I studied a history of this at school and visited a museum of the Holocaust. The following are from my experience and knowledge (no special in-depth study, please point out what’s wrong). First, the differences in appearance:

Jews do have some characteristics that can be seen. Jewish clothing, clothing, hairstyle and beard have their own characteristics. Now in some western countries, Jews with distinctive clothing characteristics (black coat and black hat) can be seen.

after Germany invaded Poland, it humiliated Jewish men by cutting off their beards. It shows that Jews are relatively easy to recognize.

Jews were maliciously vilified during World War II. I have seen Nazi propaganda posters usually depict Jews as insects or fungi with big eyes, big nose and human faces. They are very disgusting and insane. They really can’t look directly at them…

Jews do have some physical features, For example, the most well-known is the “jewishnose”, which is usually considered as a “6” (also known as jewishsix). I can’t map or copy the picture address. I can go to Google pictures and search the keyword “Jewish nose propaganda” to find some publicity posters that vilify and isolate Jews.

in addition, German children were taught how to distinguish the Holocaust expanded The picture in the page above orgks3anti Semitism is that the teacher taught the students to recognize the “Jewish nose”, which is actually an illustration of the anti Semitism children’s book poisonous mushroom. It was published by Julius Streicher, a Nazi war criminal.

then I found something very interesting. Below is a section of the poisonous mushrooms on the website “how to recognize Jews”. Through the dialogue between teachers and students (children), it tells readers how to distinguish Jews and Gentiles with their eyes.

English Translation: Calvin eduacademiccasgpastory3. Htm

can be summarized simply in Chinese:

1. Jewish nose (different from other noses such as Eagle nose), big ears like the handle of a coffee cup 2. Puffy lips with protruding lower lips 3. Thicker and fuller eyelids than Aryans, alert and sharp eyes (giving people a sense of cunning) 4. Short or medium head, The legs are short. Many people have arched legs and flat feet. 5. They usually have black curly hair. 6. They look the same as many criminals. To be honest, I don’t know what the “low” or “tilt” of the forehead is) * ****** 8 ******. The article emphasizes that not all Jews look like this, Some have only some characteristics, and some can hardly be seen. So then Lao Shi asked the students to analyze the behavior and actions of Jews.

9. Jews will move their heads back and forth. 10. Their feet are unstable and their gait is shuffled. 11. Their hands will move when talking (I see here… Do Germans put their hands close to the seams of their pants) 12 Jewish speech “jabber” (i.e. their voice, intonation or accent is not very pleasant, I don’t know in Germany, but now there is Jew jabber in English-speaking countries, which is probably a very annoying voice) 13. It doesn’t smell very good and has a little sweet taste. It should be noted that many characteristics of Jews are controversial, For example, Jews themselves do not recognize the “Jewish nose” (added in the next paragraph). The contents of this book cannot be a foolproof method of identification, but at least it can tell us how the Germans distinguished Jews at that time.

((slightly partial, about Jews not recognizing “Jewish nose”)) the Jewish Massacre Museum I have been to is for educational purposes, Jewish survivors often give speeches there (most of them are elderly people who survived in concentration camps or escaped the pursuit of the Nazis. They are very concerned about their tasks. There is an old woman who needs to wipe her saliva while talking, and most people are always very excited). The demonstration in the museum refers to the Jewish nose used by Germans to distinguish Jews, and says that there is no so-called Jewish nose at all, Jews can look as like as two peas. In addition, I always thought that Jews were race. The demonstration materials in the museum said that Jews were not race, They can be counted as a nation or an ethonologious group (not explained, Wiki address en. M.wikipedia. Orgwikiethonologious_group) (but… It is an indisputable fact that most Jews have similar features. From an objective point of view, today’s Jewish survivors and the Nazi slaughterers at that time may both belittle each other and beautify themselves. This truth is similar to that written by the victors in history. Although the Nazis did commit unforgivable inhuman crimes, it is impossible (denied) after the appearance, talk about the identity of Jews.

what I said next is what I learned from the museum. I can’t remember whether the details took place in Germany or Poland. At least most Nazi ruled places with ghetto are similar.

identity. After Germany occupied Poland, the original policy on Jews in Germany was also implemented in Poland. All Jews must wear a six pointed star armband, and each Jewish identity card has a red J printed on it.

some events that took place at that time, such as the Jewish uprising, had a great impact. The insurgents either died or went to jail or were sent to a hard labor camp (there was no concentration camp at that time), or they could only live in ghetto with other Jews. ghettoIt’s a Jewish community with poor living conditions. You may starve to death in ghetto without being killed by the Germans.

Jews cannot communicate with non Jews and cannot participate in normal activities such as school or work.

the movement of Jews is also restricted. The survivors of the speech in the museum I went to said that they only have a certain time to go out every day. They must wear armbands and ID cards when going out. If they are caught by patrolling Germans without ID certificates, they can be shot on the spot. When you can’t go out, you can’t sit in your own garden in time. Bicycles and public transport have been banned. I’m not sure whether what he said happened in Germany or Poland.

what’s the use of identification. There is a person’s personal information and family information on it. Although Jews are not a race, it is reasonable to say that if a person is the son of a Jewish mother, he is born Jewish.

according to the Nazi regulations at that time, if a person’s parents and grandparents have Jews, even if that person no longer participates in various activities of Judaism and no longer looks like a Jew, even if he believes in Catholicism, as long as the Nazis can find out that there are Jews in his ancestors for three generations, he will still be Jewish and will still be persecuted.

in addition, in terms of living habits, the Jews themselves are not very integrated into the mainstream society (much like the Chinese overseas now have their own small circles and have little intersection with westerners); They have their own Synagogue (much destroyed by the Nazis), indicating that the scope of their activities is also well confirmed; They have distinctive national characteristics. I guess they were just like the Middle Easterners with headscarves that can be seen on the streets of modern western countries.

(I accidentally quit the app after typing on my mobile phone for a long time, and I was so scared that I broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, there was an automatically saved draft…) the Chinese study was so bad that everyone laughed at the