Iranian commandos dressed as cleaners boarded the plane. The last hostages on board moaned in pain and struggled in despair. At this time, the lights on the airport burst out as bright as day. The hijacker only felt dizzy and did not wake up. A commando dressed as a cleaner was rushing towards a hijacker and grabbed the grenade in his hand. Another hijacker was shocked and immediately struggled to death. Just then, a light flashed. In an instant, the stench of tear gas filled the whole cabin. It turned out that it was the tear gas thrown by the commandos.

on December 4, 1984, although it is the midwinter season, in Kuwait, the warm wind blowing from the Gulf not only drives away the cold, but also seems to add some spring. Flight 221 from Kuwait International Airport to Karachi, Pakistan is about to take off. This is an A310 large passenger plane belonging to Kuwait airlines. It usually takes many returning Pakistanis working in Kuwait, and this time is no exception. 120 Pakistanis waited patiently for inspection in the airport waiting room. They were also accompanied by 10 Kuwaitis, 4 Americans and some other foreigners.

at 10:00 a.m., the flight crossed the runway steadily and soared away. The passengers sat in comfortable soft chairs and talked and laughed. After an hour and a half flight, the plane arrived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is the first stop of the flight.

at this time, four 20-year-old young people just got off another passenger plane from Beirut. They dodged, bypassed the security checkpoint in the transfer waiting room, sneaked into the boarding entrance and avoided the eyes of the security guard of Dubai airport. Some young people carry four nylon grenades. They boarded flight 221 without the attention of the security personnel.

when the plane took off again, left Dubai and approached the altitude of the route, a loud noise came into the cockpit. Before the pilot could react, two gangsters broke through the door. One put a pistol against the pilot’s chest, and the other put a grenade on the captain Harry Clark’s neck and ordered him to turn around and fly towards Iran. At the same time, there was chaos in the cockpit, and the hijackers separated the Americans and Kuwaitis from the others and drove them to the front cabin.

the hijackers forced the captain to fly to Muhammad Rabat airport in Tehran, Iran. They thought they could get a grand reception from the Iranian authorities. However, their wishful thinking was wrong. When the plane hovered over Tehran and asked to land, Muhammad Rabat airport flatly refused. It was not until the captain shouted repeatedly that the fuel on the plane was nearly exhausted that the command tower agreed to its landing. As soon as the plane landed, it was immediately surrounded by a group of heavily armed Iranian soldiers. The hijackers of




announced the purpose of their hijacking to the airport command tower through radio contact: they are members of Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” and asked the Kuwaiti government to release 17 “Hezbollah” members detained recently for their participation in the bombing of the US embassy in Kuwait.

Tehran has entered a severe winter in December. The bleak sunshine shines on the snow and looks very dazzling. The airport is white. At the end of a runway, there is a huge blue and white monster. It is the hijacked flight 221 of KAC. There was silence at the airport, but atrocities were being committed inside the airliner. The monitoring station in Kuwait received the sound from the plane. The screams of a man when he was tortured were creepy. There were 161 hostages on board. In the morning, a gunshot in the cabin broke the silence. A few minutes later, the terrorists opened the hatch and threw a body out of the cabin. This is a civil servant from Virginia, 50 year old Hagner. He became the first victim of the terrorist killing.

communicate by radio, and the negotiations between the hijackers and the command tower are proceeding slowly. On December 5, the hijackers released 46 hostages, mostly women and children. The second batch released were 23 Pakistanis whose documents were burned. Later, some hostages were released. People leaving the plane are like free birds flying out of the cage; The remaining hostages were more cruelly abused. They were tightly tied to their seats, motionless, dry mouth, no water to drink, and sometimes were not allowed to urinate or defecate. “It’s like being in hell for 140 hours,” recalled kappa, an American hostage who was later rescued

on December 6, the video recorder of Iranian television captured a creepy scene next to the aircraft gangway: the gangsters suddenly pushed out a hostage with guns in their hands and headscarves on their faces, and handed an electronic loudspeaker to his mouth. Wearing a snow-white shirt, the hostage claimed to be the Consul General of the United States in Karachi. His voice trembled and stammered, imploring the Iranian authorities to give in to the hijackers and meet their demands. He said they were going to kill him. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” the hijacker pointed a gun at the back of his head and counted down. “Their threat is serious.” Before the voice fell, the hostage was dragged back into the cabin. At this time, a hijacker took the loudspeaker and asked the Iranian authorities to provide the pilot and co pilot to replace the pilot and co pilot who had been insane on board. The hijacker was limited to five minutes to reply, otherwise he would kill an American hostage. Five minutes later, the man in white shirt reappeared by the gangway under the escort of the hijacker. Seeing this, an Iranian negotiator gestured and hurried up the gangway, trying to persuade the hijacker to forgive the American. But at the moment when the American wanted to struggle, the hijacker shot six times at close range, killed him on the spot and cruelly threw his body on the runway. In contrast, a Pakistani passenger is very lucky. When the hijacker pushed him out of the cabin door and threatened to kill him, he suddenly turned over with a kite, jumped off the plane and ran with all his strength. The bullet roared beside him, but it never hit him.

on December 7, the hijackers called the command tower and asked Iraq