The mystery of Klaus stolte Becker’s treasure.

He is a red devil swimming in the Baltic Sea.

For nobles and merchants, he is no less than an endless nightmare.

He is an overbearing pirate captain sweeping through northern Europe.

His chivalrous character of robbing the rich and helping the poor makes him famous like a hero.

Klaus stolte Becker, a cruel and kind “sea wolf”, a legend known as “Robin Hood on the sea”, who sent him to the guillotine? Is it the conspiracy of the allies or the royal family? Where are his huge treasures and treasures hidden? 2.

In the summer of 1401, Becker led the flagship of the red devil across the North Sea.

The pirate captain, who was born in the famous Nordic city of Visby, was a little bored recently.

Because the Hanseatic alliance invited the powerful “Crusader knights” to encircle and suppress them, his 50 pirate ships suffered heavy losses one after another, and he had to transfer his position from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.

At this time, he began to regret his reckless behavior.

Hanseatic alliance is a commercial alliance formed by German northern coastal cities to protect trade interests.

Initially, they were only engaged in commercial protection activities such as suppressing piracy and combating plunder.

Later, it has expanded into an overseas commercial force with a large number of Treasuries and weapons.

In April 1393, Becker led pirates to loot Bergen, the Norwegian trade center.

There are many businesses here and the people are rich.

It has long been the fat meat they covet.

Becquerel and his men jumped with joy because they had robbed a large amount of property.

Finally, they set a fire in the city and burned down the Hanseatic League office there.

Becker’s move angered all members of the Hanseatic League.

They said they wanted to attack this guy who didn’t know the greatness of heaven and earth and protect their rights and interests.

Soon, the Hanseatic League used an operation to capture several of Becker’s crew.

They believe that this will certainly crack down on the arrogance of pirates.

In order to save his brother, Becker personally led some elite sailors to raid the prison at the risk of his life.

When the officers and soldiers saw Becker who killed red eyes, they were all stunned.

After a hasty confrontation, they watched these people save their companions.

When reinforcements arrived, Becker’s pirate ship had already disappeared on the vast coastline.

This successful prison break deepened the hatred of the Hanseatic League towards Becker.

They felt that if they did not get rid of him quickly, they would become a scourge threatening their own interests in the future.

In this way, the Hanseatic alliance led by Queen Margaret of Denmark and King Richard II of England began to encircle and suppress Becker.

They experienced several failures, and the fierce and cunning of Pirates made the army suffer a great loss.

When there was nothing to do with the pirates, the Hanseatic alliance had to pay a lot of money to invite the regular army of the Crusader knights to drive Becker from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. 3. Even in adversity, Becker believes that the death of the grand theft is temporary and he will.

After occupying helgolan island as quickly as possible, he immediately recruited troops and was ready to meet the enemy’s attack at any time.

At the moment, he is closely watching the sea, ready to find prey for his brothers.

An English merchant ship came into Becker’s sight, and he immediately ordered the flagship to move forward at full speed.

To his surprise, the merchant ship didn’t run away in a hurry like other ships, but took it easy and didn’t seem to be afraid.

Becker’s mouth waved a sneer: “you don’t know how to live or die!” He ordered his men to prepare for battle and attack the merchant ship with all their strength.

But unexpectedly, the merchant ship suddenly turned around and attacked his pirate ship first, which really surprised Becker.

The pirates fought in a hurry and a sea battle began.

It turned out that this was an English warship of the Hanseatic League.

It was entrusted by Queen Margaret to disguise as a merchant ship, lure Becker into the hook, and then destroy them.

At first, Becker and his partners didn’t take the warship seriously, especially when they saw its sign D, a cow with huge horns.

They couldn’t help laughing and thought it must be as stupid as a cow.

However, Becker was wrong.

The warship known as the “devil terminator” was the trump card of the Crusader knights, and it soon gained the upper hand.

Moreover, several warships in ambush nearby also rushed up quickly, and the “red devil” was in a crossfire.

Becker saw that the situation was bad and immediately ordered his men to retreat with all their strength.

However, it was too late.

The devil terminator soon caught up with them.

Some English soldiers poured liquid lead on the wooden oars of the red devil.

It had no way back.

Becker pulled out his dagger and prepared to fight to the death with the other party, but the strength difference between the two sides was too great.

Seeing the brothers fall in a pool of blood, Becker knew that if it went on like this, the whole army would be destroyed.

With a long sigh, he threw his weapons to the ground and led 72 pirates to surrender.

Soon, the pirate captain and other crew members were escorted to Germany.

In October 1401, they were put on a collective trial in Hamburg.

Parliamentarians unanimously demanded that they be beheaded.

On the execution ground in glasbrook, Becker, who claimed to be “the friend of God and the enemy of the world”, suddenly broke free of the rope around his neck and said loudly to the Parliamentarians: “I give you gold anchor chains and countless gold coins.

In addition, I can donate a pure gold Church bell tower roof to Hamburg.

I just want our freedom.

” The congressmen laughed.

They laughed at Becker’s innocence.

The executioner’s knife had been aimed at Becker’s neck.

Seeing that the appeal was invalid, Becker looked piteously at his brothers who had lived and died.

He wanted to exchange his death for their lives, which was also rejected by the parliament.

After bursts of screaming and commotion, Becker and his companions were killed.

The congressmen hung the 73 bloody heads on wooden stakes for public display, but what the pirates got was not curse and spit, but the sad tears of the poor.

They scrambled to recite the story of the grand theft, and even secretly prayed for him. 4. Forever knight in people’s mind, pirates often burn, kill and loot, do all kinds of evil.

Why did Becker win so many people’s love? How did he accumulate an amazing number of treasures, and what was the Golden Anchor Chain he said before he died? Although Becker is a pirate, he has always beenWhat about keeping it? 6.

Because there are too few valuable clues in history and legend, many treasure sites only come from people’s speculation or the imagination of treasure seekers.

The reality is often disappointing.

After hundreds of years, I don’t know how many explorers and treasure hunters stayed in these places.

They dug their brains, dug three feet, and finally had to leave after finding nothing.

Maybe Klaus stolte Becker knew that he would laugh at these treasure hunters in the same way.

How can a person’s hidden things be easily found by others? If there is no divine revelation, those treasures will always belong to him.

This legendary figure recorded in the annals of Nordic history not only brings us a pirate captain with different image and quality, but also leaves the mystery that can never be solved to the world.