Columbus discovered the new world before, and then Magellan sailed around the world.

Magellan is Portuguese and once worked as a junior officer in the Portuguese army.

He had risk cells on his body, often fooling around with a group of astrologers, and gradually learned that there was a new world on the sea side, so he volunteered to go to the motherland and seek benefits for the motherland.

But the Portuguese government didn’t believe him, so he also came to Spain and immediately got the support of the Spanish rulers.

In 1519, Magellan led the expedition fleet to leave Seville, Spain and embark on a voyage around the world.

He sailed southwest through the westernmost tip of Africa, reached South America, and then went south along the east coast of South America.

In November 1520, the adventurer passed through a strait at the southern end of South America (named Magellan Strait by him) and crossed the Pacific Ocean to the northeast.

In March 1521, he reached the Philippine Islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean (also derived from his name).

Here, God began to prepare for him to unfold the shroud.

After the ship landed, Magellan asked the sailors to get off the ship for a rest, and then replenish some fresh water and food.

Not long after they got off the ship, the residents of the nearby island surrounded curiously.

They looked at the outsiders curiously and exchanged their coconuts and palm wine for some gadgets and their red hats with Magellan’s crew.

After a few days on the island, Magellan’s fleet continued to sail southwest.

This time, they reached the island north of Mindanao.

Before the ship landed, the aborigines on the island sailed to Magellan’s Trinidad in small boats.

Magellan asked a slave named Enrique to shout to the Rowers on the boat in Malaysian.

They soon understood Enrique, but they didn’t let Magellan’s fleet land, but sent someone to report first.

Magellan ordered the ship to stop sailing and wait where it was.

It is said that Enrique was born on Sumatra island since childhood.

He was brought to Europe by Magellan from Malacca 12 years ago and has been with Magellan since then.

Two hours later, a large ship came to the sea.

The ship was full of people.

It turned out that all the leaders of the island had come.

They talked happily with Enrique.

From their conversation, Magellan captured a trace of information.

Now that they have come to the place where they speak Malay, they should be not far from the “Spice Islands”, which proves that he will soon complete his first round the world voyage in human history.

After explaining their intentions, the leaders of the island came to Magellan’s command ship and took the fleet to Cebu port in the central Philippines.

Magellan promised the leaders of Cebu Island that he was willing to have friendly exchanges with them and agreed to provide them with military assistance as long as they admitted that they were subordinates of the king of Spain.

In order to let them see the strength of Spain and show their sincerity, Magellan decided to lead the sailors to conduct a military exercise nearby.

Cebu Island leader agreed.

Three days later, Magellan was ready.

He performed a wonderful military exercise in front of the people of Cebu Island, which made the people of Cebu Island have to admire and admire.

A week later, the leader of Cebu Island and all the islanders were baptized, and Magellan became the backing of these Christians.

Magellan ordered to stay on Cebu Island for more time because he was ready to carry out colonial rule on the island.

However, at that time, two leaders of the small island came into conflict, and Magellan had to mediate from it.

But who knew that Magellan could not reconcile and was resisted by one of the island leaders.

So Magellan decided to subdue the island by force.

That night, Magellan led more than 60 people to sail quietly to the island in three small boats.

However, because there are many reefs in this sea area, it is likely to hit the reef without paying attention, so Magellan ordered to go down and reduce the speed by half.

Don’t scare the snake.

The island was just ahead, but the boat was blocked by rocks and couldn’t get to the shore.

No way, Magellan can only take people to jump into the sea and wade to land.

Originally, they wanted to make a sudden attack on the island, but their whereabouts have already been discovered by the residents of the island.

What is waiting for them is not to be unprepared, but to be ready.

Magellan saw that the whereabouts were exposed, and immediately ordered the Gunners and archers to prepare and fire on the islanders who were waiting.

But after a burst of bombing, they still failed to attack, but were surrounded by the islanders who fought hard.

Due to the large number of islanders, more than 60 people led by Magellan gradually lost support, so they retreated while fighting and retreated to the shore.

There was no way to retreat, but the islanders were still chasing after them fiercely.

Magellan set fire to the islanders’ houses in order to break the siege, hoping to disturb the islanders’ attention.

The islanders were even more angry when they saw their houses burned down.

They chased Magellan like crazy.

Arrows like rain shot at them, countless javelins and stones also hit them, and the sailors fell one by one.

“Ah -” with a scream, Magellan was stabbed in the ankle by the javelin thrown by the islanders.

In an instant, all the stones, arrows and axes rushed to Magellan.

Magellan couldn’t dodge and fell to the ground and died.

The remaining sailors saw that Magellan was dead and were so frightened that they retreated urgently that they didn’t know what to do with Magellan’s body by the islanders.

After Magellan died, his companions left Cebu Island overnight and continued to sail.

Finally, they successfully returned to Spain on September 6, 1522, completing the first round the world voyage in human history.

Magellan has seen many storms and waves.

Unexpectedly, he died in the hands of a group of aborigines using primitive weapons.

This is the capsizing in the gutter.

[cool review] Chinese people often say that “a strong dragon can’t crush a local snake” and “a boat capsized in the gutter”.

They all tell people that there is no absolutely safe thing in the world, and “sure” is lucky.

Magellan’s death on a desert island was an accident.

It was the tenth time after nine successes in a row, but it was a disastrous defeat waiting for him.

There are so many accidents in life.

Remember one sentence: be careful to make a ten thousand year ship.

In our daily life and work, we should also hold this attitude.

For example, when crossing the road, look left and right, don’t run the red light.

We should not be regarded as a rash person in our work.

We should be solid and steady.

Even if you eat, you should chew and swallow slowly.

A prudent and leisurely life is a perfect life.