Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held in Chicago on May 16, 1860. Chicago has become a symbol of the brave and rapid development of the United States at that time, and has become one of the five major cities in the United States in the mid-19th century. The population of the city was 29000 in 1850, increased to 80000 in 1855 and reached 109000 in 1860. This marks the rapid development of capitalism in the northwest of the United States, the continuous growth of the workforce, and has formed an independent and powerful political force. Most of the residents in the northwest states are self-employed farmers, and many of the foreign immigrants are German Socialist revolutionaries. They were not as easily frightened by the aggressive southern slave owners as the gentlemen of Wall Street and the believers of Boston, but dared to fight them.

on May 16, 1860, the train carrying 40000 passengers and 500 representatives came to the goods distribution center and transportation hub of the Qianli grassland to attend the scheduled conference. The “wegweim” building built for the conference is a wooden structure building, which can accommodate 10000 people. The interior and exterior of the building are newly decorated with extraordinary style.

Lincoln’s friends really sold a little to create a campaign atmosphere. “Lincoln campaign headquarters” is located on the third floor of the “Tremont” building. The entire three floors of this Chicago Premier Hotel were contracted by David Davis for $300. Lincoln headquarters has a campaign office. There are propaganda drum mobilization, lobbyists, debate nurses, counselors and cheerleaders in this team.

in the reception room of Lincoln headquarters, famous cigarettes and wines such as cigars, wine, brandy and whisky were also prepared for each representative and important guests at a total cost of 321 US dollars. The money was paid out of Lincoln’s own pocket by two other friends, hatch and Ramon. The two men also invited the delegates to the headquarters for private talks, sometimes speaking to a large number of delegates and urging them to vote for Lincoln. Ramon also made a special trip to the printing house of




to print the admission tickets of the conference, so that the people who support Lincoln can sneak into the venue and occupy the whole hall the next day, so that the cheerleaders of West ward can have no place to intervene. Because a cheerleading team of 1000 people came from New York state to cheer for West ward. A group of people, including the famous heavyweight boxing champion Tom hale, also came. Serlow Wade also set up the headquarters of the West ward campaign in the Richmond building, and is also going all out to fight tenaciously for the presidential candidate. So around the wigwam building, the crowd was bustling and crowded. There are far more people outside than in the building, all campaigning for candidates in this state. The parade in bright fashion marched majestically on the street with the accompaniment of the brass team, shouting slogans to cheer the candidates. More than 1000 bars were full of customers, and people were having fun and making a lot of noise.

more than half of the 40000 guests who poured into Chicago from other places kept shouting for Abraham Lincoln, “support old Abel, support the candidate who splits the fence wood” one after another, all day long. Some of them are motivated by morality, some are drunk and red eyed. They are all helping Lincoln in the election and cheering for the people of Lincoln’s school.

on the afternoon of May 17, the conference adopted the Republican Party’s political platform amid cheers. Then, the representatives who supported West ward wanted to ask for an immediate vote on the candidate because they believed that their candidate could be nominated that afternoon. However, since the ballot paper was not ready at that time, the president of the general assembly, George ashmond, moved the adjournment of the meeting, which was approved by an oral vote of the majority of delegates. As a result, the general assembly was able to adjourn temporarily.

Lincoln’s supporters seized the decisive moment, carried out intense activities all night and reached some important secret deals. One of them was that Lincoln’s friends had made a wish to the delegation leaders of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio: if Lincoln was elected, they would be able to enter the cabinet when Lincoln had returned to Springfield. Before the trip, he told his campaign manager, “I didn’t authorize you to engage in political transactions, and I won’t admit such transactions in the future.” However, the issue of official vows was introduced. Later, during the period from his election to his inauguration, Lincoln appointed the leaders of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio to fulfill the political promises made by his campaign manager. Although many people reminded Lincoln that these people were not qualified as politicians and were not enough to help him solve the problems facing the government, he did so. “Spekds” and “spkds” of Lincoln have reached the degree of the last day of the “spekds” and “spekds” in the West.

it turned out that as early as the first two days of the routine of the Congress (i.e. May 16 and 17), West ward supporters were allowed to enter and leave the venue freely due to the permission of the Chicago campaign manager. Lincoln’s supporters saw it and remembered it, so there was a forgery of admission tickets, so they recruited 100 loud men and women and let them all squeeze into the venue until they filled all the seats and places they could stand on. In this way, hundreds of cheering people from New York state could not squeeze in. They were forced to wander outside the venue and stomp their feet. Not only that, Lincoln’s supporters also hired two “super voices”: one is Dr. Ames in Chicago, who is said to be able to clearly spread his cry from one side of Lake Michigan to the other side on calm days; The other is a big throat from Otawa, who can roar like a bell. Burton cook, who was sitting on the rostrum, agreed with the two “super voices” before the meeting: as soon as he took out his handkerchief, the two big throats would take the lead in booing, and the other 1000 people would follow his voice and respond together, followed by the roaring of the two leaders, creating a sensation for the whole venue.

on May 18, the General Assembly held nominations and voting. All nominated speakers are expressed in simple sentences. When the representative of Judd spoke, “I’m on behalf of you