On May 26, 1940, a strange large “fleet” came to the sea near Dunkirk, a seaport city near Dover Strait in Noel Province, northern France.

The ships that make up this fleet are very strange, including brightly colored French fishing boats, tourist ships carrying passengers, maintenance ships, small escort ships, minesweepers, trawlers, destroyers, radar sentinel ships.

And even steam ships during the European industrial revolution.

The people driving these ships are even more strange.

Among them are bankers, dentists, taxi drivers, speedboat drivers, dockers, engineers and fishermen.

When they approach, you will find that among these people are thin old men, fat middle-aged women, not to mention young people.

It seems that some people are disgusted with such a fleet.

Planes with Nazi symbols threw bombs and machine gun bullets to them one after another.

Some ships sank to the bottom of the sea forever after a burst of fire.

Some people were shot into hell by bullets like rain before they could scream.

But no one retreated, but worked harder forward, as if heaven was ahead.

Why is there such a strange fleet? It began in the early morning of May 10, 1940.

At that time, under the guidance and cooperation of more than 3000 tanks, 136 divisions of the Nazi German army attacked Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg with two army groups A and B.

The coalition forces composed of Britain, France and other countries focused all their attention on group B army group at that time, and were ready to fight in an all-round way after assembly, but they ignored group a army group in Aden mountain area.

Therefore, on May 10, 1940, with 1700 tanks as sharp knives, the German group a army secretly crossed the natural danger Arden mountains and quickly broke through the Maginot line, which the French were proud of.

On May 14, the German army occupied shadang, France, with a Blitzkrieg, and then broke through hundreds of kilometers in a 10 day journey and went straight to the English Channel.

In a short period of more than ten days, hundreds of thousands of British and French allied troops were trapped on the coast near Dunkirk, a small port city north of France.

On a beach of only 60 square kilometers, the British and French allied forces were besieged by the German army on three sides.

There is only one way, that is to “fly” across the English Channel and return to the British mainland.

But people can’t fly, and at that time, Britain and France didn’t have so many planes, so they had to rely on ships.

For Germany, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because if the hundreds of thousands of British and French coalition forces can be annihilated, then the war process of Germany in the future will be much smoother.

For the British and French coalition forces, this is tantamount to destruction.

Dunkirk port has no solid defense facilities and is a target vulnerable to continuous attacks by bombers and artillery.

If hundreds of thousands of people retreat from this port, under the strong attack of German artillery, it is no different from suicide.

The British government is very anxious.

Unlike other countries in Europe, Britain has a voluntary military service system.

The purpose of young people becoming soldiers is to make money.

British people with some money will not become soldiers.

If the Germans really give hundreds of thousands of people to a nest, Britain will have no army.

The British government clenched its teeth and vowed to rescue these people.

The British government began to mobilize and shout slogans on loudspeakers.

The British people have the spirit of “benevolence and love”.

Therefore, the whole people are mobilized and those who have a boat go out.

Thus, there is the scene at the beginning of this article.

These people are spontaneous, very orderly, and do not complain.

No one knows whether they can come back from this trip, but they went bravely.

However, there is only a slight difference between bravery and recklessness.

The besieged Anglo French allied forces were not killed by the Germans, all because of a piece of order.

On May 24, goodrian, the commander-in-chief of German group a army group close to Dunkirk, received Hitler’s order: stand by.

It was not until two days later that Hitler ordered goodrian to attack the Anglo French coalition.

As for why Hitler had such orders, it is not the topic of our discussion.

What we want to say is that it was this order that gave the British and French coalition forces time to cross the English Channel in the boat of those brave people.

At 7 p.m. on May 26, the historic “Dunkirk retreat” began.

It was a very spectacular scene.

At Dunkirk beach, thousands of soldiers lined up in a group of 50.

They stood on the beach, standing in the ankle, knee and chest high water, waiting for the rescue ship.

It is said that on the day of the great retreat, the British Prime Minister ran to Westminster Abbey to pray: “sitting in the choir, I can feel that the people are afraid, not of death, injury, or material loss, but of Britain’s defeat and final destruction.

” Indeed, the material losses were quite serious, and the British and French allied forces left almost all their heavy weapons in Dunkirk.

However, the British army was not destroyed.

Later data show that this “escape” is the fastest escape in human history.

It can be said that there are no ancients before and no comers after.

On 28 May, 17804 people were evacuated.

On 29 May, 47310 people were evacuated.

On 30 may, 53823 people were evacuated.

132000 people were evacuated in two days, on 31 May and 1 June.

By 14:23 on June 4, the retreat was over, and 338000 officers and soldiers were “evacuated” from Dunkirk, which saved a huge and effective force for the victory of World War II in the future.

[cool review] the Chinese believe that “one side is in trouble, and all sides support”, and have been pursuing it for thousands of years.

Today, we need this kind of dedication even more.

For example, if you see a lost child on the street, you must help contact your family.

Don’t ignore the fallen old lady.

If you do something, you should stretch out a moral hand and contribute your part to this harmonious society.

Instead of being like the eighteen cold scholars in the “xiaoyueyue” incident, they hold an attitude of indifference and hanging high.

When people do things, God sees that anyone may encounter dangers and difficulties at any time, so don’t be stingy to stretch out your hands.

In a sense, helping others is helping yourself.