has been established for 65 years. The Korean workers’ Party has more than 3 million Party members, accounting for 14% of the total population of North Korea. The core leadership of the workers’ Party also takes into account the leadership of the army. It has absolute control over the armed forces. As the supreme leader of the workers’ party, Kim Jong Il has supreme power. Kim Jong Il’s power is inherited from his father Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung’s centralization of power has experienced fierce competition with various factions.

in the early 1960s, there was a policy line struggle within the Korean workers’ party, whether economic priority or national defense priority. The representative of the former is called the Jiashan faction, and the representative of the latter is the army. Both are the Kim Il Sung faction. At first, Kim Il Sung tended to the Jiashan faction and hoped to increase the rationality of political power with the help of economic achievements, but the Jiashan faction occupied the core position of the party, He also opposes Kim Il Sung’s personal worship and Kim Jong Il’s hereditary inheritance, and is familiar with Kim Il Sung’s past, which seriously threatens Kim Il Sung’s leadership.

from May 4 to 8, 1967, the Korean workers’ party held the 15th plenary session of the fourth central committee to eliminate the “Jiashan faction” in the name of opposing the bourgeoisie, revisionism, establishing Kim Il Sung’s main thought and serving as the only thought of the Korean workers’ party. This plenary session revoked the internal and external positions of the “Jiashan faction”, expelled their party membership and swept away the whole country. About two-thirds of the local party and government cadres in North Korea were implicated. By cleaning up the “Jiashan faction”, Kim Il Sung finally achieved the goal of establishing his main idea as the only ideological system of the Korean workers’ party, and removed the obstacles to determining Kim Jong Il as his successor.

Jiang An: in the 1960s, Kim Il Sung’s younger brother Kim Ying Ju was regarded as Kim Il Sung’s political candidate, but in his later political career, he gradually faded out of political vision and replaced Kim Jong Il. In fact, in the design of Kim Il Sung’s entire political system and the overall framework of successor body system, In fact, he has his own idea, which is the of family hereditary system.

see the world today on October 18, 2010. The following is the written record:

Lu Chen: on October 10, North Korea held a grand military parade to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the workers’ party. In addition to unprecedented scale, more importantly, it was regarded as the accession ceremony of the new generation of successors of North Korea. Kim Jong Un came out after a long call, And leader Kim Jong Il. Analysts believe that Kim Jong Un’s appearance is to tell the international community that the succession process of North Korea is progressing steadily. At the same time, North Korea shows the world through the presence of Zhou Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of China’s Political Bureau that the close relationship between North Korea and China and the new leader of North Korea has been recognized and supported by China. In addition, it is worth noting that western public opinion also intensively appeared last month, “the theory of North Korea’s imminent collapse”, but now it has suddenly cooled down. From the current response of the international community, countries actually have to accept the fact that Kim Jong Un took over. Privately, I also hope to contact the new leader of North Korea as soon as possible, and China is the first country to do so. Analysts believe that China’s initiative may lead the world to compete with North Korea again.

commentary: South Korean media said that China DPRK relations were moving towards a honeymoon period. On the 10th of this month, Zhou Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Political Bureau, attended the celebration of the 65th anniversary of North Korea’s labor day. North Korea also gave a very high courtesy. At the military parade celebration, Zhou Yongkang was arranged to watch the ceremony next to Kim Jong Il. During the days in Pyongyang, Kim Jong Il and Zhou Yongkang met four times in three days and held special talks.

last week, the news that “China invited Kim Jong Il and the new central leader of the DPRK to visit China” was amplified and interpreted by many foreign media. South Korea’s “Central Daily” said that this invitation was China’s response to the power transfer of the DPRK and to create a friendly atmosphere towards the DPRK. Before that, Chinese President Hu Jintao stressed in a congratulatory message to Kim Jong Il, The Communist Party of China highly values the traditional friendship between China and the DPRK and takes the continuous consolidation and development of friendly and cooperative relations between China and the DPRK as an unswerving policy.

Kim Jong Il also thanked China for its positive approach to the DPRK. He said to Zhou Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of China, who attended the 65th anniversary celebration of North Korea’s labor day, “I myself and members of the central collective leadership are willing to visit China often.”. South Korea’s “Central Daily” said that this was a preview of the successor Kim Jong Un’s personal “audience ceremony” to China’s top leaders.

Kim Jong Il also invited Hu Jintao to visit Pyongyang. It is predicted that the top leaders of China and North Korea will exchange visits soon. Some analysts believe that with the closer development of the alliance between South Korea and the United States, North Korea and China are creating an atmosphere to show off their honeymoon relationship in response.

Jiang an (international expert): in the current context, especially after the “Cheonan incident”, the diplomatic offensive of the United States, South Korea and Japan on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, including the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, has created such a tense situation, in which the US Japan alliance has been further strengthened, Therefore, in this sense, the diplomatic operation between China and North Korea can be understood as an international operation in the current special international background. Commentary of




: after the pattern of power transfer in North Korea has been basically determined and China has also made a recognition response, the attitude of the United States and South Korea towards North Korea has also changed. On the 11th of this month, South Korean President Lee Myung Bak seems to have more goodwill in his response to Kim Jong Un’s succession system. He told foreign journalists in South Korea that it is clear that North Korea is moving towards three generations of heredity, As long as the North Korean leader shows a sincere attitude, South Korea will face it with an open mind. The South Korean website said that Lee Myung Bak’s words are a hint that South Korea is willing to carry out dialogue with the North Korean leadership.

and the United States also wants to contact Kim Jong Un. Some dignitaries and celebrities, including former Deputy Assistant Secretary of state Xie Shuli, have gone to North Korea for some private exchanges before the party representative meeting held by the North Korean commercial agreement. Many U.S. officials believe that the current communication channels with North Korea are smooth, and theyHe advocated creating more conditions to contact Kim Jong Un himself, such as direct negotiations with him, and even inviting him to visit the United States.

the Wall Street Journal also said that with the further consolidation of North Korea and the succession process of Kim Jong Un, the Obama administration is also trying to seek to resume dialogue with the North Korean government in January next year.

Jiang An: the United States and South Korea have a positive diplomatic attitude towards the changes in the political situation of North Korea. They want to test or calculate Kim Jong Un’s own diplomatic strength and political influence, as well as his own political strength, and also hope to take the lead in diplomacy, so as to win the relative competitive advantage of the diplomatic platform on the Korean Peninsula, The purpose is to compete with China for the diplomatic strategic interests of Northeast Asia.

Lu Chen: international observers believe that North Korea, a country with nuclear weapons, may be controlled by an unpredictable helmsman in the future. Therefore, at present, all neighboring countries hope that the North Korean regime can make a smooth transition and finally integrate into the international community. The relevant countries participating in the six-party talks do not want chaos in North Korea, which is why they hope to have contact with Kim Jong Un. However, while most countries can accept Kim Jong Un’s succession, there are endless voices accusing North Korea of hereditary inheritance. Even Kim Jong Il’s eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, expressed opposition to the three generations of hereditary leadership. The highest ranking “defector” in North Korea so far. Huang Changye, former Secretary of the Korean workers’ party, said that Kim Jong Il was a thief. He said that Kim Jong Il, like a child, was teasing and insulting the Korean people by granting the title of “general”. However, it is very dramatic that on October 10, the day Kim Jong Il held a grand accession ceremony for Kim Jong Un, Huang Changye died suddenly.

commentary: on October 14, 2010, the funeral of the famous defector of North Korea, Huang Changye, was held at Eshan hospital in Songpo District, Seoul, South Korea. Many people who defected from North Korea to South Korea attended the funeral. On October 10, 2010, 87 year old Huang Changye was found dead in his closely guarded home. The South Korean police later issued an investigation report, saying that Huang Changye died of heart failure. South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo” said that after defecting in 1997, Huang Changye was scolded by Kim Jong Il as a traitor inferior to pigs and dogs, and became the number one assassination target of North Korea. In April this year, South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency announced that it had uncovered North Korea’s plot to assassinate Huang Changye and arrested two North Korean spies posing as defectors.

Jiang An: during the reign of Kim Il Sung, it should be said that Mr. Huang Changye had a very prominent political position in the political arena of North Korea. He was the main planner of Kim Il Sung’s “main thought”. Many thoughts and plans of the “theme thought” came entirely from such a political master. Commentary on




: in his memoir “I saw the true meaning of history”, Huang Changye described in detail the truth of his exile to South Korea. In early 1997, he was invited to Japan to attend a seminar on international issues. In fact, he went to Japan to seek food aid without success. He knew that he had not completed the task entrusted to him by Kim Jong Il himself. After returning home, Would be the most severe punishment.

Jiang An: in the era of Kim Jong Il, Mr. Huang Changye’s political status is not as good as that of Kim Il Sung. Politics gradually loses power and favor, which makes him suffer politically and even psychologically. Commentary on

: on February 12, 1997, Huang Changye and his deputy Kim Dehong hid in the South Korean Embassy in China. After defecting to South Korea, Huang Changye held private lectures everywhere, disclosed the little-known political insider of North Korea, and constantly made fierce remarks on Kim Jong Il’s regime and nuclear weapons policy.

Huang Changye: we started the development of nuclear weapons very early. When Kim Il Sung inspected the underground Arsenal in 1958, he repeatedly stressed the need to prepare for nuclear war. Since then, he has formulated a plan.

commentary: in addition to revealing the secret that North Korea already has nuclear weapons, Huang Changye also pointed out the tricks commonly used by North Korea. In September 2008, when North Korea prepared to talk to the United States again with the abolition of Yongbyon nuclear facilities as a chip, Huang Changye said that it was just North Korea’s affectation and should not be confused by the words of abolishing nuclear facilities.

Huang Changye: once there are nuclear weapons, it can first shock South Korea. It is also a means to prevent U.S. intervention when unifying the Korean Peninsula by force. No one will think that the United States will attack North Korea. Kim Jong Il has always used the threat of the United States as an excuse.

Jiang An: Huang Changye’s series of remarks and political actions create a diplomatic reason or excuse for the United States and other western countries or relevant countries to further interfere in or invade the DPRK, making people feel that the DPRK may also be an irresponsible country lacking a sense of morality, justice and gratitude to the international community.

Lu Chen: as early as the Kim Il Sung period, Huang Changye opposed Kim Il Sung’s transfer of power to his son Kim Jong Il. By the mid-1990s, Huang Changye was directly opposed to Kim Jong Il because he protested against the hereditary system, so that he finally had no place to live in North Korea. Take the opportunity of visiting China and escape to South Korea. Huang Changye’s defection was implicated by nine clans. His wife and eldest daughter were “granted” by Kim Jong Il to commit suicide. The rest of his family and relatives were sent to the labor camp for “labor reform”. According to South Korean media reports, Huang Changye was chased and killed by assassins sent by Kim Jong Il before his death. He became a victim of Kim Jong Il’s hereditary succession and a member of the Korean labor party, The Kim family is a representative of the elimination of dissidents.

Lu Chen: the Korean workers’ party, which has been established for 65 years, has more than 3 million Party members, accounting for 14% of the total population of North Korea. The core leadership of the workers’ Party also takes into account the leadership of the army. It has absolute control over the armed forces. As the supreme leader of the workers’ party, Kim Jong Il has supreme power. Kim Jong Il’s power is inherited from his father Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung’s centralization of power has experienced fierce competition with various factions. In fact, the early Korean workers’ party was formed by the merger of many communist parties of different factions. In 1925, the Communist Party of Korea was established, and three years later, because of internalAfter the factional struggle was dissolved, the Communists in North Korea established their own mountains. However, due to the pursuit of the Japanese authorities, the Communists fled overseas and joined the Communist Party of their host country, mostly in China and the Soviet Union. Until 1945, when World War II ended, the United States and the Soviet Union were divided into the Korean Peninsula, and many Communists in North Korea regrouped on this land.

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