At the beginning of 1938, the Soviet reconnaissance bureau began to plan to collect US nuclear secret intelligence.

At that time, the Soviet government was vaguely aware that the United States was engaged in atomic bombs, but the Soviet side did not know what the Americans used to make atomic bombs, where they were developed and produced, how they were progressing, and how powerful they would be in the future.

Therefore, the Soviet Union sent an agent with a pseudonym of “Adur Adams” to the United States to collect intelligence in this regard.

The work of “Adams” did not go well and did not get any valuable information in the United States.

Later, the experienced old agent was suspected of “maintaining contact with domestic Trotsky elements” and was recalled from the United States under the high pressure of the Soviet people’s Committee for internal affairs.

In order to continue to collect nuclear intelligence, the Soviet intelligence department began to look for candidates to replace “Adams” and took the pseudonym “Delma” for the new person.

In 1939, the search for candidates had reached the final stage, and there were several popular candidates for “Delma”.

Finally, a young man named Dmitri was favored by the examiner of the Soviet reconnaissance department.

Dmitri was just drafted into the army.

Before joining the army, he graduated from a technical college in Moscow with excellent results and was escorted to graduate school.

On this day, Dmitri received a notice of enlistment.

The next day, Dmitry came to the military service bureau of the district as a young conscription to check his body and join the Soviet Red Army.

Dmitri’s personal conditions are very favorable to the reconnaissance agency.

He was born in the United States in 1915 in an immigrant family from the Soviet Union.

He knows English and is familiar with American life.

Dmitri’s father lived in the Soviet Union in his early years and was a carpenter.

Once, my father met a beautiful girl, fell in love with her deeply, and decided to marry her.

However, due to his poor family and no savings, he was unable to hold the wedding.

In a hurry, his father decided to go to the United States and marry his sweetheart when he made enough money.

After Dmitri’s father came to the United States, he soon found a job with relatively good income and took up his old business – row sawing.

He lived frugally and remitted all his savings to the girl he loved.

The girl was deeply moved and soon went to the United States to marry a young carpenter.

The two have lived in the United States for nearly 20 years.

They have had a total of three children.

Dmitri is the eldest.

With the increase and growth of children, the expenses gradually increase.

Although the father is very hard-working and can bear hardships, it is still difficult to support the family of five with the money he earns alone.

In 1933, the Dmitry family returned to the Soviet Union and lived in the Khabarovsk border region in the Far East of the Soviet Union.

Dmitri worked as a fitter in a collective farm, repairing all kinds of agricultural machinery and building houses for the farm.

In 1934, Dmitry decided to study in Colleges and universities.

He came to Moscow alone and was successfully admitted to a technical college in Moscow until he graduated with excellent results and was escorted to graduate school.

The Soviet reconnaissance agency felt that Dmitri was a plastic material and could train him into an excellent agent.

When seeking Dmitri’s advice, Dmitri expressed his great willingness to work in this new and unknown department.

In the summer of 1939, Dmitry was sent to the United States to implement the “Delma” plan, and his pseudonym was “Delma”.

His task is to collect information on the development of chemical radiation substances by American scientific research laboratories.

At that time, the Americans were ahead of the Germans in the development of chemical weapons and made great achievements.

In 1943, at the height of the Second World War, Dmitry, who had been lurking in the United States for many years, was asked to serve in the U.S. military.

This made him feel very embarrassed, but this service changed his fate.

When Dmitry arrived at the recruitment office to report, he knew that his place of service was not a field force, but a scientific research institution.

He was relieved.

It was undoubtedly the best opportunity for Dmitri.

Not only that, Dmitry and the Soviet reconnaissance agency also got an unexpected harvest – Dmitry was sent to study.

The training course was actually a training course, and the trainees were young technical backbones working in radioactive material production enterprises in the United States at that time.

There are more than 30 people in Dmitri’s training class.

Some of them became famous scientists in the United States after the Second World War, while others became senior analytical experts in important American companies.

In August 1944, Dmitri successfully graduated from the intensive training class.

After that, he was assigned to work in a secret unit in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as a technician in a factory producing radioactive materials, which were used to develop the atomic bomb.

Dmitri was shocked by what he saw when he first came to Oak Ridge.

There were tens of thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians, and a large number of police, federal security agency agents and military intelligence agents engaged in security work here.

The city is simply a restricted area.

Entering and leaving the city must go through many strict inspections.

At that time, the city had no name, and there was no sign on the map.

It only claimed that so and so company.

In fact, the technicians of this “company” are engaged in the development of uranium, an important element used to make atomic bombs.

In 1943, the Soviet military intelligence department learned that the United States had opened nuclear research laboratories in Los Angeles and Chicago, but knew nothing about Oak Ridge.

Dmitry’s intelligence is very important, so the Soviet military intelligence department has mastered the specific location of the atomic energy city hidden by the Americans for many years.

Later, according to Dmitri’s further report, the Soviet Union learned that Oak Ridge produced uranium, and the production enterprise was divided into three laboratories.

Dmitri’s business has about 1500 people.

In early 1945, Dmitry transferred to another laboratory, which was mainly to complete a separate research task of the U.S. nuclear program.

At the same time, Dmitry was also promoted, and his new position gave him the opportunity to access more information and master more intelligence.

Famous scientists are working in the new laboratory.

According to what he saw, Dmitri judged that the work of developing the atomic bomb in the United States is coming to an end.

Dmitri immediately changed his job.