“Germany was suddenly attacked by Poland”

— Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

World War II is the largest war in human history in the 20th century. 61 countries and regions participated in the war successively, and the population involved in the War reached 2 billion. The disaster involving Europe, Asia and Africa has killed 51.2 million people and caused economic losses of more than 400 billion US dollars… A series of data show the tragedy of the war to the world! The “farce” of occupation radio station, directed and performed by Nazi Germany, took place in the German border city of GREVI C í.

in January 1932, the Nazi party leader put forward the fascist political platform at the Congress of monopoly capitalists, advocated seizing “living space” by means of war, and won the praise of monopoly capitalists. In January of the following year, Hitler ascended the throne of prime minister. After he came to power, taking advantage of the appeasement policies of Britain and France, he wantonly carried out the expansion plan. Reoccupation of the Rhine demilitarized zone in 1936; Then he sent troops to Spain to help Franco’s reactionary army; In 1938, the German army entered Austria; Then he asked the Czechoslovak Government to cede the region under the pretext that the Sudetenland region is inhabited by Germans.




after completing this series of actions, Hitler’s ambition soared. He wanted to dominate Europe and dominate the world. At this time, the first “roadblock” to block his ambition appeared, which was Poland.

Poland is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Germany in the west, the Soviet Union in the East, Czechoslovakia in the South and the Baltic Sea in the north. Its strategic position is very important. Germany has long planned to invade Poland. Poland was the most powerful military among the British, French and European allies at that time. Germany’s occupation of Poland can not only obtain a large number of economic resources and war reserve resources in the military, but also improve its aggressive position – entering the Soviet Union in the East, Poland can be used as Germany’s forward base; When attacking France in the west, Poland can serve as a barrier behind Germany to avoid Germany falling into two-line combat. In the face of such temptation, Hitler couldn’t help it.

on March 21, 1939, Germany issued an ultimatum to Poland, demanding the return of the former German territory and transferring the right to build roads and railways in the “Polish corridor” to Germany. This was rejected by the Polish government. On March 31, Britain unconditionally promised Poland that if Poland was attacked, Britain and France would give full support to the Polish government. Hitler believed that Britain and France would not take risks to save Poland. On April 1, Hitler delivered a speech warning Britain and France and intimidating Poland. On April 5, he signed the battle plan for the all-round attack on Poland, code named “white plan”, which is finally scheduled to launch the attack on September 1. When all Germany’s deployment is completed, there is only one reason to start a war.

long before the invasion plan was formulated, Germany made long-term and careful public opinion preparations. Under the manipulation of the propaganda minister Goebbels, all the propaganda machines in Germany were “started” to create public opinion for launching the war of aggression. Since the beginning of 1939, German newspapers, radio stations and news agencies have publicized at length: “Beware of Poland!” “Warsaw threatened to bomb danze!” “The extremely crazy poles launched an incredible provocation!” Under the guidance of the news media, Germany set off a wave of national revenge against Poland.

at a time when the anti wave propaganda was rampant, Hitler secretly formulated and deployed the notorious “Himmler plan” to further fuel the flames. The core content of the plan is: the SS secret police use the prisoners in the concentration camp wearing Polish military uniforms to attack the radio stations in German cities near the Polish border, so that Poland can be accused of attacking Germany and find a high sounding excuse for attacking Poland.

in order to make the “play” more realistic, Hitler delivered a speech in parliament on the evening of August 31. He made a serious peace proposal to Poland and broadcast the peace proposal through all radio stations.

however, almost at the same time, in GREVI C í, close to the Polish border, the farce of thieves shouting to catch thieves was officially staged. A small group of SS personnel in Polish army uniforms launched an attack on GREVI C í radio. While shooting, they put the prisoners of the concentration camp who had been anesthetized in advance on the ground and acted as the “wounded” who were dying on the radio. Some German death row prisoners wearing Polish military uniforms were killed on the spot, creating the illusion of “Polish invasion” and “maiming Germans”. The listeners heard gunshots and a Polish voice announcing: “Polish people! The war between Poland and Germany is about to begin. Unite, bring down the Germans, bring down all the Germans who forced you to fight!” After the incident, newspaper people and other relevant people were taken to the scene to win public opinion with their own examples. Then all German radio stations immediately broadcast the news that “Germany was suddenly attacked by Poland”.

the German army captured the Polish capital Warsaw.

at 10 p.m. on the same day, Hitler delivered a speech in parliament, falsely claiming that “countless poles invaded German territory. Among these people, many regular Polish troops attacked GREVI C í radio station”. At 10 a.m. on September 1, Hitler delivered a speech in person, claiming that “last night, the Polish regular army launched its first attack on our territory. From now on, we will return the bomb with a bomb.”

in fact, Germany has made careful preparations for the invasion of Poland for nearly half a year. By August 25, the German army had completed all the preparations for the invasion. At dawn, the German “SPE KDS” launched a three-point attack on the West and north of the German “SPE KDS” in 1939. The German army’s 1.5 million troops and 2000 aircraft crossed the border like lightning. 21 airports in Poland were destroyed by bombing, and more than 30 towns fell into a sea of fire. The unprepared Polish people faced death from the airAnd war terror, it was difficult to organize effective resistance for the time being, and the whole line collapsed in only half a month. The Second World War provoked by Hitler opened in this way.