Don Benito Juarez was the president of Mexico from 1858 to 1872, a famous bourgeois revolutionary and outstanding Democrat in Mexico.

He led a three-year “war of reform” to repel the attacks of conservatives and churches.

Fearing no violence, he led the people to drive away the puppet regime established by imperialism in Mexico with bayonets.

He was also a national hero and one of the liberators of Latin America.

He was an Indian of pure blood.

He was born as a shepherd boy and served four consecutive terms as president.

His humble origin and his great achievements made him a legend.

Late at night on March 13, 1858, someone came to the government building to report that lieutenant colonel Antonio Landa had announced his opposition to the national government and was now leading a battalion under his command to attack the government building.

To make matters worse, the guards responsible for defending the government building have also defected, shouting “down with the Constitution!” The slogan welcomed Randa’s team in.

The rebels rushed into the government building with their guns and went straight to the hall where Juarez and the ministers were deliberating, capturing them all.

The news of the incident quickly spread throughout the city.

Two Colonel loyal to the government, battalion commander Contreras Medellin of Hidalgo battalion and commander Antonio Alvarez of the National Guard, rushed to rescue the captured people.

It was reported that general parotti had brought 2000 men and 14 cannons to extricate the president.

Landa panicked and coerced Juarez to order a ceasefire.

Juarez was awe inspiring and flatly refused.

While the government representatives were negotiating an agreement for a few hours of armistice with the rebels, Lieutenant Colonel aido took a bold military action.

With the commander of the National Guard, they led 160 soldiers with guns on their backs and pretended to be patrolling.

They marched on the street as if nothing had happened.

When they passed the government building, they suddenly opened fire on the rebels.

The rebels also fought back fiercely.

There was panic in the government building.

In the chaos, Captain pelasa, who was in charge of the captives, ordered Juarez and the ministers to be shot on the spot immediately.

A group of soldiers shouted “shoot Juarez!” “Down with the Constitution!” He broke into the hall where Juarez was imprisoned and aimed all his guns at Juarez.

Juarez rose from his seat with such composure.

Without changing his face, he approached the group of soldiers with guns aimed at his chest.

On this occasion, one of Juarez’s ministers, the poet Guillermo Prieto, shouted: “put the gun down, you irrational people! He is the representative of the law, the Republic and the motherland! If you are Mexican, you should respect the Republic, the Constitution and the person who represents the constitution of the Republic!” Prieto’s words opened the minds of these deceived soldiers, who were originally poor people, and shamefully withdrew from the president’s temporary office.

Juarez immediately returned to his desk as if nothing had happened and continued to work, and asked other government members not to talk about the dangerous situation just now, because the situation did not allow a minute and a second to be wasted on that trivial matter.

As soon as Juarez arrived in Veracruz, he was welcomed into governor Zamora’s palace.

The governor arranged the best room for the president of the Republic, but Juarez begged to exchange with Ocampo on the pretext that his room was closer to the bathroom.

At the president’s repeated request, Ocampo gave way.

The next morning, Juarez went out of the room to the bathroom.

No water.

He clapped his hands a few times and a maid named Petrona came.

She was a country woman, not very young, but also a little grumpy.

“What do you want?” Asked the maid.

“Please fetch some water,” Juarez asked her.

“If you like, just wait.

What a clean Indian! I have to entertain the president first!” Juarez said nothing and went back to his room.

About a quarter of an hour later, the president asked her to fetch some water again.

“Wait if you like.

I have to serve Mr.

Juarez first! What a shame! I’ve never seen such an ignorant person like you! In such a hurry, just do it yourself.

The tap is right there!” Then he showed him a bathroom in the corner of the courtyard.

Juarez did not say anything to Petrona, who was angry, and went to fetch water and wash herself.

At lunch time, the maid put on her best clothes and looked forward to seeing the president of the Republic nervously, hoping to have the opportunity to serve him with honor.

Suddenly, she saw the illiterate Indian in a black dress, accompanied by his master Samora, walking along the corridor through the hall.

“That guy’s here, too.

” Thought the honest maid.

When the maid saw that everyone had been waiting for the Indian to sit in his high back chair before she dared to take a seat, she was so frightened that her face turned pale, her whole body trembled and she couldn’t help crying.

Everyone turned to look at the embarrassed maid, who was crying sadly.

Juarez stood up, took her arm affectionately and said, “don’t cry, miss.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing great.

If your job is to entertain everyone, go ahead, because everyone here should do their part.

” A friend of Juarez talked to him about his daughters and complained that they were crazy about dancing, Juarez replied, “I don’t advocate letting girls dance.

It’s better if they can do something more meaningful, but if they want to choose between proper entertainment and endless prayer or confession, I think they might as well dance.

Don’t worry, let them dance, as long as they don’t go too far.

” Once, Juarez took his family to a ball.

At the climax of the dance, an unobtrusive young college student timidly walked up to the president’s eldest daughter, Miss Manuela Juarez, and asked her to dance.

Miss Juarez declined.

A few minutes later, a well-dressed young man made the same request to miss Juarez.

When she was happily preparing to dance with him, her father called her aside.

Juarez had just seen his daughter refuse to dance with the college student, so he told her that if she didn’t accept the previous youth’s invitation, he couldn’t let her dance with anyone else.

Juarez persuaded his daughter, and after obtaining her consent, he personally found the shy young man and told him to ask him to dance with his daughter if he wanted.

Hu Yalei.