The story takes place in front of Canossa castle in Italy in 1077.

Goose feather snow is flying all over the sky, and the cold wind “cries and howls”.

There are almost no pedestrians on the road.

Occasionally one or two people are in a hurry.

“Ah? Who is so interested in making a snowman under such a heavy snow?” “Where? Where?” “Well, the one in front of Canossa castle, isn’t it!” “Really! Who is so.

Wrong! Why do I always feel strange? Why do I always think ‘it’ is’ shaking ‘?” “Really! Are you dazzled? How can a snowman ‘shiver’, is he a person?.

ah! Is it really a person?” “Ah.

What a person! Who’s such a ‘hero’? There’s something wrong with this man who runs out ‘in the snow’ without clothes on such a cold day!” “It seems to me that maybe people are being baptized by nature!” Lord, please wash away my sins! “Hahaha.

” “stop making trouble and hurry home.

I’m frozen to death!” “Right, right, right! Hurry home, I don’t want to be baptized by nature! Hahaha.”. The laughter was finally covered by the wind, and the footprints left by passers-by were soon covered by snowflakes, as if Henry IV had never been in conflict with the church.

Henry IV was the eldest son of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III, The fierce struggle between him and Pope Gregory VII over the right to appoint bishops.

In January 1076, Henry IV declared Gregory VII a pseudo monk and deposed Pope Gregory VII.

As a retaliatory response, Gregory VII broke Henry IV’s law in February 1076: expel, depose and exile Henry IV.

Some German princes immediately supported the Pope by electing a king.

Most Dukes said they would no longer recognize Henry IV’s legitimacy if he could not be restored within a year.

The people also refused to help the emperor because he had been expelled from the church.

By 1077, it was clear that unless Henry IV could regain his religious status, his throne would be overturned.

No one has gone through the same.

“Snowman” is still “swinging” in the cold wind, three days and three nights, three days and three nights! Just ask how much courage and perseverance it takes to stand in a snowstorm without eating, drinking or sleeping for three days and three nights.

Henry IV did it.

In order to get the forgiveness of Pope Gregory VII, Henry IV, as king, not only laid down his body, but also challenged the limit.

But will the Pope forgive him? Gregory VII lifted the curtain and looked at the “snowman” wearing only a pair of shorts in the snow, and his heart gradually softened.

It’s not like the bloody and sharp king before! It seems that he really repented.

Forgive him this time! Gregory VII turned his head and asked the guards to help the king in.

The countess Mathilda saw this scene, smiled at Gregory VII and said, “you finally figured it out! It’s not very good.

Why should the relationship be so rigid?” While talking, Henry IV was supported by the guards and “dragged” to Gregory VII.

Looking at the frozen king in front of us, no one’s heart is soft.

Count Mathilda immediately ordered his servants to take the king in to bathe and dress, and then invited him out to see the Pope.

Two hours later, King Henry IV, who had not fully recovered, appeared again in front of Pope Gregory VII with the help of his servants.

At the sight of the Pope, Henry IV knelt down.

Everyone was startled by the scene in front of him, and Gregory VII was slightly surprised.

“Your Holiness Pope, my master, please forgive me for my previous sins, for which I have deeply repented.

This time I sincerely come to confess and repent with you.

” “Hum! I have abolished your religion and your kingship in the name of God.

Why do you come to me?” “Your holiness, I really know I’m wrong.

Please forgive me for my youth and frivolity!” “Forgive you? I don’t deserve it.

You’ve also deposed my papacy! What else do you ask me for?” “I have revoked the previous decree that offended the Pope, and I have written a guarantee to obey you.


Pope, I beg you.

If you don’t remember the villain, forgive me this time! There will never be another time!” Henry IV saw that Gregory VII was still unmoved, regardless of his image and status, and wept and hugged his leg.

The count Mathilda next to him couldn’t see it anymore and went to plead for Henry IV.

“Pope, for the king’s sincerity, forgive him! I think he really knows he’s wrong!” Originally, Gregory VII’s anger dissipated a lot, and now he just went down the steps in the face of count Mathilda, So he still said coldly, “I’m an apostle of God.

God told me that I can’t refuse a real confessor.

In order to uphold God’s mercy, I decided to forgive you this time and let you return to the embrace of the church.

However, you must swear before God to change the past.

” “Thank the Pope, thank the pope! I swear, I swear right away! I, Henry IV, swear to God today that from now on, I will follow the Pope’s will and make a change!” Hearing that Gregory VII had forgiven him, Henry IV was very happy.

He quickly made an oath and wrote down the oath.

Then Henry IV happily left Canossa castle with his entourage, and everything seemed to return to calm.

As everyone knows, behind the calm is not harmony, but another “storm”.

Henry IV, who returned to Germany, has never forgotten his humiliation at Canossa castle.

It was only a temporary humiliation and compromise in exchange for a chance to breathe.

In 1084, Henry IV cut off the hand of Rudolph, the original Duke of swabon, the new king elected by the princes, in a rage, which made Gregory VII know that he had hit his bitter meat trick.

Angry, he once again announced the abolition of Henry IV’s religious membership and the abolition of his kingship.

Henry IV naturally took “corresponding measures” on his side, not only deposing Gregory VII again, but also appointing Clement III as the new pope.

Later, Henry IV led the army to capture Rome in one fell swoop and accepted the coronation of Clement III, became the Holy Roman emperor.

Gregory VII fled and died in southern Italy the next year.

[cool review] people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

This is a life situation presented to us by this historical fact.

Chinese poets concluded that “it’s a man to be ashamed and endure humiliation”, but sometimes people’s hearts will have another voice: why do you have to be so oppressed! Having a proud soul is also a virtue, even if it may lead to tragedy.

When to endure and when to stand up, we can achieve something if we grasp this degree well.

The boss scolds you.

If you feel your wings are hard, you can be angry with the crown.

You don’t have to bear it humbly.

If you think the boss scolds you for your own good, you should listen carefully and bear it.