Unfortunately, Disney was dead at this time. Only three months after the birth of Mickey and Minnie, their first animated short film “crazy plane” was auditioned in Hollywood, but the response was flat and did not attract publishers. Disney didn’t give up. Half a year later, on November 18, 1928, Disney produced the first audio animated short film “Steamboat Willie”. It still took Mickey Mouse as the protagonist, with synchronous painting and sound, which can be called perfect. After the short film was released, it was highly praised. The thunderous applause almost drowned Disney. The film critics praised Disney as a genius. From that day on, American animation officially entered the Mickey Mouse era. After reading, do you think the sentence “success is always justified” is very reasonable. In addition to inspiration and creativity, there is constant effort.