The intimate contact between Germany and the Soviet Union mentioned by Heidrich refers to the past 20 years ago.

In April 1922, representatives of the Soviet Union and Germany held a meeting in the suburbs of Genoa, Italy.

At that time, following the diplomatic strategy of using the contradictions between imperialist countries, the representative of the Soviet Union made some concessions with a positive attitude.

Finally, the two sides signed the labalo agreement, waiving each other’s compensation for war costs and wartime losses.

Germany withdrew its claim for compensation for the losses suffered by the Soviet Union due to the promulgation of the nationalization decree.

The two sides agreed to resume diplomatic relations and adopt the principle of most favoured nation treatment to promote bilateral trade.

The conclusion of the treaty broke through the imperialist united front against the Soviet Union and deepened the contradictions among imperialist countries.

During this period, the two countries also conducted secret exchanges and cooperation in the military field.

On April 24 of the same year, the Soviet Union and Germany signed the five-year non aggression treaty and neutrality regulations, and the military cooperation between the two countries has further developed.

The German army was allowed to establish a weapons production department in the Soviet Union.

At the same time, the Soviet Union used the experience of German officers and military leadership knowledge to train its own armed forces, and accelerated the transformation of military industry.

The senior generals of the German defense forces are sincerely happy about this.

As one of the leaders of the Red Army, especially from February 1925 to may 1928, Tukhachevsky served as the chief of the general staff of the Red Army.

He had secret contacts with the German chief of staff, General von secht, and his two successors.

This was normal, but now these have become the materials used by conspirators.

In order to obtain Tukhachevsky’s handwriting and relevant materials, it must be supported by admiral kanaris, director of the military intelligence bureau of the national defense force, because the original letters of Tukhachevsky and other Soviet generals are sealed in the confidential archives of the staff headquarters of the military intelligence bureau of the supreme command of the national defense force.

Heydrich really didn’t want to deal with Admiral kanaris, because the military intelligence agency was deeply estranged from his SS security service and there was a long-standing resentment between them.

But in order to realize this conspiracy, he had no choice but to go out in person.

“Your Excellency, I would be very honored if we can get your help in our work.

” Hedrich smiled, tried to restrain himself and showed flattering eyes.

Canaris fully understood the trick played by the man in front of him.

He knew hydrich too well.

He just smiled coldly: “to be honest, what do you want the letters of Tukhachevsky?” Hedrich also smiled contemptuously: “I have no intention, general.

We just know the history of exchanges between the national defense force and the Soviet army.

I will return it to you intact in a few days!” Canaris did not answer immediately and lit a cigar.

He realized that it was a conspiracy and might involve himself.

The experience of many years of contact with Heydrich made him always guard against this person, but it was not the best policy to refuse his request.

Kanaris continued to smoke his cigar, took a few puffs, and then turned slowly, He said kindly: “I’m afraid you’ll have to lock all the chemicals in the basement if there’s a mistake.

I’m afraid you’ll have to open them in the basement.

I’m afraid all the chemicals will be destroyed if you ask for them to be locked in the basement at the end of the year It’s too late.

” Kanaris said, trying to pretend to be sorry and powerless.

Heydrich knew that the other party was making up lies, but he could not refute it, so he had to leave the military intelligence bureau angrily.

However, another conspiracy appeared in his mind.

One late night, a red light suddenly flashed from the window of a seven storey office building of the military intelligence bureau of the German Supreme Command.

A few minutes later, the fire spread and swallowed up the whole building.

The thick smoke was like dark clouds closing the moon, and the fire red the half night sky of Berlin.

The fire truck drove the firefighters back and forth, sending out harsh screams.

Patrolling gendarmerie and German Defense Forces soldiers flocked to the scene, and the scene was in chaos.

The results of the clean-up inspection surprised admiral kanaris: “some top secret documents sealed by the archives office have been lost.

” “This is a serious dereliction of duty, my general,” thundered, pointing to kanaris’s nose.

“You should be responsible for it and find out as soon as possible!” “Yes, Fuhrer, I will find out!” Although kanaris felt puzzled, he dared not disobey Hitler’s orders.

After that, he did take some trouble, but the incident was a mystery after all.

Kanaris never dreamed that this ugly play was concocted and staged by Hitler and Heidrich.

It turned out that when Hedrich ate a soft nail at kanaris, he conspired with Hitler to plan the arson case for absolute confidentiality.

At that time, a total of five people participated in the activity.

The first was lieutenant colonel berenz of the SS.

The other four thieves were all prisoners at the headquarters of the national criminal police of Nazi Germany.

These thieves have the unique skills of flying over the eaves and walls, and their major theft cases have been frequently reported in the newspapers, causing a sensation in Germany and even the whole Europe.

Under berentz’s command, these guys soon got the letters and documents that Heydrich wanted in the military intelligence bureau, while kanaris was always kept in the dark.

A few days later, in Berlin’s Prince Albert Street, a secret basement where the Nazi Gestapo headquarters was located, Heidrich set up a laboratory with all kinds of technical tools, more than a dozen linguistics, logic, psychology and seal experts, as well as handwriting imitation experts just borrowed from the kanaris Military Intelligence Bureau, The so-called “special volume” of Tukhachevsky’s rebellion is being intensively concocted.

In the hands of the conspirators, “the secret correspondence between Tukhachevsky and his colleagues and the general of the German Supreme Command” and “the huge amount of collection vouchers issued by Tukhachevsky and others to the German command” soon turned from nothingness into reality.

Tukhachevsky’s handwriting, diction, sentence making habits and tone of voice in his “handwritten letter” are completely in line with those articles and letters really written by him.

Soon, the work of forging the “special volume” was successfully completed.

fileAnd every page of the letter was solemnly stamped with the steel seal of the military intelligence bureau of the German Supreme Command and the seal of “top secret”.

The German abbreviations of more than 10 senior German generals also appeared on the paper, and everything was seamless.

Heidrich honed the highly poisonous arrow smoothly.