“Osama read houdabi’s book in 1978 and we discussed it.” Jamal Khalifa recalled. “Osama fully agrees with him.” However, his view will soon change. It is this fundamental shift – from the inclusive and recognized Islamic concept of khudabi to the narrow and critical view of kutbna – that opens the door to terror.

during bin Laden’s stay in Sudan, the king of Saudi Arabia deprived him of his citizenship and sent a messenger to recover his passport. Bin Laden threw his passport to the messenger: “since you think this thing can control me, take it!” (data picture)

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in Beijing Evening News. In 1974, Osama, who was still in high school, got married for the first time. He was 17 and she was 14 – his wife najiva Ghanim was his cousin. Najiva is taller than ordinary girls and looks very beautiful. When they got married, the men had a small party at Osama’s house, but the bride never showed up. Bin Laden’s future sister-in-law Carmen described najiva as gentle and “always pregnant.”

that is, during high school, bin Laden joined the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization was basically underground in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s. “Only people who are almost obsessed will join,” one member recalled. Members of the brotherhood are religious teenagers like bin Laden. Members sometimes make pilgrimages to Mecca together or travel to the seaside, where they pray and persuade people to convert. “We want to build an Islamic state, wherever it is,” said Jamal kasuki, a friend of bin Laden, who also joined the brotherhood at about the same time. “We believe that the establishment of the first country will drive the second country, and this domino effect will reverse human history.”

in 1976, bin Laden was admitted to King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. He studied economics, but he participated more in religious activities on campus. “I set up a religious charity at school and organized people to spend a lot of time interpreting the Koran and jihad,” he said later.

in his first year in college, bin Laden met another member of the brotherhood and later became his best friend Mohammed Jamal Khalifa. Khalifa bin Laden, one year old, is a very gregarious person with an easy-going smile on his face. Khalifa came from a poor family, but his ancestors can be traced back to the Prophet – which gave him a noble position in Saudi society quite different from his family’s economic situation. He plays football with Osama. Bin Laden, who was tall and fast, was always ahead as a shooter. The two young men soon became inseparable.

on weekends, they will go to the desert between Jeddah and Mecca. They usually live on bin Laden’s farm, an oasis called barud. To prevent Bedouins from living on his property, bin Laden built a hut with only one kitchen and one bathroom and ran a farm. He keeps a small flock of sheep and a stable of horses. Even in summer, when he arrived at the farm, he would kick off his shoes and walk barefoot on the scorching sand.

“Osama is stubborn,” Khalifa said, “Once we rode in the desert and ran very fast. I saw that the desert ahead was fine sand, so I told Osama it was dangerous and had better go around. He didn’t listen to me and ran on. So his horse fell down and threw him down. He laughed and climbed up. Another time we drove a jeep. As long as we saw the sand dunes, he would drive his car over quickly In the past, but we didn’t know what was on the other side of the dune. Really, he put us in danger many times. ”

for both of them, this is a period of mental confusion. “Islam is different from any other religion; it is a way of life.” “We want to know how Islam teaches about how to eat, what kind of woman to marry, how to talk,” Khalifa said. “We read Sayid kutb. He is the person who has the greatest impact on our generation.” Many professors at King Aziz university are members of the brotherhood expelled from Egypt or Syria. When they came to this school, they also brought the highly politicized idea of Islam. This view integrates the state and religion, forming a single and all inclusive theological system. Bin Laden and Khalifa were attracted by these professors because they seemed more open-minded than Saudi scholars and were willing to lend some books to students, such as kutb’s milestone and under the shadow of the Koran, which would change their lives. Muhammad Qutb, the brother of the martyr Qutb, comes to school every week. Although bin Laden never formally attended kutb’s class, he often went to his public lectures. Kutb is very popular with students. They found that although the teacher had been tortured in Nasser’s prison, he still maintained a calm demeanor.

at that time, Muhammad Qutb was protecting his brother’s reputation – modern Islamists attacked the martyr. They believe that milestone has empowered a new and more violent radical group. Especially in Egypt, these people use the works of said kutb to justify their actions and attack all those they regard as deviants, even other Muslims. Among kutb’s critics, Hassan hudabi, then the supreme director of the Muslim Brotherhood, came first. He published his book, missionaries, not judges, written in prison, in order to refute kuteb’s incitement to unrest. Hudabi’s theological concept is much more orthodox. He believes that no Muslim can deny the belief of another Muslim, as long as he can prove his belief in a simple sentence: “all things are not God, only Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of the Lord.”The original debate between Qutb and hudabi in Egyptian prisons quickly spread throughout the Islamic world; Young Muslims have also taken their own positions in the debate of “who is Muslim and who is not”. “Osama read houdabi’s book in 1978 and we discussed it.” Jamal Khalifa recalled. “Osama fully agrees with him.” However, his view will soon change. It is this fundamental shift – from the inclusive and recognized Islamic concept of khudabi to the narrow and critical view of kutbna – that opens the door to terror.

note: Jamal Khalifa, bin Laden’s college classmate, decided to participate in the Jihad in Afghanistan in 1985. The next year, he married Sheikha, bin Laden’s half sister. He was accused of involvement in several terrorist plots in Jordan, but was acquitted. He now lives in Jeddah and is engaged in business.