gilly always complained for some time before her death. She tried to escape the control of her. “My uncle is a devil. It’s hard for outsiders to imagine what he asked of me.”

gilly complained for some time before her death. She tried to escape Hitler’s control. “Uncle is a devil. It’s hard for outsiders to imagine what he asked of me.”

in the early days of the Nazi party, Hitler’s favorite was to sit in his favorite Munich restaurant and beer cellar and talk to a group of confidants. Occasionally, he would let some women participate in such gatherings, but more often, he would rather choose a purely male conversation environment. Hoffman recalls that such parties occasionally invite a woman to attend. “Occasionally, she can participate in men’s conversations, but she is absolutely forbidden to contradict Hitler or talk endlessly.”

this afternoon, the Third Reich retreated on the battlefield, and the head of state hardly dined with the generals or his once most trusted Nazi leaders. It is said that Hitler never had a meal alone with Joseph Goebbels, although this man largely dressed Hitler as a German legend. Hitler would like to stay with his mistresses (but occasionally, too). Some sharp observers have a good explanation for this. The topic of Hitler’s gossip during the banquet is extremely monotonous, and only those who obey him can barely bear one or two. The topics he talks about are usually dull, talking about the “evil” of international Jews, his appreciation of exquisite architectural art and complex racial theories. It was once said that anyone with a little mind could not tolerate talking about these topics with Hitler.

however, Hitler has fascinated countless women all his life, and his sexual orientation is also a topic that people like to talk about. Some historians even claimed that Hitler was a psychologically distorted homosexual who vented his homosexual impulse into the war. Many doubted whether Hitler had had sex with Eva Braun or any other woman. A buthersgarde servant later admitted at trial that EVA needed to take contraceptives during Hitler’s visit, and his testimony caused a lot of controversy. However, no one can find out Hitler’s inner world, let alone his sexual orientation.

many speculations are caused by the bizarre death of Hitler’s niece Geli Raubal. Gilly, the daughter of Hitler’s half sister Angela Raubal, lives with her mother in obasalburg. Gilly is dark, charming, lively and has a lot of suitors. In 1929, Hitler summoned her to live with her in an apartment in Munich’s Prinzregent square. She was 21, while he was 40 and became a formidable political figure. Hitler had sex with many younger women, but gilly was an exception.

gilly was studying at a conservatory of music in Munich, but most of her time was not spent studying, but playing around with “Uncle Adolf” (her naughty name for him). Hitler took gilly to the opera and the theatre, and drove her to the suburbs. Hitler even allowed gilly to participate in his discussions with Nazi cronies in the cafe. Their relationship was very special, causing speculation from the outside world. One of gilly’s suitors used to be Hitler’s early bodyguard and driver. One day, Hitler found gilly mixed with the bodyguard. Hitler was so angry that the bodyguard thought Hitler would shoot him. Since then, Hitler banned gilly from going out without a female companion.

on September 19, 1931, gilly was found dead in Hitler’s apartment with gunshot wounds on her body and Hitler’s pistol beside her. Hitler’s opponents launched a heated debate on this. Hitler either killed gilly after a lover’s quarrel with her, or asked someone to kill her. However, neither of these conjectures is credible. Indeed, gilly always complained some time before her death that she tried to escape Hitler’s control. “Uncle is a devil. It’s hard for outsiders to imagine what he asked of me.” However, she did not specify what strict requirements Hitler had for her. Hitler was obviously infatuated with Gilly. There was a rumor that gilly had been beaten by Hitler, but the rumor was not confirmed. Hitler is unlikely to kill her. When gilly’s body was found, Hitler was on his way to Nuremberg, and he was very surprised when he heard of her death. If Hitler had arranged for gilly to be killed, he wouldn’t have killed gilly in his apartment with his own pistol. It’s unreasonable. The only explanation put forward by Hitler’s supporters was that gilly accidentally killed herself while playing with Hitler’s pistol. This explanation is certainly not credible. After the war, gilly’s mother Angela mentioned that gilly had said she wanted to leave Hitler. She planned to go to Linz with a boyfriend, but Hitler opposed it. However, there was no evidence that Hitler had prevented gilly from leaving. The death of gilly Rabaul remains a mystery. The most likely explanation is that gilly Rabaul committed suicide, which is the only way for her to get rid of Hitler’s imprisonment. Many women around Hitler did not hesitate to commit suicide to get rid of his emotional bondage. Gilly was not the only one. The most interesting thing about the relationship between




is that it was the first and only time Hitler relied on a woman. However, we do not know whether this relationship is sexual dependence. However, Hitler’s depression after gilly Rabaul’s death fully shows that this relationship has accumulated Hitler’s deep feelings. Hitler turned his apartment in Munich’s prinzregentan square into a shrine for Gilly. Hitler had never had such a deep relationship with women before and never will (except perhaps for his mother Clara). aboutAs far as Hitler’s secretary and cook were concerned, Hitler was a good boss. He treated them like his own children and occasionally flirted with them, although it was only hypocritical. For fanatical admirers like Magda Goebbels, Hanna Reitsch and Winifred Wagner, Hitler was ruthless and dismissive of their admiration. However, these women are firm and strong characters. They have their own ideas. But if a man wants a woman to crawl at his feet, he naturally despises a firm and strong woman.