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A. history:


our teacher Hu Chunchun of the Institute of Federal Republic of Germany at Tongji University opened a new elective course this year, called “art, politics, society, a centennial classic analysis of German films”, to see German history from the history of German films. At present, there is no online publicity, and this course is highly ideological and modest. Here I provide a list of films selected in the class. The title owner and other close friends can find and appreciate them by themselves. It is suggested to combine the film background and film reviews, especially the first few. The main purpose of German films is rarely to entertain the public. Behind them, some ideas are transmitted, which is worth understanding.

A. early, Weimar period: 1919-19331 Expressionist art period:

Dr. Calgary’s cabin, DAS cabinet des Dr Caligari (1920) Dr. Caligari’s Cabin (watercress) 2 Indoor drama film:

the most humble person derletztemann (1924) the most humble person (Douban) 3 New objectivist film:

Berlin: City Symphony Berlin CDIE sinfoniedergro? Stadt (1927) Berlin: City Symphony (Douban) 4 Metropolis (1927) metropolis (Douban) 5 Blue Angel derblaue Engel (1930) Blue Angel (Douban) B. Nazi period: 1933-19456 Olympia 1: National Festival olympia1 Teil-FestderV? Lker (1938) Olympia 1: national festivals (Douban) 7 Olympia 2: sacrifice of beauty Olympia 2 Teil-FestderSch? Nheit (1938) Olympia 2: sacrifice of beauty (Douban) 8 Triumph of will triumph of will (1935) triumph of will (Douban) C. ruins period: 1945-19499 Ruins movie: the killer is among us, Diem? Rdersindunteruns (1946) the murderer is among us (Douban) d. from the Second World War to the unification of Germany: 1949-198910 Tiepi drum dieblechtrommel (1979) Tiepi drum (Douban) e. since the unification of the two Germany: 1989-201411 Goodbye goodbyelenin! (2003) goodbye Lenin (Douban) 12 Eavesdropping storm Das lebender anderen (2006) eavesdropping storm (Douban) ————————————————————————————————————————————– II. Open class of Professor Li Gongzhen of Wuhan University:

1 German history boundless gale song_ This set of open classes of the column mainly talks about the history of the Weimar Republic of Germany and the Nazi period. It should be said that Germany changed rapidly from the Second Empire to the third empire. Professor Li is a famous lecturer of Wuhan University. He gives very good lectures and in-depth analysis. After listening, I not only have a deeper understanding of various events and figures in German history, but also reflect on many current problems in China. A total of 86 episodes, each about 20 minutes, I watched it for a second, absolutely classic. Highly recommended!

2. German university modernization Wuhan University open course: the modernization of German universities focuses on the development process of many famous universities in Germany and the road of strengthening Germany’s education. Don’t be bored. I accidentally found this course on Netease and finished it in two days. Then I made up my mind to study in Germany.

after reading these two questions, it is estimated that they will benefit a lot. If you are interested, you can look for Professor Li’s book, but it’s a pity not to listen to his class——————————————————————————————————————————————- B. Current situation:

I. electronic data 1 The following is a link to the general situation of Germany provided on the website of the Institute for the Federal Republic of Germany of our school. It is very good and powerful. You can see it by clicking:

factsaboutgermany: home page 2 The following is the courseware download address of our elective course “overview of Germany”. Welcome to learn:

dgyj tongji. edu. cnCourseWare. Aspx

II. Professional magazine:

German express bimonthly (Chinese), published by the German academic center of Tongji University and the Institute of German Studies, It can be downloaded from:

Tongji University’s cooperation and exchange network with Germany ————————————————————————————————————————————————— ü bringens. Germany, like China, is a country worthy of study.

I hope my answers will be helpful to the questioner and interested friends. You are also welcome to exchange more German related topics.




have recently been fed up with German learning, and finally, they make complaints about the word “AlifeistooshorttolearnGerman”! AllesGute!———————————————————————————————- I have updated the link of Professor Li Gongzhen’s German history. I can’t see the original super new open class for some reason. The current resource is tudou.com. Thank @ Gu Huaian for his reminder.