“Bang bang bang” in the early morning of September 16, 1810, the Mexican priest Hidalgo urgently rang the bell in the church in Dolores.

The sleeping people were awakened and quickly gathered in the church.

Soon, the church was surrounded.

At this time, Hidalgo strode onto the platform with several sweaty boys, Say loudly to people: “Dear children, I want to tell you a sad news.

We have just received a secret report that our uprising plan has been leaked due to the emergence of shameful traitors within us.

Now, the Spanish colonial army is searching heavily and the situation is extremely critical.

These hateful Spaniards took the land of our ancestors 300 years ago and oppressed us for nearly three generations Ji, now, they want to prevent us from taking back the land and restoring freedom.

Can we compromise? Can you flinch? ” Before the words fell, the long-standing anger in the hearts of the people burst out, and the people shook their arms and shouted, “never compromise! Never retreat!” “Hang colonial robbers!” “Long live independence!” .

earth shaking cries echoed over the town of Dolores and could not be calmed down for a long time.

It is also the “voice of Dolores” that has enabled the Mexican people to embark on the road of independence.

The Spanish colonists invaded the whole of Mexico in the early 16th century.

Here, they burn, kill, rob, occupy land, and impose exorbitant taxes.

Many Indian lands were occupied, houses burned down and valuable things robbed.

The days of no basis for life made the Indians eager to overthrow the colonial rule of Spain and regain their freedom.

The descendants of Spanish immigrants and the bourgeois intellectuals among native whites were also discriminated against by the Spanish colonists.

Therefore, when Hidalgo cheered, the people of all classes of society responded positively, and the prelude to the Mexican War of independence began.

Dolores town is an agricultural area inhabited by Indians.

While publicizing the revolution, Hidalgo taught the local Indians the skills of silk weaving, wine making and leather making.

Therefore, he was loved and respected by people.

Since the “Dolores voice” sounded, people’s resistance to Spanish tyranny has become higher and higher.

Mexico’s independence is known as the “silver producing area” because of its rich silver ore.

Mexico has always been a strong colonial ruling force.

Also because it is close to the patriarchal country, the land aristocracy and church have great power.

The news of the occupation of Spain led to a movement for autonomy and independence among the white people who were born and raised in Mexico.

However, due to the close control of the Spanish rulers, Mexico City has not been able to form a leadership force enough to mobilize the masses.

From the beginning, the leadership of the revolution was only in the hands of lower level priests, low-level officials and small landlords in other provinces.

Until September 16, 1810, Hidalgo led the people to break out the Dolores uprising.

Later, although Hidalgo died, Mexico’s independence movement did not stop.

Finally, in 1824, Mexico’s new constitution was promulgated to determine Mexico as a Federal Republic.

Rising prices have brought unprecedented unity to the people.

Holding machetes and sticks in their hands, they united around Hidalgo and made up their minds to recapture the lost land and wash away the humiliation of 300 years.

Soon, the number of insurgents increased to more than 1000.

Under the leadership of Hidalgo, the insurgents shouted “hang Spanish robbers”, arrested Spanish tax collectors, released innocent prisoners in prisons, and attacked Spanish colonists everywhere.

With the rising enthusiasm of the uprising, the ranks of the uprising army also grew stronger and stronger.

Tens of thousands of Indian farmers joined the uprising, and Hidalgo was praised as the “commander of the American uprising army”.

As the number of insurgent soldiers increased, Hidalgo issued an order: all slave owners must release all slaves.

Indian taxes must be abolished.

All the land lost by the Indians must be recaptured.

Those who disobey will be killed! As soon as the “three musts” were issued, the enthusiasm of the people was mobilized.

By mid October, the ranks of the rebel army had expanded to 80000.

At the end of October, in the cross mountain pass leading to Mexico City, the rebel army met the colonial army and fought fiercely.

After several battles, the brave insurgents finally captured the pass and drove straight under Mexico City.

At this time, the Spanish governor stationed in Mexico City had already been scared out of his wits by the massive rebel army, so he had to kneel in front of the statue of the virgin and pray for blessing.

At this time, as long as the insurgents pursue the victory, they can easily win Mexico City.

However, as the commander, Hidalgo is worried that the insurgents are backward in weapons and will suffer heavy casualties if they attack hard.

So he gave up attacking the city and led the rebel army north to confront the well-equipped Spanish colonial army.

In the end, the insurgents not only suffered heavy casualties, but also were forced to retreat to the city of guada haraha.

At the beginning of 1811, Hidalgo led the rebel army to wage a fierce battle with the Spanish colonial army under Guadalajara.

The two armies fought for a long time, but suddenly there was a loud noise.

In Guadalajara City, the powder magazine of the rebel army was hit by the shells of the Spanish colonial army.

In an instant, Guadalajara city became a sea of fire.

The rebel army retreated hastily and the war failed.

Hidalgo led the remaining rebels to retreat to the US Mexico border.

Due to the betrayal of the traitors, Hidalgo and his party were captured by the Spanish colonial army.

In July, Hidalgo, then 58, died generously.

Later, in order to commemorate him, the Mexican people called him “the father of Mexican independence”, and also designated September 16, the day when he issued the “Dolores voice” as Mexico’s independence day.

[cool review] this is another example of delaying fighters due to indecision, which finally led to the failure of the uprising.

Hidalgo gave up attacking Mexico City because of his lack of confidence in his strength, which brought him bad consequences.

Self confidence is self affirmation and belief from the heart.

It can promote success.

Emerson said: confidence is the first key to success.

Self confidence is very important in interpersonal communication, career and work.

Around us, there are always some people who are afraid of their failure, so they dare not summon up the courage to try.

This will only lead to lower and lower self-confidence.

You know, only when you believe in yourself, others will agree with youTrust you.