It has been 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, but the history of one wall separating the two worlds has become a historical scar that can never be erased.

East German soldiers and workers are increasing the height of the Berlin Wall.

in February 1945, World War II was coming to an end, and the three giants agreed in Yalta that the people of these countries should establish democratic governments through free elections. However, Stalin did not seem interested in democratic elections. What he really wanted was to take the opportunity to expand the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union. In this context, Berlin was divided into four occupied areas, and people used to call the Soviet occupied area east Berlin. After the Potsdam meeting of




, in the negotiations on finally “allowing” the three Western allies to have their own defense areas in Berlin, the Western allies believed that they had made an extremely serious strategic mistake. The Western allies agreed that all orders signed by the commander-in-chief of the Soviet Union would have legal effect until further notice, which foreshadowed the division of Berlin and Germany in the future.

in May this year, a German named ublich quietly entered Berlin. The exile from the Soviet Union has been strictly implementing Stalin’s policies. Relying on the support of the Soviet Union, he soon established a pro Soviet interim government in Berlin.




ublishi tried his best to promote the “deputy system”, whose purpose is that the top leaders of important administrative organs may not be Communists, but the Deputy must be ublishi’s people. The most important thing is that the East German Party Central Committee with ublich as the core must obey their real “boss” – the Soviet military administration. Ubulich believes in the principle that he once said to his subordinates: “we must look democratic, but we must control everything.”

ublich took advantage of the Soviet Union’s dominant position in Berlin and relied on the team he formed to more faithfully implement Stalin’s intentions and strive to integrate domestic political forces. From April 21 to 22, 1946, in the German National Opera House in East Berlin, after the merger of similar items, the German unified socialist party was established, and ublich’s power was at its zenith. He always hoped that his team could gain a stable position in the political system of the Soviet Union, and even play a vanguard role in the cold war.

“Sunday when barbed wire appeared”

“on May 23, 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany was established after the merger of the occupied areas of the United States, Britain and France. Five months later, the German Democratic Republic declared its founding in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union. Although Germany is openly divided, Berlin’s role remains ambiguous.

at the beginning of 1961, the American spies lurking in East Germany sent back the information that disturbed the American decision-making level: due to the continuous deterioration of the economic situation in East Germany and the non-stop exposure of various shady scenes by the western media, more and more East German citizens began to flee to West Germany through relations.

Khrushchev repeatedly reminded ublishi that he was about to hold historic talks with the US president in Vienna and did not want an “accident” in Berlin during this period. On the second day after the Vienna conference in 1961, ublich secretly organized 1500 police to rush to the East-West Berlin border. After careful planning, the East German government decided to blockade the border on a Sunday in August, because on weekends, workers usually stay with their families.

at 1:11 a.m. on August 13, 1961, the Warsaw Pact Organization issued a statement: through deception, bribery and coercion, West German government organs and military institutions helped some people with uncertain positions in the German Democratic Republic escape to West Germany?? The member states of the Warsaw Pact must take necessary measures to protect their own security, and the first thing to protect is the security of the German Democratic Republic. At the same time, the first barbed wire has been dragged to the border between East and West Berlin.

according to intelligence collected by the United States, Khrushchev was surprised when he heard the report that East Germany began to build the Berlin Wall. He was worried that this move would anger the west, cause the whole west to impose economic sanctions on the Soviet Union, fear that the conflict with the Soviet Union would further intensify, and even fear that it would lead to war with the West.

however, Khrushchev’s subsequent speech was enough to reflect that he had been forced to have no way back: “the Berlin Wall is a fence to prevent western imperialist aggression. After the German working class built this wall, the wolf will never want to break into the German Democratic Republic again.”

Frederick’s book “the Berlin Wall” mentioned that after August 13, the daily life of West Berliners on benaul street suddenly fell into chaos. In the past, they used to go shopping in East Berlin. After school, the children would go skating in the roller skating rink next to Garden Street. On Sunday, they would go for a picnic in the fairy tale spring near Friedrichshafen Park, which had already disappeared after the 13th, and even the churches they often went to were separated from East Berlin. This Sunday is called “barbed wire Sunday” by Berliners.

trapped East Berliners jumped from their windows onto benault Street belonging to West Berlin. The East German police realized that someone might escape, so they entered the building and searched. At the same time, the crowd, police and firefighters in West Berlin rushed to benault street and spread air cushions downstairs. The fierce battle for the fate of East Berliners soon spread all over the world through the reporter stations of national news agencies in West Berlin and the lens of many television stations.

on October 4, Lancer was going to slide from the roof of the apartment building on benaul Street into West Berlin with the help of a clothesline. On the street below the apartment, West German firefighters have paved air cushions to rescue him. The East German police pressed step by step. Lanser jumped without finding the position of the air cushion. At the age of 30, he fell firmly to the ground and died a few minutes later. Shortly after the

Lancer incident, all 354 households living in the area were ordered to move out before October 21, so as to prevent residents from fleeing