, however, soon got information that after the death of the Soviet leader, the person we helped might succeed, and with him we could realize our ideas. This is the evaluation opinion of my expert think tank (there is always a professional think tank team on Soviet issues around me, and I also promote and attract talents useful to us in the Soviet Union to emigrate abroad as needed). This man is Mikhail Gorbachev.

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the upheaval in the eastern Soviet Union, the collapse of the Soviet Communist Party and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. At the end of April 2010, Li Shenming, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, led a delegation to visit Russia. On April 28, the delegation held a discussion with representatives of the Russian Communist Party in the Russian State Duma on the causes and lessons of the failure of the Soviet Communist Party. Lukiyanov, former alternate member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and now chairman of the Advisory Committee of the CPC Central Committee, briefed the delegation on the main contents of his recent lecture at Moscow University. When talking about the responsibility of the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the western factors in the process of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, he quoted word for word a public speech made by the wife of the former British prime minister who had just stepped down for more than a year in November 1991 in Houston, the United States, and informed the Russian website that published this material.

now translate the relevant information published on the Russian website and Margaret Thatcher’s speech as follows. (in order to ensure the reliability of the materials, the author specially checked the Thatcher foundation website. The website records show that Margaret Thatcher visited the United States in November 1991 and gave a speech in Houston on November 18, http: itnsource. COM / shotlist / itn199111222119113):

in November 1991, a group of Soviet refining and petrochemical experts visited Houston. The highlight of the visit was to attend the meeting of the American Petroleum Institute (API). The guest speaker invited at the meeting was former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who left office only a year ago. Margaret Thatcher had a college education in chemistry, although she didn’t do much of the same business later. At the meeting, Mrs. Thatcher delivered a speech of about 45 minutes, the central content of which can be called “how we disintegrated the Soviet Union”. The organizers of the meeting may not have reminded her in advance that the Soviets were also present. Therefore, Mrs Thatcher’s speech was and undisguised. It can be seen that she played a key role in the disintegration of the Soviet Union. She did not hide it and was willing to make it public. What she mentioned about the social deterioration and economic situation of the Soviet Union was also beyond our understanding, which was very different from the propaganda of the Soviet press at that time. Several of our colleagues recalled that night, Sort out the records together:

(the following is the content of Margaret Thatcher’s speech)

“the Soviet Union is a country that poses a serious threat to the western world. I am not talking about military threats. In essence, military threats do not exist. Our countries are well-equipped, including nuclear weapons.

I mean the economic threat. With the help of the planned policy and the unique combination of spiritual and material incentives, the economic development index of the Soviet Union is very high. Its GDP growth rate was twice as high as ours in the past. If we take into account the rich natural resources of the Soviet Union and operate them reasonably, the Soviet Union is entirely possible to squeeze us out of the world market.

therefore, we have been taking action. Aimed at weakening the Soviet economy and creating its internal problems. The main means of




is to drag them into the arms race. We know that the Soviet government abides by the principle of equal arms between the Soviet Union and its NATO opponents. As a result, the Soviet Union’s equipment spending accounted for 15% of the budget, compared with about 5% in our countries. This naturally caused the Soviet Union to tighten its investment in the production of residents’ mass consumer goods. We hope to arouse large-scale dissatisfaction among Soviet residents. One of the methods we use is to “leak” the number of weapons we have. Deliberately exaggerated to induce the Soviet Union to increase its arms investment.

another important aspect of our policy is to take advantage of the loopholes in the Soviet constitution. The constitution of the Soviet Union formally allows any joining Republic (only with a simple majority of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic) to quickly leave the Soviet Union as long as it intends. Of course, due to the cohesion of the Communist Party and powerful departments, this right is actually difficult to realize for a long time. However, this constitutional loophole still leaves the possibility of implementing our policy in the future.

unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, the political situation of the Soviet Union has remained very stable for a long time. Later, we (mainly the United States) issued an important policy, that is, to establish an anti missile defense system. It should be acknowledged that most experts at that time opposed the construction of an anti missile defense system. The reason is that its investment is huge and unreliable. However, the Soviet Union can pierce the “shield” of anti missile defense with a spear with less investment (about 15 to 110). However, we propose to develop the anti missile defense system in the hope that the Soviet Union will also build a similar high-cost system. To our great regret, the Soviet government did not take action, but limited itself to political protest.

We got into trouble. However, we soon got information that after the death of the Soviet leader, the person we helped might succeed, and with him we could realize our ideas. This is the evaluation opinion of my expert think tank (there is always a professional think tank team on Soviet issues around me, and I also promote and attract talents useful to us in the Soviet Union to emigrate abroad as needed).

is Mikhail Gorbachev. My think tanks commented on this person: not cautious enough, easy to be induced, extremely fond of vanity. He has a good relationship with most of the elite in Soviet politics, so he can hold power with our help. The activities of




and “people’s front” (referring to the national political force organizations rising in the Baltic and other allied republics under the banner of “seeking sovereignty and independence” from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, that is, the late Soviet Union under Gorbachev’s rule) do not need much cost,It is mainly the expenses of some copying and printing equipment and financial support for the backbone. It cost much more to support the long strike of Soviet miners. Among the expert think tanks of




, there are fierce debates and great differences on the following issue: whether to elect Yeltsin as the leader of the “people’s front”, then elect him to enter the Supreme Soviet Union of the Russian Federation, and then become the leader of Russia (to confront Soviet leader Gorbachev). The majority opinion of the think tank is against Yeltsin’s nomination, taking into account his past experience and personality characteristics.

however, after many contacts and agreements, it was decided to “launch” Yeltsin. Yeltsin made great efforts and was reluctantly elected president of Russia’s Supreme Soviet. With the adoption of the Russian declaration of sovereign independence. Someone asked, who is Russia independent from? Wasn’t the whole Soviet Union centered around Russia at that time? The disintegration of the Soviet Union really began.

during the “August 19” incident in 1991, we also gave Yeltsin great support. At that time, a few people in the upper class of the Soviet Union isolated Gorbachev in an attempt to restore the system that maintained the unification of the Soviet Union. Yeltsin’s supporters persevered and held most (though not all) of the real power to control the powerful sector.

all the other Soviet republics took the opportunity to declare their sovereignty (of course, most republics did not rule out alliance status in form).

in this way, in fact, the Soviet Union has disintegrated, but legally, the Soviet Union still exists. I am responsible to tell you that in less than a month, you will hear the news of the legal disintegration of the Soviet Union.

(the end of Mrs Thatcher’s speech)

Mrs Thatcher walked down the rostrum in applause, shook hands with everyone and left through the conference hall.

we return to Russia. About two weeks later, I heard the signing of the “belowege agreement” (refers to the agreement signed by S. shushkovic, Bao Yeltsin, Le Kravchuk and others on behalf of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine on December 8, 1991 to announce the cessation of the existence of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Considering that the secret action to discuss the agreement behind the Soviet authorities chose the belowege forest in the border area between Belarus and Ukraine, it is called “Belovedge agreement”. After the signing of the agreement, Yeltsin first called then US President Bush to inform him of the situation.

what happened later is obvious to all.

(author: World Socialism Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)