In the early morning of June 22, 1941, the Soviet German non aggression treaty signed less than two years was torn up.

The Nazi German army broke through the Soviet defense by Blitzkrieg in three ways.

The middle road was close to Moscow, the North Road was direct to grad, and the South Road was straight to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The Soviet army lost more than half of its 164 divisions and captured 500000 people.

It was shocked.

He changed his arrogant and headstrong character in the past.

At the first meeting of the Soviet supreme command after the war, he said angrily and painfully: “we were deceived, damn Germans!” At this time, at a meeting of senior generals in Germany, Hitler was ecstatic.

For the red Soviet Union, the Communist regime that he hated, he had played Stalin several times.

At this time, in view of the collapse and vulnerability of the Soviet Red Army, how can we not make him happy when we think about the mysterious “beheading operation”! What Hitler did not expect was that the “beheading operation” would reap so much, which was really beyond his expectation.

Facing the senior general in front of him, he said proudly: “they have no good commander!” In his eyes, the Soviet Union seemed to be readily available.

On Christmas Eve in 1936, the haze shrouded Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Heidrich, head of the Security Department of the Nazi SS and head of the Gestapo, was ordered to come to Hitler’s private villa.

The reception hall in the villa is wide and ornate, the ground is covered with thick carpets, and the guests’ Leather backed chairs are lined up on both sides of the room.

In front of the master’s seat is a large writing desk made of mahogany, which was specially designed and arranged by Hitler for himself.

At the moment, Hitler was crossing his arms in front of his chest and holding his pointed chin in his hands, as if there were no one else in the room.

Behind him, Heydrich tried to straighten his slightly forward leaning waist and sat in the guest seat three meters away from Hitler.

During the two-and-a-half-hour secret conversation, Heidrich introduced in detail to Hitler the situation of field marshal Tukhachevsky, the first vice people’s member of the Soviet National Defense Commission and vice chairman of the Soviet Revolutionary Military Commission, as well as his carefully planned plot according to Hitler’s instructions.

“Fuhrer, we can take advantage of this opportunity to bring down the Bolshevik Regime! We started this work as early as a year ago.

” Heidrich suggested to Hitler. “Mr. Hedrich, you must consider whether to choose Moscow as the stage and push Tukhachevsky out as a victim, or to stage this interesting comedy in Germany.

” Hitler’s talk about the future of Germany and a series of major issues of ruling Europe and even the whole world is almost crazy and boundless, but he often tells the truth when talking about his short-term goals.

He declared without hesitation: “the ‘decapitation’ of the Soviet army must be implemented immediately.

Once this goal is achieved, we will launch an attack immediately and make the red Soviet Union disappear from the earth forever!” However, Hitler could not decide whether to sell Tukhachevsky to Stalin or use him to overthrow Stalin’s rule.

Heidrich always adheres to the latter.

He believes that once the latter is realized, it is not only a by-product, but also a very good harvest.

Therefore, he stressed the pros and Cons: “head of state, I fully understand your thoughts.

Only overthrowing Stalin is the most fundamental solution to the problem.

This is the final result of the ‘beheading operation’.

” However, Hitler didn’t want to take the risk: “overthrowing Stalin, I don’t think it will be that simple.

” He said thoughtfully, “there are difficulties, but at least it can cause him some trouble.

It will have the same effect to bring him down.

” Hitler had realized that Stalin was brewing a purge, and the wave of large-scale repression that began with Kirov’s murder was bound to spread to the Soviet army.

In fact, not long ago, the Soviet military attache putner in Britain was suddenly called back and immediately arrested, which has sent a signal to Hitler.

Putner, as a military attache, had extensive contacts with foreign military circles in Berlin, London and Tokyo.

He was a military diplomatic expert under Tukhachevsky.

“Can you do such a thing, Mr.

Heidrich? Germany should be on Stalin’s side in the internal strife of the Soviet Union!” Hitler finished and smiled mysteriously.

In fact, Hitler insisted on taking the Soviet military community as the protagonist of the play, but also out of some kind of panic towards Tukhachevsky.

In 1935, Tukhachevsky, one of the first batch of marshals of the Soviet Red Army, based on the experience of World War I and civil war, predicted the nature and characteristics of future war and put forward many advanced modern combat viewpoints and extremely important theories.

Even more irritating to Hitler was an important article published by Tukhachevsky, “the current German military plan”, which pointed out the threat of Hitler’s invasion, pointing out that Hitler’s ambition lay not only in his anti Soviet edge, but also in his revenge plan aimed at swallowing the whole west.

It is not difficult to imagine how terrible consequences would be brought to Hitler if Tukhachevsky’s strategic thought was accepted by the Soviet military.

Hitler was worried about this.

“The head of state, the beheading operation focuses on his head, not his body.

Is it possible to let Stalin go like this?” Heydrich summoned up the courage to ask questions, and he wanted to continue to defend his tricks.

“I’m sure you’ll do such a thing! I’m sure!” Hitler pressed Heidrich’s shoulder and, in a strange tone of excitement, began to talk about his personal plans, how he could dominate Europe and how he could rule the world.

“You don’t understand these, do you?” As he spoke, he was still excited, and his eyes were burning with a fierce flame of greed and arrogance.

Hedrich listened in silence, not daring to say a word.

He had felt quite accurately that Hitler’s possessiveness was expanding rapidly with the rise of his status, becoming cold, stubborn and inaccessible.

However, Heidrich had no choice but to obey Hitler, which was the wisest choice.

“Fuhrer, in the name of your most loyal SS officer, I assure you that everything will be carried out according to your will!” “Well, my general, God is with you!” Hedrich “snapped” to attention, made a standard arm raising salute, and turned out of the villa.

Hedrich is not only a bloodthirsty executioner, but also an expert in conspiracy.

These days, he racked his brains and continued to elaborate shocking tricks according to Hitler’s will.

In order to carry out the plot as soon as possible, Hedrich summoned Yorks, the captain of the SS secondary commando.

In front of Yorks, Heydrich walked along the long oval conference table and said, “Yorks, your task now is to find the enemy in a new position.

Our goal is the military head of the red Communist Party, which the head of state calls’ decapitation ‘.

” Speaking of this, his eyes were gloomy, like the cold light of the blade, as if they were cruel to everything.

“The SS should shoulder this important historical task.

One person should surpass one division and one army of the national defense force.

” Yorks is a well-known SS colonel.

Due to some potential ability, he has always been appreciated and valued by Himmler and Hedrich.

In his work, he has direct contact with senior generals, and his participation is indispensable in any major action.

For this reason, he is arrogant and domineering among his peers.

Heydrich told Yorks, “we want to create an illusion to convince the Soviet side that someone at the top of the Soviet Union has organized an opposition trying to overthrow Stalin by violence, and the anti Stalinist led by the Soviet deputy national defense people’s Committee Tukhachevsky.

” “What does this have to do with us?” For a moment, Yorks failed to understand his boss’s intention and wondered where to start.

Heidrich laid out Hitler’s plan to Yorks, Then he said: “Don’t forget that there was a honeymoon between our national defense force and the Soviet Red Army.

The Soviet generals were close to our generals.

If we could throw the news to Stalin and create a few more documents to increase the atmosphere, we might destroy the Soviet command without war! Have you ever thought that once the Soviets took the bait, they would pay for it What a price! ” Heydrich straightened up, his passion overflowing in his words, and seemed a little impatient.

“We have to start acting now!” “It’s not easy.

” Yorks knew it was not easy.

“We must get the information of the Soviet Marshal as soon as possible, and the important thing is the signature of Tukhachevsky.

” Yorks asked Hedrich.

“You don’t have to worry about it.

You just have to lead your people to work as hard as you can.

I’ll give it to Herman berenz.

He’s at your disposal at any time.

” Heydrich knew berenz was a very capable guy and believed in his ability, so he said easily, “he will get good results.

” Heidrich once again gave Yorks the opportunity and immediately decided to set up a special agency on bluck street in Berlin, which was responsible for making fake documents.

These plots quietly unfolded after four days.