When reviewing more than ten years of experience, cosmetic doctors at

found that in the past, people with congenital malformations and post-traumatic injuries were the first among the cosmetic population. Now the top three have become artists, kuotai and officials. Among them, the prosperity of official cosmetic surgery should not be underestimated.

Berlusconi is known as the vanguard of the head of cosmetic surgery

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love beauty. Everyone has it. It is human nature to make themselves more beautiful through medical means. But we never thought that there would be so many government officials in the cosmetic team, and even many people at the head of the Yuan Dynasty were keen on this.

Berlusconi: the face project is very important.

the pragmatic Louis XV has clearly said: “if you don’t hide, you won’t be in power.” Today, the extension of cover up is extended to cosmetic surgery.

politicians often go on TV. Should they be worthy of the audience? Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gave a positive answer to this question. He said: “it is the responsibility of politicians to make it beautiful.”

in order to “make himself Beautiful”, Berlusconi, who is in his 70s, almost straightened himself from head to toe. Therefore, he won a title – the pioneer of cosmetic head.

Berlusconi is only 1.68 meters tall. Before cosmetic surgery, he was bald, loose bags under his eyes and prominent belly. His wife Veronica once mentioned in her autobiography, “my husband doesn’t pay any attention to the image of Italy. I think politicians have the responsibility to make themselves more handsome and energetic on TV.”

Berlusconi entered the cosmetic hospital as early as 1996. Compared with the subsequent publicity, the cosmetic surgery was carried out secretly. Three years later, he followed suit and went to the hospital secretly.

during Christmas 2003, Berlusconi disappeared again in public in order to eliminate eye bags. After surgery, he went out to wear sunglasses, while using special drugs and cream to remove the scar left by surgery.

after the face problem was solved, Berlusconi “decorated” his bald head.

in 2004, Berlusconi began to plant hair on his head. In August of this year, in order to protect his newly grown hair, Berlusconi also wore a gorgeous silk handkerchief on a hot day. He also wore the handkerchief to meet the visiting British Prime Minister Blair. After his hair grew well, he did not forget to show off to the officials: “my hair is growing well now. Although I have suffered a little from the hair transplant operation, I am still very satisfied with the effect. I think I should be a role model for everyone. I feel that I have now recovered to the physical condition I was in when I was 40 to 42 years old.”

Berlusconi also underwent abdominal liposuction surgery. He lost 10 kilograms of fat in a month and finally “can wear clothes that he can’t wear in 10 years”. However, in order to maintain his figure, he also suffered a lot. In addition to strict body exercise, he had to endure the torture of hunger. Berlusconi has only three small pieces of bread and unsweetened tea for breakfast, tomato salad, corn and tuna for lunch and vegetables for dinner, so that he joked with reporters: “I’m hungry now… Be careful not to get too close to me, or I may bite.”

Berlusconi not only loves beauty, but also does not stingy with his ridicule of government officials who are not good-looking. At a rally in late March 2010, he satirized female Congresswoman Mercedes breso: “she always looks like she’s in a bad mood. She really should look at herself in the mirror in the morning and go out with makeup. With such a bitter face, the good mood of the day is ruined.”

after cosmetic surgery, Berlusconi won praise from his subordinates. His assistant said: “he is tall and handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes”. This made Berlusconi very proud. He even promoted cosmetic surgery to dignitaries of various countries, “In view of the increasingly advanced beauty technology, I think people who can afford it have the obligation to try and show their best face in front of the world. This is a kind of respect for others. It is also a kind of respect for those who expect you to fight for their interests in the political arena at home and abroad.”

former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once dyed his hair bright golden yellow, which won a lot of votes. During the 2001 general election, Blair visited a school. A girl broke through the obstruction of the crowd and bodyguards, jumped in front of Blair, reached out and stroked his hair and sighed, “what a handsome boy.” Blair generously gave each other a hug. The girl and many female students gave up their support for the opposition party and voted for Blair’s




campaign. Is it also a beauty pageant?

in fact, Berlusconi is not the only one in global politics.

in early 2007, on the fifth day of the political earthquake caused by the announcement of the resignation of the chief of general staff of Israel, Prime Minister Olmert lay on the operating table and spent 40 minutes in cosmetic surgery to eliminate pouch and crow’s feet. Although the official statement is that Olmert underwent surgery because his eyesight was slightly affected, the Israeli media believe that the prime minister’s cosmetic surgery is to “love beauty”, because ten years ago, he underwent laser vision correction surgery and removed the glasses he wore in his early years.




also include Philippine President Arroyo.

at the end of June 2007, Arroyo ended her visit to Japan, Brazil, Colombia and Hong Kong. Then, according to the regulations of the Ministry of health,He was hospitalized for isolation and physical examination. As a result, he was kicked by the media. Arroyo checked the leakage of breast augmentation silicone in the name of self isolation. To this end, Philippine information minister Raymond specially held a press conference to clarify: “only pornographic stars do breast augmentation surgery. Does the president look like a person who will go to breast augmentation? We can’t say that about the president.” However, within a few hours of the end of the press conference, Raymond changed his mouth that night and said that Arroyo did have breast augmentation in the 1980s, but there was no leakage.

the late South Korean President Roh moo Hyun is also a cosmetic enthusiast. Before the 2002 election, Roh moo Hyun underwent cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles on his forehead in order to make himself look younger. Three years later, in order to remove the pouch, he cut his double eyelids.

Why are political leaders also keen on cosmetic surgery?

in order to answer this question, three economists in northern Europe jointly conducted a large-scale survey in 2003. During the survey, researchers found that candidates’ appearance is far easier to get votes than their ability, wisdom and credibility. In order to prove that “appearance assisted election” is a cross-cultural and cross-ethnic trend, the researchers also collected the photos of all candidates who participated in the parliamentary election in Finland in their campaign advertisements this year, and then sent them to more than 2700 residents in the United States, Germany and Sweden. Respondents had no knowledge of Finnish politics. As a result, the vote rate of the most handsome male candidate was 6 to 8 percentage points higher than that of the ugliest male candidate, while the vote rate of the most beautiful female candidate was even 10 percentage points higher than that of the ugliest female candidate.

research also shows that appearance does not help candidates for re-election obviously, but it plays an extraordinary role in newcomers.

in fact, appearance has become a topic of election. The election era of only recognizing political parties and not asking people is gone. In the 1950s, a British voter once joked that as long as the political party is willing to recommend, there are candidates even if a pig is pulled out, but no one in today’s political arena dares to ignore his appearance. Harvard University Professor Linda Bilmes believes that the appearance of politicians often plays a key role in winning a small number of free voters who often determine election results.

this can explain why political figures are more and more keen on wrinkle removal, skin pulling, hair transplantation, hair dyeing, liposuction and Botox. It can also explain why they always like to make themselves bright and beautiful, and do not fall behind in makeup, beauty, cosmetic surgery and everything. The New York Times once interviewed a cosmetic surgeon in New York. He said that in five years, he had cosmetic surgery for 18 federal, state and local dignitaries. “Politicians come to look younger, more beautiful and healthier.” Because the problem of face is directly related to their future.

the mystery of cosmetic surgery under the power panic

the cosmetic wind prevailing in European and American political circles has also blown to China in recent years.

according to Chen Huanran, a plastic surgeon at Peking Union Medical University, most of the first people to enter the cosmetic hospital after artists are the wives of officials, Once, an official’s wife clearly told him: “she likes song Zuying’s appearance and hopes to look like her nose and chin; another official’s wife laments how she is aging so fast, but her husband looks very young…

the official’s wife has become the main force of cosmetic surgery, mainly to strictly prevent being replaced by young beauties.




and their successful shaping in appearance made officials gradually accept cosmetic surgery. As they grew older, they began to be introduced by their wives to try cosmetic surgery. Therefore, in China, the official’s wife has become the direct promoter of official cosmetic surgery. Chen Huanran said that among the officials he received, “none of them made their own telephone consultation or directly asked the doctor to meet. All of them were led by their wives, and occasionally followed by their secretaries, so that their wives could make decisions.” Female officials are mostly accompanied by sisters or daughters, and no husband comes with them.

in recent years, the number of Chinese officials undergoing cosmetic surgery has increased year by year. Only Chen Huanran’s officials and wives who have undergone cosmetic surgery together account for 20% to 25% of his patients.




are different from the artistry and creativity of artists pursuing cosmetic surgery. The common requirement of officials for cosmetic surgery is that “the change must not be too big, just move a little, don’t let everyone see it”. The most desired result is “no change is the best. After the whole, I’m still me, but young and good-looking”. Most of the plastic surgery they choose are the most basic projects, such as removing bags under the eyes, removing triangular eyes, crow’s feet, brow lines, head lifting lines, etc. some also reduce wrinkles by playing wrinkle removal needles and tissue filling.

in the past, the “thousand knife” has always been used to curse people, but today, officials voluntarily enter the plastic surgery hospital to get a knife in order to look young and beautiful, which can only make people sigh that the times have changed. It is reported that there are two main attitudes of officials in cosmetic surgery. The first is to worry that their aging will affect the views of superiors and subordinates on him. As an official said: “after the age of 40, I don’t want my superiors to think I’m old and my colleagues to think I’m slow thinking. I hope I look useful.” This is actually an instinctive response of officials to the younger selection of cadres.




according to the general cadre selection mechanism, the age of provincial and municipal leaders is mostly over 40, of which the majority are about 50. Over half a hundred years old, the years must leave a mark, but for officials, this age is a good time for promotion. No one wants to be seen as old at this time.

increase self-confidence and become more people-friendly, which is another reason why officials accept cosmetic surgery. In particular, the rise of the media makes officials have to enter the people, and the frequent foreign exchanges also make them have to perform well in front of the camera. Because at this time, the image of officials not only represents individuals, but also represents the image of a city and country.

whatever the reason, officials “spend money and suffer, in factAll to show others and make a good impression. ”




whether officials can have cosmetic surgery varies greatly between the East and the west, even in western countries. Berlusconi moved so many knives on his body that the Italians didn’t mind. But the Germans are different. When Schroeder was in power, he was suspected of dyeing his gray sideburns dark brown and was criticized by public opinion as “a prime minister with dyed hair, who is likely to cheat in government statistics”.

the worries of the Germans speak our hearts, As a netizen said: “if a government official can always put the interests of the people first, even if he is as black as Bao Gong, the people will like him in their hearts; on the contrary, if a government official is extremely greedy, reaches out everywhere for money and scoops up his bowl first, even if he looks like Pan an, the people will treat him as the God of plague.”