After sipping the wine with everyone,

gently repeated the four words “healthy and long life” and said to me that the saying of “healthy and long life” was more realistic, and he appreciated it; But he doesn’t agree with those who always shout “long live” to someone.

Author: Dai Huang

around 1995, Vietnam will make a documentary to commemorate the 105th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. Vietnamese film studio filmmakers went to Beijing and other places to shoot scenes related to President Hu’s repeated visits to China. In Beijing, they visited and photographed four people: the first Wei Guoqing, who was originally intended to be the deputy head of the Chinese advisory group and head of the military advisory group to help Vietnam’s war of resistance against France and was once the director of the General Political Department of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, but when he died, they visited his living wife; The second is the senior general. At the end of the war of liberation, he led the troops to open up the China Vietnam border and eliminate many French colonial forces, which was of great help to the Vietnamese people’s army. He had a deep friendship with President Ho Chi Minh, but he also died, so he filmed his widow; The third is Liu Shaoqi and his wife who visited Vietnam. President Liu was persecuted to death during the “Cultural Revolution” and Wang Guangmei was still alive. The film crew asked her to talk about her visit to Vietnam and the past of meeting with President Hu; The fourth is me, because I have met with President Hu many times and wrote articles such as “President Ho Chi Minh’s impression” after returning home.

President Hu refused to shout “long live”

. I had many contacts with President Ho Chi Minh after I interviewed Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam. After breakfast on December 15, 1954, President Hu and I went to Baimei airport in the southern suburb of Hanoi to visit the Vietnamese people’s army and militia guerrillas practicing there. After the visit, it was noon. President Hu waved to a long line of squadrons and shouted, “the sun is shining overhead. Everyone is tired and hungry. Have a rest!” A burst of cheers and “long live” broke out in the audience. President Hu immediately said to Lieutenant General Huang Wentai, deputy chief of general staff of the Vietnamese people’s army, and the parade Commander: “please don’t shout like this in the future.” Then he shouted to a long party: “all right, let’s go back to dinner!”

after dinner, President Hu took us back to the airport and chatted with some soldiers’ representatives and cadres in a large hangar. After the chat, everyone stood up one after another. It seemed that everyone was holding their breath and wanted to shout something loudly. Ho Chi Minh quickly used to stretch out his hands and press them down hard, telling everyone to sit still. “Stop shouting ‘long live’,” he said. “No one can live long live! Come on, let’s sing a song.”.

January 24, 1955 is the first day of the spring festival that year. On the evening of new year’s Eve, I was reading in my room. Ruan Da, a Vietnamese interpreter who grew up in Hekou, a border city in Yunnan Province, came in and told me that he had just received a call from the Vietnamese presidential office that it was early in the morning of the Spring Festival. President Hu was going to pay New Year’s greetings to industry, agriculture and soldiers at construction sites, rural areas and barracks in some provinces north of Hanoi. President Hu asked me if I could go together. He also said that the comrades in the presidential office said in particular: among the many foreign journalists in Hanoi, President Hu just wanted to invite me to go alone and ask me if I would like to. I immediately replied, “I’m very happy to go! This is another great opportunity for me to receive education from President Hu!” At 4 a.m. the next day, Hanoi citizens were still sleeping. Several small jeeps that President Hu and we took had crossed the Red River Railway Bridge and headed north on the dark road in the four fields. The first stop of the day is the tuokuang sluice, more than 70 kilometers north of Hanoi. This is one of the famous sluice gates in the mountainous area of Taiyuan province north of the Red River Delta, which was bombed and damaged by French planes.

the sky was bright when they reached tuokuang sluice. The broken gate body still stands sadly, but an earth dam has been built in front of it to store a lake of water. It was repaired by thousands of workers, peasants, guerrillas and officers and soldiers of local forces in just a few months after the armistice.

the news that Chairman Ho Chi Minh suddenly came to the construction site spread like the wind. The original empty gate was crowded with people. President Hu’s personal guards stood far away from the crowd. It seems to them that President Hu is in harmony with the people and there is no need to worry about accidents. With a few words, President Hu, together with the Minister of transport and public affairs of Vietnam and non party personage Chen Dengke, stepped onto the newly built earth dam and inspected the tall and broken sluice. It is said that the downstream has received water for spring irrigation in time. After the formal concrete dam is repaired, the irrigation area of the downstream will be expanded from 25000 hectares to 33000 hectares. President Hu is very happy. He looked at the rippling lake with great emotion and muttered to himself, “who is the greatest? The people are the greatest! Without the efforts and sacrifice of the people, no matter how capable people are, they will accomplish nothing!”




, he and Chen Dengke came to the excited crowd again. He turned and pointed to the dam and asked everyone, “who does this dam belong to now? By the way, it belongs to our workers and farmers, it belongs to ourselves… Who is the greatest? Yes, the people are the greatest! As long as our countrymen unite as one person, there will be no difficulties to stop us from moving forward! Our country will be built like flowers, won’t it?”

“yes –” people answered in unison, and the nearby hills echoed.

“what happens if it’s entirely personal?”

after leaving the crowd who built the dam, he visited several nearby farmers and extended holiday greetings to them. Then several jeeps turned around and seemed to return to Hanoi. At this time, the sun was already cloudy, and it was nearly noon. President Hu’s car suddenly took the lead and turned into a sparse pine forest beside the road. He got out of the car, waved to the jeeps behind him, shouted, “have a meal and have a rest”, and invited Minister Chen Dengke, me and Ruan Da to have a picnic with him.