Exploring the cause of death of the Nile flower snake, she was the supreme queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Beauty was her best weapon.

Both ancient Roman rulers were courted under her skirt.

She was the last Pharaoh of the ancient Egyptian empire.

She played with power and continued to write gorgeous poems of ancient world powers.

Cleopatra, who is famous for her intelligence and charm, why did she die in a hurry after being captured? Died of a snake kiss or poison? What kind of tragedy happened that night 2000 years ago? 2.

Midnight kiss, candle flickering in the wind, cold altar, some confused eyes of soldiers, Cleopatra knew that her era was over.

Looking at the charming shadow in the mirror, Cleopatra sighed heavily.

She thought of the Macedonian royal family that had ruled Egypt for three centuries, the extremely rich royal family that gave birth to her, and the romantic spring night she had spent with Gaius Julius Caesar and Marco Antony.

Her heart tightened.

Those once romantic and happy can only be found in memory.

Now, she is just a prisoner of Augustus D Octavian.

Once, she had a fantasy that her charming eyes and attractive body could conquer Octavian, but she was wrong.

In the eyes of the ambitious young man, her beauty was no match for her desire for power.

Worse news came that she would be taken to Rome for a parade as a booty.

How can the all saints, who ruled the Ptolemaic dynasty at the age of 18 after being honored as the “Queen of kings” by Marco Anthony, endure such humiliation? Cleopatra was in complete despair.

She secretly asked her servant to take the poisonous snake into her bedroom, then bathed and changed clothes, and had a very rich dinner.

“It’s over.

” Cleopatra thought for a moment, and then wrote a note to Octavian, explaining something behind him.

After sending off the bodyguard, she released a poisonous snake and bit her arm.

She died with two loyal maids, eras and chamien.

Soon Octavian came and saw Cleopatra in her queen’s robe, lying on the golden couch, as if she had fallen asleep, but she would never wake up.

On this day, August 12, 30 BC, Cleopatra ended her 22 year rule by suicide.

She lived with the country day and night, sharing weal and woe, but failed to see the rise and revitalization of Egypt.

After Cleopatra’s death, Octavian followed her last wish and buried her with Mark Antony.

After 3000 years of glory, the Egyptian empire collapsed.

Octavian incorporated Egypt into his territory and became the first monarch of the new era. 3. This legendary and tragic account of Cleopatra’s amazing life comes from the biographies of Roman historians Plutarch and Dior Cassius.

These words, which have evolved through thousands of years, record Cleopatra’s life in detail.

So, what kind of person is Cleopatra? Will she commit suicide because she can’t bear the humiliation? In 69 BC, D Cleopatra, the daughter of Egyptian king Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V, was born.

Since childhood, she has outstanding appearance and intelligence, and is deeply loved by her parents.

In 51 BC, Ptolemy XII died.

Cleopatra married her half brother, who was six years younger than her, and ruled together.

In 48 BC, Cleopatra was expelled from the city after losing the battle for the throne with his brother.

At this time, she met Caesar, the Roman emperor who changed her life.

Under the temptation of beauty, Caesar helped Cleopatra kill his brother, regain power and become the only ruler of Egypt.

In 44 BC, when Caesar was assassinated and killed, Rome welcomed its new master D Marco Anthony.

Cleopatra knew that this was another object to rely on, so she repeated her old tricks and easily captured Marco Anthony’s heart.

Because their marriage violated Roman marriage customs, and Mark Anthony indulged in wine and sex and ignored political affairs, it soon aroused the anger of the Roman people.

At this time, Octavian, who was becoming more and more plump, instigated him to describe Anthony as a clown who fell under the train of an Egyptian witch, saying that he had lost his man’s dignity.

In 31 BC, Octavian saw that the time was ripe and decided to declare war on Cleopatra.

A year later, his men and horses were killed in Egypt.

After the city gate fell, Mark Antony pulled out his sword and killed himself.

Cleopatra was unfortunately captured.

The Ptolemy family is a powerful family.

These Egyptian rulers are so excellent that they have no history of suicide.

From Cleopatra’s experience, it can be seen that her life is full of danger all the time.

However, every time she can turn the corner and become the final winner, not only because of her charming appearance and scheming, but also because of her extraordinary wisdom, aggressive and patient personality.

Will the most cultured and intelligent woman among the Ptolemaic rulers choose to commit suicide because she can’t bear the insult? 4.

According to Plutarch’s records, Cleopatra hid the poisonous snake in a basket of figs and secretly ended the lives of himself and two maids.

Dior Cassius believed that the container containing the snake was a water tank.

Although they all firmly believe that Cleopatra died of snake kiss, why is there such a big deviation in details? It’s ridiculous to say that Plutarch and Dior Cassius were not Cleopatra’s contemporaries.

They were separated from Cleopatra by a whole century.

In other words, these so-called historical documents are not first-hand data, but are made by collecting previous data and reasoning.

So, what is their basis? Cleopatra’s doctor Olympus confirmed after the autopsy that two less obvious scars were found on the Queen’s arm, which should be the marks of being bitten by a snake.

In addition, in ancient Egyptian mythology, Isis, the goddess who provides water and crops all year round, has always protected Cleopatra, and her pet is a strong snake.

For this reason, Cleopatra also preferred the flower snake, so he ended his life with it.

If this is the case, there must be traces of snakes at the scene, which is inexplicably not mentioned in the historian’s accounts.

In addition, according to later research, Cleopatra’s bedroom is very close to Octavian’s palace, only a few hundred meters away.

According to Plutarch’s account, after the bodyguard handed the note to Octavian, he immediately took people to the bedroom, but found that Cleopatra and his servant were dead.

This shows that the three of them died in a very short time.

However, it took two hours for the most powerful cobra in Egypt to kill people, which was obviously unreasonable. 5. The truth is hard to tell.

In this way, Cleopatra’s death from a snake kiss is only the guess of two historians, and Dr.

Olympus’s autopsy report is obviously not the only evidence.

So, are there any other possibilities? Plutarch put forward the second statement.

He believed that Cleopatra, who was captured before, saw that his city gate was not protected.

In order to prevent accidents, he hid a comb in his hair with highly toxic poison in the interlayer.

Knowing that she was going to parade in the street as Octavian’s booty, she was devastated and drank the deadly poison.

According to the poisoning method at that time, it was necessary to have at least 30 ml of venom to kill people, while a comb could hold only one or two ml of liquid at most.

This view is obviously untenable.

Moreover, Cleopatra took at least a few hours from taking the poison to dying, and there was still a contradiction in the time.

It can be seen that Cleopatra is unlikely to die of suicide.

Moreover, some of her actions before her death also proved this.

According to common sense analysis, a person with a belief in death will not leave room for himself.

Generally, he will only put the suicide note beside him and die quietly.

However, Cleopatra did not do so.

Knowing that Octavian would come when he found the note, she sent a bodyguard to send it.

Cleopatra seems to have only one explanation for this: she doesn’t want to die. 6. Shocking murder? Cleopatra’s death is shrouded in layers of doubt.

Who is the real culprit who took her life? What was the scene in the bedroom 2000 years ago? After Octavian conquered Egypt, the Roman Empire fell into his hands.

Back in Rome, the first thing he began to do was sacrifice.

In the temple of Mars, he and his generals were worshipping the God of vengeance.

At this time, a meteor crossed the sky.

Octavian said excitedly that the star was Caesar.

He was a great God and had been protecting himself.

Octavian is always telling people that he is the son of God.

He wants to build Rome into a famous city.

He wants to convince the world that he has the power of God, but at present, he still has a living enemy, D Cleopatra.

Octavian knew that although Cleopatra was imprisoned, she still had many followers.

It was a terrible force that might cause trouble when her regime was unstable.

All this can be solved as long as Cleopatra dies.

Without a leader, there will be no wind and waves.

There is also a big problem that Octavian is more afraid of, that is Caesarion, Cleopatra’s son.

This child with Caesar’s blood in his bones is the legal heir of the Roman Empire.

Only by destroying them at one stroke can his throne be more stable.

Perhaps out of this mentality, the skillful young man laid hands on Cleopatra.

He sent the killer to Cleopatra’s bedroom and executed her and two servants without difficulty, making the illusion of suicide.

Later, he paid Olympus to prove that Cleopatra died of a snake kiss, and published this conclusion to the world.

In order to, he sent people all the way to Ethiopia and killed Caesar Lyon, who was only 14 years old.

The cunning Octavian provided himself with alibi with a suicide note.

Perhaps he hid in the corner of Cleopatra’s bedroom and witnessed the tragedy with his own eyes.

There was still an imperceptible smile on the corner of his mouth.

Octavian used death threats to control the public opinion at that time, making people believe that Cleopatra did commit suicide because he could not bear humiliation.

He also used the supreme power of Augustus the great to tamper with the real historical documents.

There, almost full of Octavian’s voice, his self-image has been upgraded to God.

This inevitably affected the works of Plutarch and Dior Cassius, who were actually quoting the biography of Augustus the great.

Of course, all this stems from the speculation of future generations, and the cause of Cleopatra’s death is still uncertain. 7. As the heir of the royal family, Cleopatra can be said to have tried his best.

She wrote a legendary life with her stunning beauty and unrelenting iron hand.

Although she only lived 39 years old, her experience has been eye popping.

For the sake of the throne, she can execute her brother.

She can sell her body and soul for power.

Until the end, he was also a victim of the power struggle.

There are too many things worth remembering in this great beauty.

It is hard to tell whether she is a ruthless king or a tender woman.

With her death, everything settled.

However, those legends that are still fresh through 2000 years of time and space bring a mysterious Cleopatra to us.

The truth of her death, like her face, has become a mystery for thousands of years.