I remember playing Empire era II before and was deeply impressed by his mission. Just after watching the director’s edited version of the kingdom of heaven, I was deeply impressed with him. Please comment on the great God of medieval history, the hero of the Muslim world, to amuse everyone. Just read it as a novel. For those who want to seriously understand history, please see @ the answer of situ great God in Jiangzuo.

______________________________________________ In 1138, many things happened in the world, and bosses everywhere were very busy.

in this year, the small court of the Southern Song Dynasty paid tribute to Jin Wushu and settled Hangzhou. From then on, “the warm wind intoxicated tourists and made Hangzhou bianzhou.”. Depressed is writing “if you want to pay your mind to yaoqin, there are few bosom friends, and the string is broken, who will listen?”.

this year, Zangger is fighting against the fragile alliance between Byzantine and Crusader countries.

the most lively is western Europe:

this year, red bearded Fei tre’s uncle, German Emperor Conrad III, colluded with the Pope to squeeze out his brother-in-law “proud Henry” and succeeded in usurping the throne. Create the Hohenstaufen Dynasty.

once King Henry died, French nephew Stephen turned over his Scottish cousin Robert in the “battle of the flag”, defeated his cousin, that is, Mathilde, the granddaughter of old William of the “Norman Conquest” and the mother of King Henry of the Canary short cloak, and asked her to climb away from the ice in white. Temporarily usurped the throne.

is that Louis VII, the “young king” of France, had a good time. He was nominated by the bridal chamber and the golden palace. He married Elena, the Duchess of Aquitaine, a 16-year-old beauty and rich sister, and succeeded smoothly.

but don’t panic. He soon knew how upset the wife was.

there is another very insignificant thing: Tikrit in northern Iraq gave birth to a Kurdish child named Saladin, which means “truth and justice”.

Lao Sa’s family is a famous local family and has been an official for generations. Zanji was once their servant.

so when SA was a teenager, he not only had a family background, but also had Greek tutors to make up lessons. He was also good at riding, fighting, drinking and picking up girls, which meant that he was a good childe in the world.

the outside world is still lively. Zanji destroyed the Crusader country EDSA in 1144 and asked for help from the fire line in Jerusalem. The Pope hurried to find the princes who are busy with mutual K: “don’t fucking pinch it, the fire in the East is going to the house!”

but King Louis VII just had a fight with the Pope and burned many people in a church. German Emperor Conrad III also broke up with the Pope and was busy invading Hungary. Do you think of me at this time? Ashamed!

the Pope cried and screamed, threatened to expel the church, and vowed to rob anyone. It took two or three years. In 1147, the second couple led several groups of former enemies to the eastern expedition.

is that Lu Qi’s wife Elena is very excited. This energetic and romantic, but her husband doesn’t know how to be funny. Also, because the queen who hasn’t had a son for ten years is feeling bored and flustered, she wears the fashion of Amazon female soldiers in the upstream poetry and follows the Japanese crown princess to the Middle East to relax.

the eastern expedition was led by two kings, and the arch rival Zanji was assassinated by the eunuch (Assassin’s undercover) around him last year, so he was highly expected by Europeans.

but they have their own calculations and don’t like each other. The key to




is that the situation in Jerusalem has stabilized in the past three years. They go to the vast Muslim world and don’t know who to fight?

go around and talk about it.

old Kang set out first and took his nephew, later Frederick with red beard. He robbed Hungary first and beat up Byzantine again, forcing them to send their army to Xiaoya to be a guide for the German army. The Byzantines followed the example of Wang erxiao, a cattle herder, and led them into the ambush of the Turkic guerrillas. As a result, Lao Kang was completely destroyed by the water and finally ran out with his nephew.

Road 7 arrived at the front and rear feet, and he was also a word of “decline”. First, an evil wind blew away the luggage and drowned many people. The queen Elena led her mother’s army as a forward guard, but ran into the gully to hide in the shade and hang the main force of Lu Qi naked. Turks, you’re welcome? Go up and kill Lu Qi’s troops. Comrade Lu Qi climbed into a tree and hid.

it is said: “the queen is embarrassed.” They had to change the sea route again. The Turks stared all the way. As long as they landed, the little Turks came together to pinch them and ran away. In this way, the wolves ate cattle all the way. They were relieved until Antioch, the territory of the Queen’s Uncle Raymond, and there were less than half of the people left.

don’t be busy and happy. Lu Qi’s troubles have just begun: when the queen sees her uncle’s happiness, they are tired of being together all day and talk and laugh in their hometown dialect. Lu Qi doesn’t understand it and hangs it aside. It is said that the two have an affair everywhere in the city.

and these uncles and nieces are really not fuel-efficient lamps. Uncle Lei told Lu Qi that his nephew and son-in-law, you can help me fight Syria first. Lu Qi said that I haven’t arrived at the holy city yet. What’s the matter if I help you grab territory first? The queen makes a big fuss. I’m not going anywhere. If you don’t help my uncle, I’ll divorce. Lu Qi also had a big attack. He said that I haven’t seen you about these bad things along the way. First, tell me what’s going on with your uncle. Seeing me is like seeing your second uncle’s potstickers for ten yearsWhat are you pulling?

“you’re blatant. Besides, it’s broadcast on TV that giving birth to boys and ladies is the key!” come on, it’s useless to grow anything in your broken saline alkali land! ”


had a big quarrel anyway. As a result, Lu Qi drove the queen back to France that night and went to Jerusalem by himself.

Uncle Lei stirred up a fight with the couple. He was not satisfied with Lu Qi: “what bastard uncle? I’m not Chinese new year without you? Fight by myself!”

he went to find Zanji’s son nuredin and set him free.




and other roads reached Jerusalem and joined the local friendly forces in June 1149.

no one knows who to hit.

let’s have a meeting first.

there is a meeting here, and nuredin has killed Uncle Lei over there.

meeting was held for more than half a month and decided to beat their accomplice Damascus at that time, because there were no relatives at the meeting.

before Damascus came down, nuredin rushed over.

so everyone dispersed.

this is the Second Crusade. The Second Crusade made a disheartened face. After returning to Europe, no one is a good bird. The Pope scolded. The people also know that the Crusades are nonsense and it’s not so easy to get rich.

the most significant thing in this eastern expedition is the fight between Lu Qi and his wife. Because of this fight, Britain and France fought for 300 years.

this is the “beard war”. Lu Qi didn’t know why he was mad before returning from Jerusalem. In order to show his piety to the Lord, he shaved his beard. In medieval Europe, it means that Chinese men want to become a monk.

Elena, a fan of beauty Hu, was not pleased with him, At the first sight, he was even more angry:

“what kind of image do you want to change? Do you know that you have no personality after shaving your beard? You don’t want to be a king. You want to join ‘come on, good man’? You’d better go to a promising career like a monk!”

Lu Qi just feels that life is black and white. Of course, there is no supreme treasure. “I know, I will continue to work hard!” That correct attitude.




are separated.

don’t shave casually!

are immortal. In 1152, an earl named Henry came to visit the king.

was nothing. But the 19-year-old is not only tall and handsome, but also has a beautiful beard!

when the 30-year-old queen Elena saw this Hu, she couldn’t help sighing in her heart: she was dying.

then the sky thunder hooked up with the earth fire. They really had an affair this time.

this guy is of course the count of Anju, Henry II of England two years later.

his father is Jeffrey, the old count of Anju, who is nicknamed a beautiful man and often wears a canary flower. It is said that he also had a good relationship with the queen of love.




could not be separated, so they whispered for a long time. Elena applied to the church for divorce on the grounds that “she and Louis were blood relatives within the sixth century and did not comply with the national policy of family planning”.

the Pope is having luck with Lu Qi. He is happy to see his joke. One word is “batch!”

Lu Qi was also happy: “who is afraid of who? Leave!”

until more than two months later, Elena married Henry with lightning speed and took away a large area of the fief under her name. Lu Qi thought about it:

had found a good home long ago, cunningly…

in the same year, Frederick I with red beard was elected emperor of Germany, officially beginning his bloody life in Italy.

Henry was in good spirits at happy events. The next year, he called his mother back to England and beat his cousin Stephen, king of England. This time, he was very lucky. Before it was hit, a hail hit his cousin’s army half to death. After another fight, my cousin fell off the horse for no reason for several times, but he couldn’t help it up. Anyway, he beat his cousin until he promised to pass the throne to him after death. Moreover, his cousin died actively the next year, and Henry, 21, became king of England.

the good things are not over yet. Elena seems to have to be angry with Louis VII who hasn’t opened his beard for 15 years. The universe broke out and gave birth to four sons to Henry after five years of marriage.

what’s more irritating is that after Henry became king of England, the fiefdoms of his ancestors and Elena in France were all under his name, and the territories on both sides of the British Strait add up to five major regions of France.

Louis VII wants to return to Elena’s fief. Of course Henry doesn’t do it:

is my daughter-in-law now. Why give it to you?




fought several times. Lu Qi didn’t come back. He had to practice his internal skills and concentrate on having a son.

is thisModbei, the second wife didn’t open a beard until 1165. The third wife didn’t bloom on the bar and gave birth to seven boys Philip on the way 50.

is bustling across the street. It’s a human tragedy on the seventh side of the road.

is that true?




don’t need much. Just such a little Philip didn’t toss the British family to death in the future.

his nickname is little fox.

and the little SA in the East has grown up (almost forgot him). He followed his uncle as a staff officer in nuredin’s army. During this period, it is said that he did not fool around, but became an accomplished Sunni scholar.

in 1164, the old king of the Fatima Dynasty, who was already smoky, lost his new life. Shawar, the prime minister, took the opportunity to rebel and collude with the state of Jerusalem and the Byzantine coalition forces to divide Egypt. The Fatima royal family had to sue nuredin, the old enemy.




the critical moment still depends on the Muslim brothers. Of course, nuredin is also a master who has no profit and can’t get up early.

in 1168, the two sides fought fiercely in Alexandria, and Fatima declared neutrality (HA HA). In this battle, Saladin, 30, put down the Koran and picked up Allah’s sword. As the main general guarding Alexander, he fought thousands of enemies for 75 days and went out to get a handful from time to time until the reinforcements arrived and beat away the Christian gang.

Islam also has good accounting…

Fatima’s Egypt became the state of nuredin. This shining debut also made Saladin famous. The next year, he succeeded his uncle as the Regent Prime Minister of Fatima.

Xiao SA has excellent martial arts, and Wenzhi is not covered. He built water conservancy, solved the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, anti-corruption and education, strengthened the army through science and technology, stressed three stresses and guaranteed the first, eight honors and eight disgraces… Within a few years, Fatima made the people rich and the country strong, and the whole harmonious society. The current review “is that two sheep have no top frame”.

in 1171, the last caliph of Fatima died, and SA easily ascended with his unparalleled reputation to create the ayyub Dynasty.

Saladin has “I can” in internal affairs and “I have my own set” in diplomacy, with flexible means and a view to the overall situation. He first respected the Abbas caliph, who had existed in name only and was more cowardly in the hands of the Turks than Emperor Xian of Han, as the boss, “to serve the son of heaven and not to be a minister”. Then “attack from afar and close”, make peace with the Christian gang and concentrate on practicing internal skills.

in 1174, nuredin, Saladin’s old owner, died. Those who left orphans and widows could not stop a swarm of uncles and uncles who robbed the family property. Sister-in-law Nu had to invite his uncle SA to the town.

Sa’s prestige in his old club is so high that many old comrades in arms left the city on his way to Damascus. And SA’s generosity made them feel that they had the right boss: Saladin gave them almost all the money in Egypt.

“mix with SA and eat meat”, so Saladin took Damascus without bloodshed and married sister-in-law nu (HA HA).

SA goes all the way north to Aleppo, the nest of Zanji clan gang. Saladin encountered unprecedented resistance here. It was not until nine years later that he won Aleppo by changing territory.

and Sa also experienced wind and rain in this process. First, in 1175, the Zanji Gang invited assasin, a killer group, to deal with him. They sent cold-blooded thirteen Eagles for the first time, but they recognized the wrong person. The next year, the “Seven Swords” almost succeeded. Saladin was stabbed in the face and his chest armor was pierced, but he survived, “bleeding on his face and walking back to his tent”.

speaking of asasin, it’s a legend in legend. NB has to get rid of the Japanese ninja group for several blocks. Asasin (meaning marijuana) is the famous assassin group “old man in the mountains” Hassan Gang, which is a branch of Shiite sect.

asasin was founded by Hassan Ibn Sabah in 1090. They entrenched themselves in the “Eagle’s nest” of the helm on the high mountain of Almaty and built a magic garden – the kind that Xiao shiaro lived in – to train killers. The doctrine is “play with him if you see who is unhappy”, known for playing with knives.

Marco Polo described this very vividly:

. “Only for ashishin asasin Only those who are able to enter the garden can enter, and no one else can enter. There is a castle at the entrance of the garden. It is so strong that it is difficult for people all over the world to seize it. People entering the garden must pass through the castle. There are 12-year-old local children in shanlao palace, all of whom are willing to be warriors. Shanlao gives mahamo the above-mentioned theory of heaven. The faith of children is the same as that of Muslims. Ten or six or four people of this generation have joined the park. The method of entering the park is as follows. First drink it with a drink (hemp leaf), and then lie drunk, so that people can be placed in the garden. When they wake up, they are already in the garden.

when they woke up in the garden, they really thought that they were in heaven, and women provided them with entertainment every day. This generation of young people were very happy and wished that they would not return at last.

there is always a court in the mountain. They often give it to simple people around them to make them believe that they are a great prophet, but this generation believes it. If he wants to send him to a certain place, he will drink some of the people in the garden with the above drinks, and take him to the palace. When they wake up, they will be surprised and frustrated to see that they are not in heaven but in the palace. Before the arrival of old Shan’s life, this generation knelt before the real prophet they believed. The old man asked him where he came from. Answer: from heaven. The shape of heaven is just as Mahatma said. Those who have not seen heaven hear it, eager to see it.

if the other person wants to assassinate a great noble person, then say to this generation: “go to kill someone, and after returning, command my God to lead you to heaven. If you die there, command my God to lead you back to heaven…”

so the killers jumped to death and carried out suicide attacks in order to hurry back to heaven. No matter the Arab caliph, the Turkic sultan or the king of Christ, God blocked God and Buddha blocked Buddha, and almost never missed. The bosses of all parties had no choice but to spend money to buy peace and pay protection fees in order to avoid death.




this time, asasin, a century old brand, failed to hit twice and only caused more than 10 points of damage to SA, which is a very rare thing. And they let Sa’s anger soar. They ordered soldiers to launch a series of attacks on assassin, causing more than 90 points of damage. The “Eagle’s nest” was about to explode. I had to beg for mercy and promise not to send anyone to stab Saladin again.

this is also the only time that assassin was killed by the Mongols until he was commanded by the Chinese engineering company a hundred years later (they sent a super invincible sea view killer group of 300 people to stab mengge).




however, this traditional Islamic brand came back to the Jianghu and recreated its glory. Today’s general scoop is called Ben Bin Laden…

and the Christian Gang won’t let Saladin stop. He met his first opponent in his life: a leper boy.

this son is Baldwin IV, king of Jerusalem. Bao Si liked to play and fight since he was a child, but when he was eight years old, he was cut with a wooden knife and didn’t know the pain. Then he was found to have leprosy. But after his uncle died, there was no one in Yecheng, so he was elected the little king by all votes and was regented by his cousin Raymond.

no one thought that the sick and weak boy who was only used as a memorial tablet was an unborn genius.

when talking about his fate with Saladin, I have to mention a professional robber named Renard.

Leonard was also a noble. During the second eastern expedition, he followed Louis VII to the Middle East to make a fortune. In 1160, the owner was arrested by nuredin entrusted by the Byzantine authorities for robbing his accomplice Cyprus. He squatted in Aleppo for 16 years. After being released, he fled to the holy city and became the head of the Templar order to partner with Raymond.

originally, the city of Sahel and Yahweh had made peace at this time. But Renard’s dirty hands and feet didn’t change and robbed Sa’s caravan many times. Saladin is trying to destroy the suspect Jerusalem to protect his supply line.

in 1177, Saladin’s 30000 troops divided into two routes and rushed to Jerusalem. Feigning all the way to askalen and intercepting the main force of the second mine all the way to Gaza.

and ER Lei has no concept of Saladin’s tactical layout, and the intelligence is very chaotic. While facing the enemy, they decided to send the little king to a safe place.

this place is askaren.

Bao Si and his hundreds of guards were just sent into the tiger’s mouth of the saladins.

SA heard that there were such good things, so he immediately led his troops to surround him.

Bao’s fourth guard had no idea in the face of the enemy troops all over the mountains. At this time, the 16-year-old boy who had been silent for many years said, “get close behind me.”

his calm and clear voice made the guards not believe their ears, but execute the order in surprise.

Bao Si first concentrated a little to repel the enemy’s charge, then used the mobility advantage of the cavalry to move laterally, separated the enemy’s infantry, then turned suddenly and ran away from the gap between the two encircled infantry of the other party.

Saladin didn’t expect that the boy was so slippery that he disappeared like a local grandson. The old thief let the rookie rinse it. He couldn’t help being crazy and chased it with all his strength.

if he knew how brave the child was, he might not play like that.

Saladin judged that Bossi had escaped and did not run back to Jerusalem, so he went straight to the holy city and prepared to take a drum to see what the troublemaker had changed.

kebosi didn’t go back to Yacheng at all. He ran all the way along the coast and collected the remnants scattered by Saladin, including Renard who broke out from Gaza. After a little sorting, Saladin was black on the way.

Lao SA, who was chasing after him, never thought that Bao Si dared to kill a shot back, and the team was too long. On November 25, Bao Si and Renard led 3000 people to intercept Saladin’s 30000 troops that had been pulled into a long snake array in mongisa at night.




made SA suffer a great loss. Bao Si destroyed the tenth stop army and nine stops. The most elite Mamluk cavalry were completely destroyed. Lao SA ran to the desert on an eight cylinder cross-country camel before he chose his life.

from then on, he remembered this leper boy who was wrapped in white cloth and could only live under a silver mask.

Uncle SA traversed the Middle East, but fell into the hands of yellow mouth patients. He couldn’t help sighing: “careless, careless…”

    I’llbeback! Depressed Saladin temporarily returned to the desert, and there was a man in the West who was more depressed than him.

because SA was beaten by a bastard K, and he wasBeaten by three little ruffians. What’s more depressing is that these three are his own sons.

this male is the former King Henry II.

Feng Shui turns. In the 1970s, it’s the turn of Louis VII, the green hat king of France, to see the joke of King Heng II.

Henry was first destroyed by the church: in 70 years, he sent someone to kill the British Archbishop who challenged him. The Pope was furious, announced the expulsion of Henry from the church and called on the whole Europe to beat him. Henry couldn’t stand it. After all, he took off his clothes and let the church whip him.

then turned against his wife Elena.

it is said that handsome men and beautiful women fell in love at first sight, got rid of old Louis who didn’t know the truth and didn’t know the interest, and broke through layers of feudal resistance to come together. It is the prince and queen who live happily ever after and slowly grow old together in a rocking chair.

however, the days after the century wedding are generally no longer Fairy Tales: Henry not only has fun, but also has a wide range of fun. When the wrinkles have broken through Elena’s heavy makeup, Henry’s younger brother fell in love with Rosamond, a 16-year-old beautiful girl.

Elena was very angry with Henry’s romantic behavior. She dug three feet to find Sasha and killed the mistress.

Henry lost his true love and saw his wife so degenerate. It was heartbreaking that the beautiful young woman who pursued true love and freedom turned into a feudal abnormal old witch.

“you are so boring, so cruel, so unreasonable!”

“you’re so boring, cruel, unreasonable!”




a pair of enemies spread hysteria. As a result, Heng Er applied to the church for divorce on the ground that “he and Elena are blood relatives within six generations and do not comply with the national policy of family planning”.

the Pope is having luck with Henry. He is happy to see his joke. Two words: “no!”

public toilets? Come and go if you want?

Henry was unconvinced: Why did this woman divorce Lu Qi?

the church says that policy is a policy and must be mastered flexibly.

management is the art of punishment. It makes you comfortable. It’s called service.

Henry had to separate and the husband and wife became passers-by.

don’t mention the fun of ex husband Louis VII. He ordered a song for Elena:

“one day you will be old…”

and say that Elena has been the owner of nothing to stir up all her life. This time, she is still standing on the moral commanding height. How can she stand Henry coming with her: have you made sense of your affair?

she asked her sons to beat their father.

Elena and her sons live in French territory all year round. Old Henry, old Richard, old Jeffrey, old John and little Philip, the son of Lu Qi, play together all day. It’s better to be familiar with Lu Qi than with their father who runs at both ends of the year. Moreover, the three brothers have long been unhappy with the father’s preference for the younger brother John:




when John was born, the three brothers divided all his father’s territory, so he was called the “king without land” (later, after John’s unremitting efforts, he lost his teacher and humiliated his country, and his professional title was promoted from the king without land to the “king without land”). The father asked his brothers to give the old man more bumps. My father has no family property, and none of the three brothers is willing to.

after listening to my mother’s cry and the encouragement of July 1 of Fawang Road, little Henry said that you don’t want to have a good life, old man? I’ll take over early.

“my father is a jerk who picks up girls all day. Brothers, don’t cry and fist together…”

in 73, Xiao Heng and his two younger brothers gathered together to revolt. Old Henry’s enemies all over the country also gloated to fight Taiping boxing.

tricked his wife and son, and the living man was so angry. Although Henry II was not dead, he had to cross the sea to put an end to the rebellion.

after all, old Henry is also a bully in Europe. Several bastards are not opponents at this time. In a few rounds, even his mother was caught by his father.

looked at the wife and child rebel group in front of the armband. Heng Er didn’t know what it was like.

“you little bastards, say! Whose idea?”

the children are also clever. Second brother and third brother: he!

big brother’s reaction is not slow. He points to his mother: she!

Elena had no one to point at, so she had to laugh and say: tease you…

Heng Er looked up and sighed. Louis VII was too overcast. I thought I had taken advantage of it!

he seriously suspects that Elena is a whitewash party sent by Lu Qi.

Lu Qi sighed: who uses who knows.

most people I don’t tell him…

the result of beating his father this time was that Crown Prince Henry was abandoned and queen Elena was locked up in the tower. Richard and Jeffrey were coerced and let dad drive them away.

fortunately, there is also the most painful little son John.

“kd”In the twinkling of an eye, it was 1179. In that year, two more talented teenagers stepped on the stage of history.

1179. The song and Jin dynasties have negotiated peace for many years. The nephew and emperor of Ye and ye are very interesting. The state of Jin is also engaged in capital construction in Beijing, and the north and south of the river are singing and dancing.

only the former guerrilla leader was so angry that he” patted the railing all over

no one noticed that a generation of Tianjiao had grown up on the northern grassland. At the age of 18, Tiemuzhen began his seven campaigns to unify all Mongolian ministries.

the world will become a sea of blood under his iron hooves.

look at France in the West. Louis VII, who has been depressed all his life, has stroke hemiplegia. He knows that time is running out and passes the throne to his 14-year-old son Philip.

Britain will kill each other in his hands.

France that Philip took over is almost an isolated island surrounded by Britain. Although Britain is nominally a vassal of France, Heng Er is brilliant and powerful, and his four sons are like wolves. France doubts that Philip is the only child. Let alone recover the lost land, whether he can survive in this tiger wolf nest is a problem.

but Philip has one advantage: mind.”

Philip was known as “little fox” since he was a child. He is really a child prodigy whose hair is better than a monkey. He and Henry’s four sons are young. These bosses are mixed, the second is horizontal, the third is wilting and the fourth is bad. Little Philip grew up in such a villain’s Valley and is quite comfortable. What’s the level?

Philip’s unique skill is to use his strength to fight the” stars change “. At first, the little Henry brothers often bullied Philip together, and Philip smiled and didn’t get angry, but within a few days, the four brothers fought inexplicably and scrambled to win over Philip.

the struggles and games of animals in their childhood will determine their fate and status in the group when they grow up. Philip and the British princes also confirmed this point. In the British French territorial dispute between one and five (including the father of four brothers), Philip really laughed to the last.

the 14-year-old fox is ready to use wisdom and patience to slowly kill a group of lions. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the waves ahead die on the beach. Compared with the teenager and Philip II who entered the rising channel, Frederick I, the arrogant king of Germany, opened high and walked low for most of his life, and fell to the bottom at this time.

I think uncle lie was also a young man. He punched Hungary, kicked Italy and packed the Pope’s head with bags.

that’s quite a new bee.

Frederick invaded Italy six times in his life. At the beginning, he fought with the Pope. The Italians were happy to see their dogs bite their dogs, so Frederick was proud for a while.

but this German devil is really cruel. He collects money from Italian city states. If there is any resistance, he will give you a” three lights “and let the soldiers kick the Italian head as a ball.

he not only slaughtered the city of Milan, but also sprinkled salt on the land of Milan:” wherever I dare to resist, I will turn it into barren land. “

in one battle, he even caught 50 Italian children in front of the team as meat shields.

Frederick’s cruelty angered the whole of Italy, They called him “Barbarosa”, which means red beard. They said it was dyed red by the blood of the Italians. They united with the originally hated Pope and dealt with the bloody invader severely.

For the first time, he beat Lao Fei naked and ran away disguised as a farmer. The second time Lao Fei didn’t give up, he turned over again. The Italians cut him half to death and caught a live one.

as a result, old Frederick fell to the bottom. Around 1179, he was not only forced to recognize the autonomy of Italian cities and the Pope’s absolute right to appoint and remove cardinals, but also knelt down and kissed the Pope’s feet, which was regarded as preserving the title of Holy Roman emperor. The Pope called on everyone to “maintain superficial respect” for him.

as emperor, do his share and don’t do it at all.

yes, Saladin is almost at the bottom. This question runs away. I’ll catch him right away.

in 1179, Saladin was not idle.




learned from Bao Xiaosi’s great loss. After two years of full preparation, SA launched a surprise attack on the state of Jerusalem from the sea in 79, ambushed in the Spring Valley, defeated Er Lei and the Knights Templar, and arrested the commander.

Bao, the king of leprosy, was rescued by four soldiers and was also scattered by Saladin.

because Bao SIDD is disabled and determined, he has a high life, a young youth and a low-key life… So there are many fans in China (abalone?) He had to gild his silver mask. He said that in fact, Bao Si went to support and fought a tie. Saladin had no choice but to make peace.

this is the praise and killing of idols. According to foreign data, although Saladin turned the war of annihilation into a war of rout and failed to achieve the strategic goal, the Christian gang was still badly beaten. Er Lei and they ran back to Yecheng first. Bao Si didn’t know whether he was alive or dead, but no one cared about the life or death of Bao Si who was ill. Instead, they thought that the little boss had turned up and shrank in the city to quarrel about who should take over. When you lost me and I lost you, Bao Si limped in.

Bao Si’s tragic charm is that he is a cursed young genius who is doomed to a short life and leads a group of mice to carry guns and support his men in the lonely city under the pressure of strong enemies.

Bao Si couldn’t hold out in Yecheng, but SA couldn’t hit him. The Zanji Gang took the opportunity to beat a stick behind him, so the two sides made peace for 80 years, which is valid for two years.

but it was only a matter of time before the Spring Valley war broke through the supply line of SA. Since then, the state of Jerusalem was unable to counter attack and was forced to be on the defensive. The holy city changed hands. During this period, both kept their promises and had a good personal relationship with each other. Bao Si allowed Muslims to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem for business, while Saladin focused on domestic affairs.

but the troublemaker Leonard refused to stop. This is a typical shameless scoundrel. In 82, he robbed Saladin’s caravan, killed countless people, and was ready to fight Mecca, the holy land of Muslims. SA and Bao Si negotiate. Bao Si asks Renard to return the things to others quickly.

Renard almost “laughed off his sophomore”: is this Sammy new, new and new? Don’t ask. I’m the first celebrity of laorecio. I’ve been in the Middle East for three or five years. I’ve translated ten books in Greece. All my friends are up and down. Who dares not let me bully? I can’t cure you, a beggar nearly half a hundred years old!

he let Saladin have seed and ask for it himself.

Saladin couldn’t bear it. In 83, he led 30000 troops to attack Clark, the fief of Renard, beat him to pieces and hid for months.

however, Mr. Lei’s biggest capital is his thick skin. He is not too shabby, so he turned his face and asked Bao Si to save him.

there is an episode in the middle: when SA was playing Clark, it happened that Bao Si’s little sister, 12-year-old Isabel, got married in the city. Renard begged her mother-in-law to send SA wedding cakes and said that his uncle Bao’s little sister came out of the cabinet today. You held her when she was a child…

SA immediately stopped attacking the city, wrapped a red envelope and said please bring a Muslim’s sincere blessing to the bride. Please mark the castle where she married. My army will never attack there.

besides, when Bao Si received Renard’s letter for help, he really hated this two skinned face, but he had to fight again. At that time, his condition was very serious, his whole body rotted and his eyes were almost blind (Bao Si got the most vicious leprosy: leprosy regiment, that is, he grew up all over, then rotted, and finally grew in his lungs). His brother-in-law, the Regent of guy, was an embroidered pillow. He brought the superior force of 50000 troops to Clark, but he hummed and dared not go to war.

Bao Si can only be carried to the front line to confront Saladin. But the opportunity was lost and Saladin calmly withdrew.




destroyed Bao Si’s health, while a group of his subordinates, like three grandchildren in front of Saladin, were inspired by the cow, ghost and snake god covered by his patient. They competed for power and profit in front of his bed all day and quarreled and scolded endlessly. What Bao Si can do is to renew the four-year peace agreement with Saladin, remove guy and let Raymond, a relatively stable Regent.

in March 85, Bao Si, 24, died with a lot of worries. His pain was finally relieved. He didn’t have to face more and more powerful Saladin and his subordinates bitten by dogs. He also saved his world fame. People remember only the 16-year-old Rufeng boy.

and after his death, the holy city is destined to be buried for him.

sure enough, as soon as Bao Si died, his brother-in-law guy immediately combined with Leonard to squeeze Raymond out and become king. Saladin could kill the curfews at this time, but he would rather wait for the contract to expire.

not so much respect the dead Bao Si as Saladin respect himself.

I’m Sarah Harding, not herringham.

although the most talented Bao Si is dead, Saladin plans to keep his promise and no longer answer to the gangster group of Yecheng.

but Leonard never forgot old SA. Within a year, he gave Saladin the reason why he had to destroy him humanely. “Salard” and “spkds” have robbed the old play of salard for another year.

we may be surprised that he has been taught by SA more than once. Why is he over and over again uncomfortable?

this is to analyze the thinking of normal people.

like Leonard, this kind of blinding hob meat has no shame. It is smart, arrogant and inferior. It is a very strange variety with the interweaving of stupidity and cunning. People like




have never seen anything in the world. They think they have some skills. If they know a group of dignitaries, they can’t hold two liang of sesame oil in the belly of dogs. They don’t know how to open docks, dominate business, and learn to be the boss.

ordinary people are really bluffed by him. In fact, he is really capable and lazy, waiting to see his appearance.

because of this dissatisfied and dead sweet potato, it’s sooner or later to die ugly.

so generally, everyone can see that he deceived people too much more than once. He was attacked by the crowd and even scolded and beaten to death. However, the Renards also have a magic weapon, that is, thick skin, that face, engraved with lines, is the wall of Jerusalem. If you are scolded, you should only be famous. If you are beaten, you will pretend to be a grandson for a while. In a few days, you will come out like a man with nothing to do. Life is endless, he willMore than drilling camp, it is definitely an immortal Xiaoqiang.

they are not unaware of the humiliation and danger, but the word “benefit” in front of them can’t help it, so they always take chances, drill at the seams and never change after repeated teaching.

takes advantage of the attitude of serious people that “good shoes don’t step on smelly dog s”.

it’s so comfortable to be a villain.




are pitiful to say. They are all raised by their parents. They have blinded a “fame and wealth” lard and made it such a disgusting thing.

moreover, you can’t expect him to be cleaned up by everyone and learn a lesson. It’s impossible to be honest from now on. Often convergence can not be a few days, or so elated, still pull out disgusting.

what did Mr. Lu say?

   “It’s said that a brave boxer will never fight his fallen opponent again, which really makes us regard it as a model. But I think there’s one more thing to add, that is, the enemy must also be a brave fighter. After a defeat, he must either regret and never come again, or he must come to revenge with dignity. For dogs, we can’t take this as an example and look at the same enemy as his equal, because no matter what it is How to howl, in fact, do not understand what “morality”; Moreover, the dog can float and must still climb to the shore. If he doesn’t pay attention, he will first rise and shake, sprinkle the water on people’s faces, and then run away with his tail. But then his temperament remained the same. Honest people regard its falling into the water as being baptized, think it must have repented, and bite people no longer. It is really a big mistake and a special mistake. ” Think of a joke, saying that the weasel left the world for a while, saw the king of hell, and complained that everyone shouted when he was alive. He was very depressed.

the king of hell said you always fart and make public anger. Who is to blame?

“you entrusted me to be an otter. If you have a noble status, you will no longer fart. The white men must respect me.”

“I believe you once. Can you really stand it?”

“endure it, 10000 endure it!”

with a bang, the weasel turned into an otter and returned to the world. At first glance, he was naked and smooth. He was a special invited noble. Happy, the first thing was to “boom” on the sofa, Enjoy it.

passers-by covered their noses and scolded and told the king of hell. The king of hell was very angry: “what’s the matter with you?”

it has words: “just put on the New mandarin jacket, it’s not suitable — it’s strangled. Besides, I have a straight temper and don’t hide anything…”

the king of hell was furious: “it’s obviously cheap, but you have so much nonsense!”

kicked it back to hell.

so it can’t be changed. This is its unique way of life. We should respect it, ha ha.

and it’s just a joke. In reality, maybe the hell of the ten halls is also a fart man. It smells the same as it. On the contrary, it is like sitting in the spring breeze. The white Ding people either share the same fate with each other or die and escape.

Saladin is not a passer-by, let alone a fart. He has a good sense of law. First, he politely negotiated with Duke guy.

when Rego heard this, he laughed off another big dick: NMB, this law was set by my Duke brother. You bite me? At most, scold two words to defeat the fire!

he asked Saladin to ask Muhammad for it.

means to let SA die away.

Saladin is just a show of mercy. He knows that he doesn’t cry at the sight of the coffin and wants to sell a good price of green skin gangsters, dog skin plasters and reasonable complaints. It’s a waste of saliva in vain. He can only be quiet if he doesn’t feel sick, tired, and beaten to death.

Saladin did not discuss with Duke guy. He announced: I will kill the scoundrel myself.

the wicked get evil treatment.

in 1187, Saladin soldiers pressed the border. Renard fell. If he hit me, Jerusalem will have bad luck. Will you help the guy?

Bao Si and guy were falsely mistaken by him. Guy had to fight with him. The difference is that guy doesn’t have Bao Si’s ability.

is no suspense. The world-famous battle of Harding is just a perfect performance by Saladin.

before this war, it is necessary for us to take stock of the different characteristics of the armies in Western Europe and the Middle East at that time.

at that time, the armies of the East and the West were very different from each other in character, equipment and military thought. The Europeans played with strength and attached importance to impact and protection, while the easterners spoke of small quickness and agility, highlighting quickness and flexibility. Therefore, Western Europe was heavily armored knights, followed by a group of attendants. At that time, the Arabs had been Turkic militarily, and used harassment and mobile warfare.




are neither superior nor inferior, and they are not necessarily clear-cut. It depends on who plays well. As a genius like Bao Si, sports warfare still plays well.

this time, Lao SA made a cruel decision and decided to practice well.

let you look shameless: what is high-grade.

    The battle of Harding is well known in the world, so I won’t go into detail. Anyway, SA was surrounded by reinforcements, luring snakes out of the cave, pretending to lure the enemy and disturbing the chaos. With the close cooperation of two students, Leonard and mindless guy, he led all the main forces of the Yemeni army step by step into the pit he dug, and fought a classic sports war and annihilation war like a textbook. The ending of




is that the Yemeni army is surrounded by SA on a waterless highland in Harding. SA has no wind to shoot arrows, but has wind to set fire, arrow rain and thick smoke together, killing countless people, and the living are too thirsty to break through. In the evening, Muslims also held a party and sang a chorus around the campfire:

“thank God for sending the stupid Christ villain into our hands!”




were missing one in three. When launching the general attack, the surviving Yemeni army did not even have the strength to stand up and basically turned into a massacre until Saladin ordered it to stop.

in the battle of Harding, SA took all the main force of the Yemeni army in one stroke. Guy, Renard, including Balian, the stepfather of Bossi, were all arrested. He also invited the holy object of the church, the “true cross” that crucified Jesus.

, the old barrian, will be mentioned later. He is the elf prince who has an affair with sister Bao, guy’s wife, in the kingdom of heaven. In fact, he is already an old man and has never been a blacksmith. He married Bao Si’s widowed mother, not as shiny as Nb in the film, and sister Bao is not a good bird, so he and guy are good. There’s nothing wrong with him.




said that the dust had settled. Sadhi wondered: what kind of fun? And Bao Si are too open. It ended before it started. MD almost flashed me.

he met the two talents very curiously. At the beginning, the atmosphere was quite harmonious. It was also true that Saladin gave the captured guy a cold drink in the film. This cold drink is of great significance. It symbolizes that SA will forgive guy. Because of the Muslim tradition, providing food is regarded as a guest. The host will not harm him, and even has the obligation to protect him.

guy is quite a chicken thief. He knows that as a king, he has no personal feud with SA. With his identity and SA’s demeanor, it won’t be difficult for him without this cup of water, but Renard, the RP king, is different. I’m afraid Renard can’t think of any reason why Saladin can let him go.

so guy made his own decision and handed the water cup to Renard, thinking of sparing another one.

Renard’s characteristic is that he changes his face very quickly from pretending to be 13 to pretending to be a grandson. He grabs it and drinks a mouthful of life-saving water.

is really dead. It’s not cheap enough to make the juice unhappy.

SA slapped himself: shit, I’ve seen a lot of shameless people in my tens of years old. I haven’t seen such shameless people yet. I’ve never seen the world.

then old shame turned into anger: I’ll give you face, you use it as a shoe cushion?

he questioned guy on his nose and face: “who allows you to give water to others?”

said to Leonard who dreamed of finding a cheap price: “do you deserve to drink my water?” it’s no nonsense. He took off one arm of Leonard with a knife (not the throat cut in the movie, Saladin is not asasin) and asked someone to drag it out and cut it to death.

do what you say.

the whole world is quiet.

the two hundred Templars who committed the most heinous crimes also went to justice.

ahead, Jerusalem!

after the decisive battle of Harding, the city of Jerusalem has been vulnerable.

but Saladin prefers a peaceful way.

although he was offended by guy, Saladin released him and Balian after he got the promise of” never being an enemy with Saladin “and asked them to return to Yacheng first for surrender.

he has made the mistake of treating others with his own way.

guy went out and ran back to his hometown. Balian returned to the holy city, but it was not him. The Christian gathered in the city, sent money and guns, and sealed the knight’s line of fire to join the party, ready to fight Saladin.

Saladin was speechless to these noble knights and ordered that none of them be spared and send troops to attack the city.

the city is full of old, weak, sick and disabled people. How can they withstand it? The city wall was destroyed in a few days, and the battle was basically over. Seeing that it was not the head, Balian came out again to beg Saladin for mercy.”

barrian’s speech is also a very famous one. It is passionate and comparable to the famous speech of Pope Urban III inciting the First Crusade. However, it is not the same as that in the film. According to Saladin’s secretary,

“Ibn Barzan came out and asked the Sultan to speak and spare his subordinates. But the Sultan refused and loudly insisted:” we neither protect nor forgive you! We just hope you will always be in a despicable situation. Tomorrow, we will seize the city by force, kill you and capture you. Let your men bleed and your women and children become slaves. ”

because the Sultan refused to spare his life, they bowed down and reminded him of the consequences of his hasty decision:

“if we can’t live, we will fear your power and give up all hope; if we have no way out, no peace, and our souls can’t be saved, we will dieWithout forgiveness and grace, we will seek justice for our lives. ”

“before we are hit, each of us will put down ten of them. We have destroyed the aggressors ten times before they grasp us. We will burn down the house, destroy the dome of the temple, and let you feel deeply ashamed that you have made us slaves.”

       “We will tear down Yanding dome temple and let you taste the pain of losing it. We will kill all Islamic prisoners of war, who are too many. And we all know that we hate shameless people and advocate honor. We will destroy property and not leave it to you; we will kill our children and let them curse us. You are too small to agree with us If you ask, you will lose all benefits. What benefits can you get? How much disillusionment does not come from the expectation of achievement, and the pain can only be cured by peace! How many people began to travel in the dark and lost their way in the night before dawn? ”

can see that old barrian’s passionate speech is far less inspiring than that in the film. It’s just playing a rogue. What do Christians take? How many Muslim prisoners of war are there in the city? Did Christians “hate shameless people and advocate honor”? During the first eastward expedition a hundred years ago, the holy city was slaughtered with blood without knees. Why did it give more than 100000 Muslims a glimmer of hope for survival?

I’m afraid it’s the same sentence that scares Saladin: we’ll destroy the property and not leave it to you; We will kill our children and let them curse us.

reminds me of a passage:

a classmate usually fooled around and couldn’t finish school, so he took a kitchen knife and ran to the academic affairs office.

the teacher of the academic affairs office was very nervous and asked him, “what do you want to do?”

the eldest brother said, “don’t be nervous. I don’t cut you. Can’t I finish school? Can I cut myself?”




eat and look at your head.

the teachers were “shocked and laughed”. The students crossed the sea for graduation. This move was new. They were afraid of human life, so they had to let him graduate.

sometimes self mutilation is scary.




the boss of Tsim Sha Tsui roamed the Jianghu. Didn’t he also charge 20 yuan for the protection of the sweet tube with nosebleed?

after repeated pleading and bargaining, Saladin was afraid of these Christians. Finally, they set the price for their redemption: 10 yuan for men, 5 yuan for women, and two yuan for children less than one meter four. If they have no money, they can be slaves. Give them 40 days to raise money and deal with their personal property.

on October 4, 1187, on the day of the Islamic DengXiao Festival, Saladin entered the holy city in his personal capacity and prayed in a low voice in front of the ruins of the prophet for a long time.

after generations of Muslims worked hard to recapture the city that was bloodwashed by Christians a hundred years ago, they neither peed at Jesus’ grave, nor stole small iron guns outside the church, nor even burned a house or killed a civilian.

even the lenient policy of paying ransom has not been strictly implemented. There are only 18000 Christians in the city who are willing to pay. But Saladin’s sworn brother adir first paid 30000 yuan to redeem the orphans and widows who had no money, and then asked SA for 1000 slaves and let them go. As soon as Balian saw that it was cheap, he had to go another 1000. As soon as the Archbishop of Yecheng saw that he drank so well and talked, he had to go another 1000. Finally, Saladin said it was my turn. He let all the old people go.

guy’s wife, Queen sibila, and the Byzantine princess who came to school, let alone pay money and send out a letter of introduction.

by the autumn of 1187, more than 80000 Christians, under the protection of Saladin’s army, had set foot on the road of returning home with their own property, not including Christians who had to stay in the rich Muslim world after paying money.

to Saladin and his men’s surprise, many people in the team out of the city suddenly became rich – the church in the city was also empty of stones. The most fierce is the archbishop. The master pries away not only large and small bags, but also the silver ornaments and jewelry on the holy Tomb of Christ.

the soft goods they carry are worth 200000.

is an eye opener. Are Sa’s men angry to say that this is personal property? It’s too bad. Take the bricks. Hey!

Saladin said: forget it, they are not Muslims and do not understand the meaning of commitment.

is actually Saladin does not know the power of shamelessness.

and the strange experience of the refugee group on the way back to their hometown illustrates the difference between Muslims and Christians.

according to a monk’s record, Saladin’s officers “could not bear the suffering of the refugees, ordered their guards to dismount and help the elderly Christians mount their horses. Some of them even personally put the children of the Christians on their arms.” After being escorted out of the country by




, these people returned home in three ways. The first way was tyre, but the Lord of Christ there only allowed the knights to enter the city. The civilians had no way to appeal outside the city, so they had to follow the second way refugee group.

encountered even more strange on the second way. They went to di bury and met a noble knight Baron Raymond on the way. The Baron saw that the brothers were angryOften happy – robbed them hard It was easy to get to Tiberium and meet the nobler Knight count Raymond. The count was also very happy to see his brothers – he let the rich people into the city and sent someone out to rob the less rich at night.

the third way is different. Compared with those two ways, it is a five-star treatment: because they go to Egypt and Saladin. The

Christian refugee group was warmly taken care of in Alexandria and spent the winter there. The next spring, the Arabs sent them to the merchant ship where the Italians returned home. But the Italian villagers didn’t allow 1000 of them to get on the boat…

Muslims said in their hearts that these birds are Christians. Don’t let them get on the boat! That’s the last thing I can do.

Lao Mu is not at ease and warns against abusing your Christian brothers, otherwise once we hear the wind, the Italians will have no good fruit to eat again.

we can only say: This is a wonderful world.

when Saladin recovered the holy city in 1187, the action films of the leaders in Western Europe were also popular.

old Frederick, the German Emperor, rebounded from the bottom and won northern Italy by means of family tenderness. After turning over the book, he immediately turned his face again with the Holy See. Pope Wusan refused to crown his eldest son. Old Frederick pinched Wusan’s neck and surrounded him in a castle. At this time, the news of the fall of the holy city spread back to Europe, Like a thunderbolt from the sky, Mr. Wu Sanlao, who was out of breath, was shocked and immediately called by the Lord to cry to God.

Gregory VIII, who took over, hurried to make peace with Frederick and denounced the world to organize the third eastern expedition.

but the British and French are not free.

because of the “little fox Cup” playing dad challenge, it has reached the critical moment of the finals.

as the general planning and main sponsor of the event, Philip the little fox of France didn’t let the champion, Heng Er, stay idle. Henry’s wife and children rebelled in the first round and successfully defended the title. Seeing that old Henry was too strong, Philip decided to take advantage of his enthusiasm to organize his three sons to have a knockout first. Don’t rest and catch a cold.

in ’83, the three brothers fought by themselves.

at first, old Henry gave guidance on the spot. Later, he saw his sons playing too high and playing with real knives and guns. Just go up, one person, one mouth, and be honest.

is old Henry tossing about like this? The little fox had to write the word “Fu” secretly.

doesn’t matter. How many rounds can you make?

there may be a major accident in the middle.

first, old Henry died that year. Two years later, old three Geoffrey got married, but fell dead.

lost two contestants, and Xiao Fei only shouted “bitter”. It is said that Philip was holding Jeffrey’s coffin and crying. His men took great pains to drag him away.




are not enough. At that time, he can only take off his arms and go with the rest of Richard.

in 1188, old Henry, who was completely disappointed with Richard, was ready to pass the throne to his youngest son John. Philip took the opportunity to sponsor Richard’s third enlistment for his father and went into battle naked himself.

two strong men beat an old man. This time, old Henry couldn’t stand it. He was defeated and fled.

Richard is so happy that he is afraid to insist on anything, isn’t he?

“he is old and no longer an opponent sitting on the stairs!” Richard chased his father with joy, ready to kill him.

have fun fighting daddy.

I didn’t know it was a big joy. As the saying goes: people are happy, but dogs are happy. It will change. Richard was so elated that he rode forward and was covered by one of Henry’s men.

Richard is worthy of being the flower of knights. He has a lot of brains. When he saw his father, he immediately shouted for mercy.

old Henry didn’t know what evil he had done in his last life, but the tiger poison didn’t eat his son, so he had to kill Richard’s horse to vent his anger, which strengthened his determination to pass the throne to John.

when he opened the list of insurgents, he found that John, the only good son, had turned to his second brother.

old Henry was completely disillusioned and broke his mind. Within three months, the old man was angry and died in the countryside of France. When he died, he was called “two Yao” and had only an illegitimate son around him.

Henry II left an oil painting of four Eagles pinching an eagle before his death. As a witness of that history, this painting is still hung in the hall of Westminster Palace, England.

in 1189, the competition ended dramatically. Richard won the king’s award and little Philip also shared a piece of French land.

what’s next? Richard is bigger than his father, and little John doesn’t have the climate. He can’t wait for Richard’s son to grow up. Besides, where is the second Elena in the world?

before Philip thought it over, the Pope ordered them to talk to red beardHow can I think about things? How can I be ambiguous? I’ll see less of those messy gossip in the future.

Richard recovered from his illness, got up and beat Saladin.

but SA defends the city very well. In those days, he relied on this to build his home. While resisting, he sent small troops out to poison and set fire, fortify the walls and clear the fields, and destroy the water and food supply of the Crusaders. At this time, it was the winter of 92, and it was catching up with a heavy rain for more than a month. The Crusaders outside the city were miserable.

the holy city is right in front of us. There is no good plan to enter, and we are unwilling to retreat. Richard and Saladin.

at this time, the news came that little Philip colluded with his brother John to launch a rebellion.

Saladin also had a hard time. The Muslim brothers behind him not only did not help, but also launched a rebellion in his absence.

Saladin and Richard are like two people sitting on the stove breaking their wrists. In fact, they are almost unable to hold on. But no one would admit defeat first, and they all looked complacent and relaxed.

you burn ah, my supreme treasure, I’m afraid you can’t really make a fire of samadhi?

Saladin is more mature. He knows that both will be burnt if it is installed like this. He sends his righteous brother Adil, who bought and released Christ slaves, to negotiate.

was a challenge at the beginning.

the old man has the guts to fight. Are you afraid?

the boy said that when I played anti reaction, you still wet the Kang.

then sent text messages to chat.

“it’s not easy for young people to have such skills.”

“it’s hard for the old man to have such physical strength.”

“how about a draw and two stops?”

“I don’t have anything, but it really hurts your self-esteem to take the cross.”

“I’ll save face for you.”


“your virtuous brother has a good character.”

“your family is also very virtuous?”

“dare you swear?!”

“???? what does that say?”


“it’s all right. I have a sister who can take it.”


“how about getting married? You and I are decent.”

“turn fighting into bride price… This is a good story.”

then the two sides negotiated peace. The coastal areas belonged to the Crusaders and the inland belonged to Saladin. Prince adir and princess ariano were married. As a gift to the couple, the holy city allowed believers of the two religions to worship. After the arrangement of




, both of them rushed home to put an end to the rebellion.

the third eastern expedition ended with a wedding.

Saladin saved the holy city, but paid for his health. He did not recover from typhoid fever.

a few months later, on March 4, 1193, Saladin, 55, died smiling in the recitation of the Koran. Before his death, he evenly distributed the spoils of the army to every poor Muslim, Christian and Jewish. His personal legacy is only 1.47 yuan.

Saladin did not have much influence on the historical process compared with many emperors of the same generation.

the world behind him will be more shameless and barbaric.

that was not Saladin’s time.

but what he gets is the respect of all his friends and enemies; What remains is the immortal legend between Muslims and Christians; The message of the millennium is the wisdom of the Islamic world’s struggle and the courage of tolerance.

and his greatest legacy may be his last words:

“ask not what your subjects believe in, but what pain they have.”

in the 12th century, there was a Saladin in Islam.