related questions: how to look at racial characteristics from the appearance- Biology has been updated, thanks @ Crisp. How to look at racial characteristics from the appearance- Biology has answered some typical national names. The division of names must be related to language, language family and language family.

I. Indo European language family (1) Italian language family (Roman language family, Latin language family)

Spain, Latin American countries except Brazil: Silva, Peres, Gonzalez, Raul, Garcia, Nacho, Juan Fran; Portugal, Brazil: names ending with “erdo”, “Neo” and “s”. Such as Ronaldo, Robinho, Ricardo, Santos, Lucas, Louis and Lima; The above countries share many names, such as Silva, Santos, Carlos, Juan and Costa.

Italy: generally ending with “I”, such as names ending with “TTI”, “Ni”, “Zini”, “SSI”, “Lai” and “Si”. Such as Totti, Tony, Maldini, Di Natale, Rossi and de Rossi.

(2) Greek language family

Greek: the name is super typical, a long string of names followed by “Si”, 80% of Greeks. Like Papadopoulos, krasidis, Hercules.

(3) the Baltic Slavic language family

Slavic language branch of the southern Slavic Nation-State (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia): names ending with “Qi” or “Vic”, such as Ivanovic, Djokovic, Kovac, etc. Among them, Serbia is dominated by “Vic”, while others are dominated by “Qi”.

East Slavic Nation-State (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine): names ending with “WA”, “Fu”, “ski”, “Ning”, “Qin”, “Ke”, “Ka”, “Lianke”. Such as Sharapova, Popov, timoshchuk, Kirilenko, etc. But there are also “Vickers” of the Yugoslav state. Then there may be collocations such as “heat”, “Qiu”, “Lian”, “pinch”, “Ci”, “Xie” and “Ye” in the name. And often the name is long. According to experience, there are more Russians and more Ukrainians.

the Western Slavic nation states and some Central Asian countries will also have names similar to those of the eastern Slavic countries because of the mixed race of language, politics and immigrants, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovak, etc. For example, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan have many names ending with “ROV”, “Dov” and “yev”;

(2) Germanic language family

1. North Branch Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands): names ending with “son, Sen”. For example: Eriksson, Larson In addition, England, Scotland and Ireland in the three British Islands left a large number of names of son and Sen because of the invasion of the Nordic Vikings* Finland (not belonging to Indo European language family, belonging to the Finnish branch of Finnish ural language family of Ural language family): unlike other Nordic countries, due to ethnic and linguistic relations, Finland’s name is different from the names of northern Germanic nationalities in other Nordic countries, but has the characteristics of Eastern Slavic names, such as “Ning”, “Si Ji”, “Ji”, Names ending with “Fu”, such as Raikkonen and Kovalainen; 2. West Branch




Germany: the name takes “Feng”, which is similar to the Netherlands. “Von” means from Germany. For example, Otto von means Otto. This person comes from Bismarck, which is a name feature of German military tradition. Those whose names end with “Borg”, such as hawkenberg and Rosberg. There are also names such as Muller, Stein, Heinrich, Frederick, Schneider and cross.

Netherlands: names prefixed with “van der Vaart”, such as van Persie, van Nistelrooy, van kinkel and van der Sar. There is also the -aar ending, such as Huntelaar, Pinar (South Africa is colonized by the Netherlands, PS: South Africa Dutch names actually have recognition methods), etc.; In addition, there are many Dutch people called “de Rong”.

II. Caucasian Georgia: names ending with “Ze”, such as karaze, KOBASHI Ze, etc; Or “shvili”, or “shvili”. Such as Saakashvili and Kobiashvili.

Armenia: ends with “Liang” or “Yang” (- Yan), which ends with Pinyin ang, such as Duang. Just kidding. For example, there are all kinds of people who speak different languages. Third, Altaic Korean, Japanese, Okinawa




Japan goes without saying. It is estimated that it is the most recognizable name in the world.

South Korea and North Korea: the typical big surnames are Li, Jin, PU, min and Cui.

IV. Islamic countries include Indo European language family, Asian African language family and other West Asian and North African Islamic countries: names ending with “hard”, “Judd”, “Ji”, “fad”, “he”, “VI” and “ZA”, as well as some typical “Hussein”, “Muhammad”, “Salah”, “Safavi”, “ustafa”, “Zarqawi” or something; 5、

in sub Saharan Africa has the most distinctive name. Due to immigration, Europe also has a large number of descendants of African descent, especially France and Germany. The name of black millet is sometimes the shortest. Generally speaking, there are many with “Ba”, “m”, “Ao”, “Te”, “Ye”, “Ni” and “a”, such as Drogba, Adebayor, Mbami, mbiwa, diot, Eto’o and Ayu.