in World War II, North Africa was also one of the important battlefields. At the beginning of the war, the German army, led by general Rommel, known as the “Fox of the desert”, stormed across North Africa and defeated the British army one after another. Just when Britain was about to end in failure, there was a great general Bernard Law. Montgomery began to lose Rommel with its flexible combat mode, which was praised as the title of “Fox Hunter” by the soldiers. There is a peerless love story behind this iron general. He treats his love as seriously as his war. Now let’s see what a peerless love story is!

Marshal Montgomery (1887-1976) achieved a world-famous reputation for defeating Rommel, the “Desert Fox”, but his road of love was quite bumpy. When Montgomery was young, he hated social life and banquets and devoted himself to his career. Therefore, he knew few women and remained unmarried at the age of 38. Some joked, “the army is Montgomery’s wife.” However, all this changed in 1926. In January this year, Montgomery came to Switzerland, known as the “roof of Europe”, for vacation. One day, Montgomery looked at the snow capped mountains. His thoughts were like a tide and full of interest. He squeezed the snow into a solid snow mass and smashed it at a wooden stake not far away. The snow mass collides with the wooden pile and turns into snowflakes in an instant, which is quite interesting. At this time, he suddenly heard a woman’s voice calling “good”. When he looked back, a beautiful woman appeared in front of him. He was immediately attracted by the energetic woman. But Montgomery, who never knew how to deal with women, was at a loss and missed the opportunity to confess. After returning to England, Montgomery always remembered that encounter. A year later, Montgomery couldn’t help coming to Switzerland again to look for the woman who fascinated him. Maybe it was a god given marriage. Montgomery happened to meet the lovely woman deeply imprinted in his mind in the same place. This time, Montgomery knew everything about her. Her name is Betty. Her husband was killed in World War I, leaving two boys behind. Montgomery, on the one hand, deeply sympathized with Betty’s misfortune, on the other hand, was attracted by her perseverance, tenderness, modesty and innocence. His adjutant said with emotion, “the most beautiful girl in the world is worthy of a general. How can a woman with bad color fascinate him?” Even Betty didn’t believe that the famous general would fall in love with her. She said, “if you sympathize with me, please go away. I don’t need sympathy.” General Montgomery solemnly saluted her, then pulled out his gun around his waist, put the muzzle of the gun on his head and said, “if I betray you, let me die at the muzzle of my own gun.” The commitment of general Montgomery’s personality is better than all sweet words and promises. With the increasing exchanges between the two people, Montgomery became more and more unable to extricate himself. Finally, Montgomery summoned up the courage to express his love to Betty, and Betty happily accepted Montgomery’s love.

on July 27, 1927, Montgomery, 40, married Betty, 39. After marriage, Montgomery and Betty loved each other and the family lived happily. The next year, Montgomery had a son named David. The blonde boy is very popular, adding new happiness to the already happy family and allowing Montgomery to enjoy more fun in life. However, Betty hasn’t been in good health since she gave birth to David. One day in 1937, Betty was accidentally bitten by an insect while playing with her son. At that time, Betty didn’t care. Unexpectedly, her leg began to swell and ache that night and had to be rushed to the hospital. The result of the diagnosis was surprising. She had septicemia. Montgomery was very upset after hearing the news. Since then, he spent all his time in the hospital as much as possible to give his wife considerate care and emotional comfort. However, his wife’s condition became more and more serious, and the toxin slowly spread upward along Betty’s legs. After consulting Montgomery, the doctor amputated Betty, but her condition has not improved. On October 19, 1937, Betty died safely in Montgomery’s arms.

at Betty’s funeral, general Montgomery did not cry, but gave a long military salute. At this time, more people doubt his feelings for his wife. If he really loves him, why doesn’t he have a tear or even a sad look on his face? The death of his beloved wife was a heavy blow to Montgomery and put him in extreme pain. From then on, he turned his deep love for his wife to his son, and devoted himself to the study of war and the cause of soldiers. At the end of the war, he won everything with his immortal merit, honor, status, money and the admiration of the world. Of course, there were countless women’s admiration. Countless women dreamed of leaning on his chest full of medals, but the general was unmoved. Many people who cared about him introduced him one after another, and he declined politely. Even the British Prime Minister failed to do what he wanted to do. The prime minister advised him: “general Montgomery, the whole English Channel doesn’t want you to be lonely for the rest of your life.” He said seriously: “as a soldier, I will always be loyal to my motherland. As a man, I will never betray love.” This time, the prime minister solemnly saluted him. When Montgomery recovered from the sorrow and pain of losing his wife a few years later, some people whispered, “Montgomery may be getting married again.” Montgomery said, “I don’t believe a person can fall in love twice. Like my love for Betty, there will never be a second time.” He did, and until his death in 1976, Montgomery had never been interested in any woman. Many years later, in his autobiography, general Montgomery mentioned the only short-lived love in his life. When talking about his wife’s death, the general wrote: “tears are not the only way to express love, but loyalty is the best proof of love. If you fall in love with a woman, you can’t fall in love with another woman, just like the gun in my hand, there can only be one collimator”.