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: the failure of marriage has dealt a great blow to Takakura. He even thinks he is not qualified to talk about the relationship between men and women, but this does not “mean that I don’t love women”. After his wife left, he suddenly realized that he could no longer remember all kinds of discord and entanglement with Jiang Lizhi meihui. The longer time passed, the easier it was for him to remember her beauty and kindness and their happy time.

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Takakura rarely has an affair, and some are just a marriage that has lasted for 12 years. After that, he never fell in love openly again, and when a reporter asked him what kind of image his ideal woman was, he always kept it a secret. However, under his silent and deep appearance, he is also a tender heart. He explained love this way, “love is to pity and cherish her and her own life.” After the tragedy of his ex-wife’s suicide, he also had a deeper understanding and understanding of women. He said, “it’s the arbitrariness of men to keep women at home.”

taste of first love

Takakura’s first emotional memory occurred in the second grade of primary school. It was a young female teacher named ODA. Maybe because of his same surname, Mr. ODA has always taken care of him, and Takakura also likes this elegant and amiable teacher very much. But one day, Mr. ODA changed his usual dress and suddenly appeared in class ceremoniously in kimono. Takakura’s heart sank and he had a hunch that something was about to happen. Sure enough, Miss ODA has resigned. She came to say goodbye to the students. Gao cangjian couldn’t suppress his inner sadness. He suddenly stood up from his seat. He shouted, “roll up your bedding and go!” Miss ODA didn’t recognize the sadness of parting in his words. She thought he scolded the teacher. She cried angrily and asked Gao cangjian to stand in the corridor. For a long time, Gao cangjian, who was weak, fainted to the ground with a bang because of anemia caused by the penalty station. Mr. ODA was very surprised. He quickly stepped out of the classroom and ran to the infirmary with the child in his arms. On the way, Takakura woke up. He realized that he was in the arms of his teacher. In addition to his mother’s arms, Takakura felt the tenderness of a woman for the first time, “ah, it’s so fragrant! How nice it would be if he walked down the corridor all the time…” this was a youth dream of Takakura’s youth, and it was his first love for the opposite sex.

he thought his first love was in high school. In the summer vacation of his sophomore year in senior high school, relying on his father’s work in ruosung first port transportation company, he and five or six other friends were able to work on the navigation ship together. They were responsible for washing the deck and polishing the ship. It was through this job that he met a woman who worked in the Bafan iron making company at that time. She was older than Gao cangjian and them. During the break, she would often invite these high school students to eat the rare honey beans and bean paste fruit jelly at that time. One day, she suddenly told them, “I’m getting married and I can’t see you again in the future.” Takakura Jian was shocked that another spiritual love affair was over. Recalling the scene at that time, he still remembered, “she was wearing a white open-ended T-shirt, and the sweat hair on her chest was shining in the setting sun.”

his love affair with the two older women disappeared in the bud. Later, Takakura never saw Mr. ODA and her again. A few years later, in order to promote the new film, he returned to Fukuoka. He wanted to see them very much, so he wrote to invite them to the premiere. Interestingly, the two replied in unison: “they have become old women, so let’s keep the past as good memories!”

“no one in the world is more valuable than her”

when he stepped into the film world, as a newcomer, Takakura finally began a real relationship. He met Jiang Lizhi Huimei, who later became his wife. Jiang Lizhi Huimei’s mother was an actor in a skit and her father was a music conductor. In 1937, Jiang Lizhi Huimei was born, but she was born at a bad time. Her mother was seriously ill and her father was unemployed and displaced. In order to earn money, Jiang Lizhi Huimei, a primary school student, went into the camp of American soldiers alone and sang sweet and intoxicating songs with her tender voice. Sincere feelings, such as the flower’s child face, suddenly moved thousands of American soldiers, and a generation of female singer King began her colorful singing career here.

when Jiang Lizhi Huimei was 14 years old, her mother who had been in bed for many years died at the age of 46. A year later, Jiang Lizhi Huimei released her first record, the famous Tennessee Waltz, with a sales volume of 400000 copies, which brought her great honor and wealth. In 1956, 19-year-old Jiang Lizhi Huimei was selected to play the protagonist of the skit “silly love sang”. “Silly aisang” is a child who is not afraid of evil, difficulties, willing to help others and some silly. It is well known in Japan and loved by thousands of people. Jiang Lizhi Huimei played the role incisively and vividly and made people laugh. At this time, Jiang Lizhi Huimei and Gao cangjian met, and they fell in love. This is his first love. Takakura is very infatuated with his beautiful lover. Every date, he will arrive in advance. Finally, he will send her home and stand in front of her window until the light in the house goes out. On February 16, 1959, which was also Takakura’s 28th birthday, he finally formed a family relationship with zhihuimei, who had been in love for many years.

“marriage is the grave of love”. The star couple also failed to get rid of this secular spell. Two people in love, due to the different family backgrounds and cumbersome daily life, coupled with poor communication, their sweet life soon appeared cracks, and even hurt each other in life.

the first quarrel occurred when the two went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Due to the tiredness of the journey, zhihuimei leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder and just wanted to take a napHowever, Gao cangjian was not used to this kind of intimacy in front of the public. He accused loudly, “what are you doing?” Zhihuimei was startled. This small matter marked the first crack between the two.

after marriage, Chi Huimei retired from the singing world and became a housewife for two years according to the customs of Japanese society. Gao cangjian, who is busy with his acting career, plunges into his work. He often hasn’t heard from him for months, leaving his wife alone in an empty room day after day. Bored Zhi Huimei became sad and haggard in such a housewife’s life. After obtaining her husband’s consent, she decided to return to the singing world.

at that time, Takakura was young and vigorous. Like many Japanese men, he wanted his wife to be a docile and obedient woman, but zhihuimei was not a woman willing to be locked at home. The male chauvinism of Kyushu men made Takakura reluctant to show a trace of tenderness to his wife, and even very cold. Once, Takakura asked his wife to bring him a navy sweater. His navy blue sweaters are dozens of deep and shallow. At a loss, zhihuimei nervously looked for them for more than an hour. Her head is sweating and her hair is scattered. When she finally found her clothes and wanted her husband to put them on, Gao cangjian coldly ordered, “just put them there.” She opened her eyes in surprise, but her husband remained silent and didn’t even look at his clothes. For the sake of the anger between the two, Jiang Li made soup in a performance that night. Gao cangjian’s indifference deeply hurt Zhi Huimei’s heart.

the most fatal blow to this marriage was in 1962. Zhi Huimei, who had been pregnant for three years after marriage, found that the pregnancy reaction was extremely strong. After examination, the doctor confirmed that she was suffering from pregnancy poisoning and had to have an abortion. The grief of hoping for a son made their husband and wife more and more estranged. In January 1970, their house in seta was destroyed by fire. Takakura and his wife began to officially separate, and the relationship between them existed in name only. After 12 years of ups and downs, Gao cangjian and Jiang Lizhi Huimei’s marriage finally came to an end in 1971.

Takakura revealed his voice long after the passage of time. “When hurting others’ hearts, it is often the most important person’s heart. No, it is better to say that it is the most important person, but it hurts more seriously. No one in the world is more valuable than her. Knowing this, I don’t know why, but will do something that deeply stabs her.”. After the divorce, Jiang Lizhi Huimei’s career was not smooth, and her singing was gradually forgotten by people. In the following 14 years, Jiang Li was depressed and lived a solitary life.

on the morning of February 13, 1982, Jiang Lizhi Huimei’s stiff body was found in her apartment in Tokyo. It was verified that she died of suffocation due to massive vomiting caused by alcoholism. She was only 45 years old when she died. Three days later, the funeral was held at her mother’s house. Coincidentally, it was both Takakura’s birthday and their wedding anniversary. After her death, Takakura was seen standing mournfully in front of Jiang Li’s portrait for a long time.

the failure of marriage gave Takakura a a great blow. He even thought he was not qualified to talk about the relationship between men and women, but this “doesn’t mean I don’t love women”. After his wife left, he suddenly realized that he could no longer remember all kinds of discord and entanglement with Jiang Lizhi meihui. The longer time passed, the easier it was for him to remember her beauty and kindness and their happy time, he sighed, “In the past, we had discord, but that short moment, a new song and a familiar scenery made me feel thousands of feelings.”

after Jiang Lizhi Huimei died, Takakura did not marry again. Looking back, He seems more open-minded: “Both men and women can say this: a person’s value is to do something hard. I think people who silently and desperately follow their own path are much more beautiful than those who keep talking big truth. Laughter, anger, misfortune and happiness all happen in meeting others. They often meet different people, so life doesn’t feel lonely Lonely. I think life is like this. ” This may be the best footnote to his emotional journey.

“mother, I look forward to your praise”

in fact, in Takakura’s life journey, the woman who has the deepest influence on him is his mother. In his childhood, Takakura was very picky about food, but his mother, who was a teacher, believed in Spartan education. Gao cangjian didn’t want to eat fish, but she deliberately put the whole fish taking the lead on her son’s dinner table. She told the child that in the past, general Mu was once forced to eat what he didn’t like, but later she gradually got used to it. Gao cangjian still refused to eat fish, and she put the fish that hadn’t been eaten in front of Gao cangjian for more than ten days. Gao cangjian’s persistent and tenacious personality later may have something to do with his mother’s personality.

when Takakura was suffering from tuberculosis in primary school, he had to rest alone. During his one-year suspension from school, his mother made eel for him every day. In the eyes of the Japanese, eel is one of the most nutritious dishes in the world. There are many eels in the river in the middle town of Takakura’s hometown. As soon as people nearby catch the fish, his mother will grab the front of the fish shop and buy these eels for Takakura to eat.

, a woman born in the Meiji era, has a very frugal life. A toothbrush is often polished, reluctant to throw it away, and even polished her gums. Seeing that her mother’s roots were exposed, Gao cangjian suggested that her mother change to an electric toothbrush, but she insisted that people are the same when they get old and refuse to change the toothbrush. The skin often cracks after freezing. When he came home in the cold wind when he was a child, his mother would scrub him with a brown brush. At his frozen heel, his mother would melt a black ointment with hot iron chopsticks and apply it to his wound. Later, his mother saw him shoot《Bajiatian mountain and other films, rolling around in the snow, were very distressed. He said to him, “you’ve made so many films, can you change a better role and don’t go to such a cold place.” Gao cangjian jokingly said, “Mom, don’t you want me to donate some money to the nearby kindergarten? No one wants to go in the snow, but if I don’t go, I can’t make money. What do you say?” His mother pondered for a long time and said, “these are my sincere words. I hope you donate to the kindergarten, but I don’t want you to climb in the snow.” Takakura has made many advertisements for chivalrous films. He has tattoos on his body, a knife in his hand and his back to the camera, but his heel is pasted with plaster because of frost crack. Because it was the whole body lens, no one found the plaster on his heel, but all this could not escape the mother’s eyes. She said, “the poor child’s heel is cracked again. It’s not pasted with plaster!”

Takakura’s mother has to watch every film, but his sister is unwilling to go to the cinema with her mother because her mother’s behavior really makes her feel very embarrassed. It turned out that every time he watched a movie, no matter what role he played, in his mother’s eyes, she only saw her son. With the plot, she often said excitedly, “run!” “You dare!” “Sneak attack from behind, coward!” Such words attract the puzzled eyes of the surrounding audience.

of course, the mother is most worried about her son’s life. After Takakura’s divorce, she sent her son some photos of blind dates and their resumes almost every year. She often wrote in her letter to her son, “what a pity that you have become alone!” The mother can’t imagine the scene that her son is surrounded by fans, or that her son may go shopping and date with women easily. In her opinion, her son is a shy person and must live a lonely life. She said to her son, “it’s unfortunate to think that you don’t even have a welcome when you come home every day.” Takakura smiled and replied, “Mom, I’m much stronger than you think. Many women like me. I really want to tell you these things.” “Fool!” Said his mother.

in Takakura’s heart, the reason why he made such a sprint is to win a compliment from his mother. When his mother died, he was filming “ah, en”. Because of his busy work, he couldn’t attend his mother’s funeral. When he hurried home after shooting, he came to Bodhi temple where his mother rested, and the handwriting on the tombstone became blurred in his eyes, Gao cangjian wrote: “the human heart can control the body! Only the mother can detect the heel crack under the flesh colored ointment, but she is no longer alive. Mom, I look forward to your praise. That’s why I carry your annoying tattoo and splash blood on my body; go to the remote Xizhang coal mine and shoot “Happy yellow handkerchief”; Shooting bajiatian mountain in ice and snow; To the north pole, the south pole, Alaska, Africa, struggling to sprint for more than 30 years. No matter what kind of parting, I must find someone who can praise me instead of you! ” This “looking forward to your praise” full of memories of his mother won him the best essay award of the 13th Japanese literature and Art Award in 1993.