first of all, due to the established European political pattern after World War II and the restrictions imposed by those border treaties signed on the head (the government did not recognize Mongolia and did not agree to oderneisegrenze until 1990), the German government is absolutely impossible to have such demands. Angela has obtained everything she wanted through economic means. There is no reason to change the status quo for the so-called place of national prosperity. Ordinary people in Germany are very “full”, and their life is very depoliticized.

however, like the disputed territories of other countries and regions, there have been calls for the return of East Prussia such as Koenigsberg to German territory, and even the slogan patriot on the BBS will propose the revival of the German Reich, Eulogize the Wehrmacht (Bundeswehr, which is different from the Bundeswehr). These bold advocates for the return of the world are not only the little indignant youth in the German cultural circle, but also the young people who speak Russian and polish in East Prussia. The return of




in one step is a fantasy for all parties, even the Patriots. There are several levels of return for them. Take Kaliningrad, the capital, as an example:

1 Koenigsberg Statt Kaliningrad relaunched the original name of Konigsberg, which is connected with a series of glories and greatness of orakant, to replace Kaliningrad, which has no cultural connotation. Then restore the original German names of bridges, buildings, streets and rivers in the city.

2. The Teutonic Knights, East Prussia and the divine horse of the German Empire can fly the German flag. Dennochkontenim november2013wiederdiedeutschen fahnenwehen, well, they did it. When Lao maozi agreed to the annual parade, the colored flags fluttered.

3. Regional opening and striving for regional seats in international organizations, even FIFA (demsitzder fifainder schweizzudemunstrieren, umdie forderungauchau? Erhalbder region? Ffentlichzumachen) 4 Call on the young people brainwashed by Tsarist Russian culture or Soviet Culture in Dongpu region to stand up against brainwashing and take to the streets. Well, they did that, too. German is their legal elective course in middle school. They are conscious and compulsory. They have no resistance to the decadent darkness of capitalism and are full of longing. And black hand Liu’s 300 years of Hong Kong colonization.

although the German government reflects on everything and recognizes everything. However, the cultural exchange and care for the former imperial regions (Germany, Shenluo, the third) have not stopped, and they are too enthusiastic. Schools and colleges in Germany often organize lively and interesting summer camps. They go to Danzig, Konigsberg and Poznan to look back on the past and pay tribute to their ancestors. As far as I can see, in Western Europe, only Japan relies more on museums all over Europe than German history and culture teaching. Even children in primary schools who do not know special words will send a drawing report book full of pleasant sheep before the visit. While listening to the explanation of the team leader, they will draw the contents of the exhibition and copy the introduction of the exhibition board. In the confused youth of desperately brushing TOEFL and striving for grade points, we know @ Koichi Sato, such an ancient Japanese gentleman. We saw that the so-called national treasure was more dignified, understood and appreciated than home in Taipei and Tokyo. I don’t know whether you kneel or not. Anyway, I kneel. The young people of Dabo, the old maozi I know (subjective, the number of samples is still small), have no different ideas from other three-dimensional young people. Kaodefu, heading west, taking Hukou and driving Mercedes Benz, so that compatriots and sisters don’t have to go to Dongguan to work. For them, is this TMD Defu test?

2018 old maozi will host the men’s football World Cup, and Kaliningrad is also one of the competition cities. If it can, the team will not arrange the German team to play in this city, just like Vladivostok will never host the Olympic Games.




modern nation-state in Europe is only the product of nearly 200 years, and now European integration is only a stumbling and bold attempt. Historical changes cannot be bound and hindered by a single treaty. The trend of civilization is what people want, and it is not transferred by personal will. And territory is just a side effect of pushing the boat with the current. The word “Hope” is the infinite possibility of the future.

comes with the silly looking German indignant manifesto update: neuesausk? nigsberg…zur? Ckzudeutschenwurzeln…

non German fans, welcome to correct, thank you!


———————————– 15.02.2014 update ————————————————- I didn’t expect to get the false praise of your close friends. Thank you. I knew I would organize the language well. I’m really not rigorous. I’m ashamed.

in fact, I don’t care about politik and I’m not a professional. I happened to see this question and wanted to share a wild German angry youth I caught alive a few days ago.

the territorial issue is a headache and inseparable problem for every country, large or small. The division of territory and regional independence caused by historical legacy, ethnic contradictions and cultural differences are not avoidable because the country is strong. Okinawa wants self-determination, Scotland wants a referendum and South Ossetia wants independence. The Bavarians, Hong Kong people and brittanies do not want to have a relationship with the mother, and they want to breathe the air of freedom.

there is a close friend @ yanxiaosun downstairs. Speaking of normal countries, I think Germany has never been a positive countryChang Guo. Shenluo is not, the German Empire is not, the Weimar Republic is not, and it is not now. Versailles Treaty of peace with Germany, Yalta conference, Zwei plus Vier Vertrag of the two plus four treaty, Berlin Bonn act Berlin Bonn Gesetz, all of which come from the politicians’ precise thinking, detailed deduction and repeated Rabb. They have succeeded in preventing Germany from becoming a normal country again and again, but they have failed to prevent Germany from becoming a civilization that can not be ignored.

who is a normal country? The United States, China, Russia and India all have their own “abnormal” perfect reasons. Can normal countries spread nuclear weapons technology, assassinate hostile forces, export violent revolution and manipulate elections? The distinction between national inequality and personal quality is obvious but unspeakable. Politik is incorrect. Any label, including “normal country”, cannot prevent some forces and some people from doing what they want to do.

the close friend also mentioned that the German people were castrated by the American spirit. Sorry, I can’t agree with that either. It has to be admitted that 70% of the songs in German radio stations are in English. The general public does not rebound from British and American civilization like France, and the average English level is high. Being deeply influenced by culture does not mean being affiliated and dismembered. The frenzied investment in the cause of science, education, culture and sports makes the average cultural literacy of Germans still good. They have their own judgment and appreciation style. Singing one or two songs of Teng Lijun’s backyard flowers will not betray the country. The reason why they reflect on history enough is that they are clear enough about history and confident enough in culture.




like football, strength is only the qualification for the world cup. As for the Hercules cup, I prefer fate. Mussolini’s million troops went for a walk in Greece, not as good as the audit team sent by Angela. We despise the people of brainwashing countries and call Kim fat Tito Stalin “kind father”, but today the Germans are weeping and grateful to Merkel’s mother, Mutti Merkel, but we are a little moved. This is the capital of Yuan Dynasty, which has not won the title! As for the national mentality, it is not difficult for the Almighty leader to let people in a whole country sing Jiangnan style at the same time.

are famous traitors in Poland. Mr. Lech Walesa, former president of Poland, proposed that Poland could merge with Germany. Note that the time is not 1939, not 1990, but last year:

Germans don’t want to pay solidarity tax again, but they can’t beat everyone’s embrace.