watched a lot of American dramas, British dramas and Japanese dramas, as well as some football matches such as the Premier League and the Champions League. They saw more and more. They found that their common face blindness in the past gradually disappeared and replaced it with new doubts. For example, Jenkinson and Ramsey of Premier League players and Xiaofen in “deadly poison master” all seem to be people with high forehead and thin cheeks. I have heard in the past (I don’t know whether this statement is correct or not, please correct if it is wrong) Europeans think that the white blood of black haired people is more noble because black hair belongs to the characteristics of Romans. The Han people have black hair and yellow skin, but there are subtle differences between the north and the south, and even in various regions. Similarly, Europeans should also have characteristics that can represent their regional races in this regard? After all, during the Nazi period, Germans were able to distinguish Jews. It must be different not only from changeable clothes and local accents, but also between races. That’s what I want to know. I only know some of Celtic and Germanic, but I don’t know much about others. I have the impression that Taylor Swift has multinational blood. Unfortunately, I don’t see it at all. And Emma’s mixed blood of Britain and France. Please tell me about it. Thank you very much. I’m not interested in racial discrimination and racial issues. I just want to learn some new things from ethnic characteristics. Baidu has simple knowledge, but it doesn’t feel enough.

Xie invited @ andalei with the great integration of ethnic groups, many ethnic groups have mixed blood with other ethnic groups, so there are few pure ethnic groups, and the appearance characteristics of ethnic groups are gradually disappearing. The characteristics of the same race and different nationalities are often not absolute, and the judgment can only be roughly regional judgment.

the factors that distinguish the appearance characteristics of race include: skin color, hair color, pupil color, soft and hard hair, straight and curly hair, height of nose bridge, length of nose, width of nose wing, type of nose back, width of face, length of head shape, height, the main question is white, that is, Europa, Eurasian and Caucasus, Let me focus on this analysis.

the main characteristics of Europa:

(1) light or slightly black skin, (2) straight or wavy soft hair, vigorous beard and body hair, (3) narrow nose with obvious protrusion, high nasal root, large longitudinal diameter of nostrils, oval shape; (4) small mouth, positive upper lip type, thin lips, small cleft mouth and zygomatic bones.

(5) slightly sunken orbit and small distance between eyebrows and eyes. Europa in Europe is mainly divided into three types: North, middle and south. The South Branch is divided into western Mediterranean type, Balkan Caucasus type and India Pamir type, and the North Branch is divided into Atlantic Baltic type, white sea Baltic type, Eastern European type and Atlantic Black Sea type.

I. the southern branch

(1) the main characteristics of the western Mediterranean type: because it is mixed with the Arab Semites, this type still has obvious characteristics. The skin color is generally white, but darker, the nose is usually slightly hooked, the hair color and eye color are relatively dark, black or dark brown, and the height is shorter than that of Nordic people.

are mainly distributed in southern European countries: Spain, Portugal, southern Italy, Greece, Cyprus and North African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

(2) the main characteristics of Caucasus type in the central Balkans: dark hair, dark or variegated eyes, protruding nose, long bridge of nose, developed hair, short and wide face, short head, tall, inclined forehead and prominent brow ridge.

are mainly distributed in the Balkans, Caucasus, Asia Minor and Arab regions.

(3) East India Pamir type main features: dark hair and glasses, dark skin, wavy hair, long nose, high bridge of nose, prominent back of nose, narrow face, long head or medium head type, large and bright eyes.

is the so-called Indian Aryan race, mainly distributed in Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, northern India, the second and Northern branches of

(1) the main characteristics of Atlantic Baltic type: light skin color, light colored hair and pupils (red, golden and Tan hair, green and blue pupils), slender nose and tall, Blond hair and blue eyes, indistinct cheekbones, slender face and protrusion of mandible.

this is the so-called Nordic race. Most Germanic and Celtic races belong to this type, mainly distributed in northern Europe, Scandinavia, northern Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland. This is also the object respected by the Chinese public. But this is only after the rise of Western Europe and Northern Europe. In ancient Rome, these characteristics were just barbarian characteristics. Red hair is a typical feature of the purebred Celts.

(2) the main characteristics of white sea Baltic type: skin color, hair color and pupil color are very light, only second to “big wave type”. The nose is short, the back of the nose is straight or concave, the face is short, the figure is medium, the beard and body hair are medium, and the hair style is mostly straight hair.

are mainly distributed in Northeast Europe, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

(3) main characteristics of Atlantic Black Sea type: light skin color, hair color and eye color between Atlantic Baltic race and Indian Mediterranean race, straight hair or wavy hair, short skull type, low and slightly wide face, slightly wide nose, and a certain proportion of individuals have concave nose bridge. The beard and body hair are rich or medium, and the stature is short. In fact, most of the earliest American immigrants were from Central European countries, so they are a bit like typical Americans.

, also known as alpine type or central European type, are mainly distributed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the central plateau of France and Czechoslovakia in Central Europe.

(4) main characteristics of Eastern European type: it has almost obvious Mongolian appearance. largeThe amount of straight hair, the hair is not very developed, the cheekbones are high, the upper eyelid folds are very developed, the nose root is low, the bridge of the nose is concave, the curved bridge of the nose and the round nose head.




are the products of the invasion of Mongolian people, mixed with Mongolian descent, but generally speaking, they are still white. There is also a saying that the Eastern European type is included in the Ural mixed race rather than as a separate type of Europa. Mainly distributed in Eastern Europe.

also introduces several mixed types of Europa and other races:

1 Europa and equatorial race (also known as Negro Australian race, which is also divided into two races, black and brown)

(1) the mixed type of Europa and Negro race – the main characteristics of Ethiopian type in northeast Africa: the skin color is light kazhi chocolate, curly hair, weak helix, few or medium beard, The lips are medium thick, the face is close to the European race, the face is narrow, the head is long, and the body is above medium, with a slender proportion of




(2) the mixed type of European and Australian race – the darovita type in South India. The main characteristics are close to the Ethiopian type, with straight hair, low stature and wide face.

2. Europa and Mongolian

(1) ural type: certain Mongolian characteristics, nasal dorsum depression, and Eastern European type.

(2) south Siberian type (Turan, Central Asia): the proportion of variegated orders is high, the Mongolian characteristics are not prominent, the face is high, the zygomatic width index is large, the nose dorsum is protrusive or straight, and the lip is medium thick.