In China,

has a corresponding flower god every month. Although there are different opinions, they have something in common. But I don’t know much about western flower gods. Only the flower god of daffodils was found. I wonder if every flower in the West corresponds to a flower god.

I really found a phenomenon: in Greek and Roman mythology, those related to plants are generally not very good. Or if they do something wrong, they will be punished as flowers; Or they died unexpectedly, and the bosses couldn’t bear it, so they became a “Flower God”.

this is certainly not absolute, but there is a lot of plot support. (only the gods corresponding to plants are discussed here, and only those who use plants or are associated with plants are not included in the scope of discussion.) Let’s give some examples (some cases are mentioned in “vegetation collection” and column articles, and you can skip ~) more pictures!

[reprint, please indicate the source of the author.] 1. Narcissus – the story of Narcissus

[cause] it is generally considered to be narcissism [ending] suicide and death of Narcissus. The subject already knows.. Well, many people must know..

when a beautiful boy named Narcissus was born, a prophet said that if he wanted to live a long life, he must not see his face all his life. So his parents opened a comprehensive shielding mode for him, so that the child had never seen his face and lived all the way to his youth.

then there is a problem with shielding..

because they are too handsome, the girls say they have no resistance and fall in love with Narcissus one after another.

although there are some details, they are not important. In short, Narcissus is completely indifferent to them (- -). For the goddesses who are rarely rejected, this is unbearable! So everyone ran to the goddess of vengeance and said that the boy could not go on. You have to give him some color to see.

the goddess of vengeance is also a goddess. Of course, she is on the side of all the goddesses. So she cursed and let Narcissus see his face through a lake on his way to hunting.

we all know what happened later: Narcissus fell in love with himself in the water at first sight, so he fell down by the water and couldn’t leave again. It is also said that he thought he saw his twin sister who died early, or knew he could not combine with the reflection; So he threw himself into the water… Anyway, he’s dead.

from his body, Narcissus grew.

(a painter I like very much, Narcissus by the former Waterhouse.)

2. Hyacinth, a beautiful young man, was killed by mistake in competing for a good friend. If Narcissus was killed to a large extent, then hyacinth was pure innocent cannon fodder.

jacentos and Apollo were good friends; But Zephyrus, the God of the west wind, also liked the little beautiful man. Maybe it’s seeing good friends go out and into pairs every day. Zeferos finally couldn’t stand the stimulation and began to hate from love.

then one day Apollo and Jacinto played discus together, and zeferos blew a breath…

jacentos was killed by the discus thrown by Apollo – the flower growing from jacentos’ blood is hyacinth. It is said that Apollo, who was devastated, said to the flower, “I want you to leave my mark.” So the hyacinth petals are printed with dark solar radiation stripes.

(Jacinto and Apollo)

(Hyacinth) 3 Anemone autumn peony anemone Adonis the beautiful man Adonis

[subject] the stunning appearance attracted the goddesses to rob [End] and died fighting with wild animals. Adonis, the beautiful man, is considered to be the God of plants in Greek mythology.

but this category is a little big… Maybe it’s because he is really handsome and unparalleled in the world, so several plants are competing with him. At present, it is generally recognized that several plants of Ranunculaceae – Greek anemone, autumn peony, or Pulsatilla.

as the most beautiful man in the world, Aphrodite, the God of love, and Persephone, the queen of the underworld, like him very much. But that’s not the point. The point is, perhaps because Adonis indirectly caused the death of the lover of Artemis, the moon god, or because arias, the lover of Aphrodite, couldn’t see it, so he sent a wild boar to kill Adonis.




(since ancient times, beauty is so unlucky –) anemones grow from Adonis’ blood.

(death of Adonis. Surrounded by women.)

(bright anemone.) 4. Mint — the grinding goblin Mentha

[cause] the third party [outcome] is full of corpses, and the violent corpse in the wilderness also belongs to death.

have an affair with Hades. Discovered by the afterlife.

Mies belongs to the type of goblins. After three or two times, she was dragged out by Persephone, the queen of the underworld, from the king of the underworld to death. (the story is full of cruelty.) It’s over. Persephone’s not over yetAfter becoming a myrrh tree, she gave birth to a child from the trunk – Adonis, the most beautiful boy in the world mentioned above.

(the family is also full of sorrow)

(Milla, who became a myrrh tree, gave birth to Adonis.)

(myrrh tree. It’s hard to find the real picture.) 10. Cypress – Cypress

, Prince of Western Asia [subject] mistakenly killed his beloved pet and was devastated [ending] turned into cypress. There are also many versions of the story. At present, the most widely circulated version comes from the description of the ancient Roman poet Ovid:

the beautiful boy (also the beautiful boy) cuparisos mistakenly killed his beloved pet – a deer, so sad that he could hardly live. He begged his good friend Apollo to let him be so sad forever. Apollo was forced to turn it into a cypress.

so cypress trees symbolize mourning for the dead and long sleep in many places.

(cuparisos and deer.)

(cypress. The English name cypress comes from cypress.) 11. Sunflower – water goddess Christy clutius Clytie

[subject] crazy love for Helios [End] withered and turned into a sunflower. Well, thank you for reminding me in the comment area ~ the story of sunflower is mentioned in another answer. What are sunflowers doing at night, following the moon- Manmei’s answer, but there are several questions: the sunflower native to America was not actually introduced in early ancient Greece and Rome; Therefore, the early stage of clutius should correspond to another plant. In the true story version, her infatuated object is not Apollo, but Helios, so that after the latter empathized, she almost fell into madness – denounced Helios’s lover and led to his death, which is deeply hated by Helios. Clutier, who had no choice but to sit there and look up to Helios’s solar car, sat dead.

above ~ however, it is not a flower God without harmony and happiness… As for the combination of these flowers with God, they generally have the following characteristics:

(1) plants have outstanding aesthetic feeling or other pleasant and beautiful characteristics.

(2) do not have an independent story system, but are linked out of common characteristics.

(3) there is no single corresponding relationship between God and God. As long as the characteristics match, they can symbolize each other.

for example:

1 Iris – Iris

Rainbow goddess is similar to Hermes in male gods, but its image is more aesthetic and optimistic. It is a goddess who sends messages to the gods, leads the female soul into the underworld, and informs mankind of her wishes. It is said that the clothes she wears are made of dew, which can reflect the brilliance of the sun, moon and stars, and iris will be left where she walks.

iris is special because of its colorful colors and erratic patterns, so that almost only Alice in the divine world can match it.

2. Daisy – goddess of spring; Venus

“Daisy” in English generally refers to a series of delicate, spring flowering, white and pure compositae plants. Because Spring opens early and has a petite and pure appearance, almost all cultural systems associate it with the God of spring and the God of love as their sacred objects.

(pure Daisy, including Daisy, spring white chrysanthemum, white chrysanthemum, chamomile and other Compositae Plants in Chinese.) 3. Water lily – nymph

nymph is not a person. It is the general name for the nymph fairy, a group of light and beautiful girls who live in the water and haunt in the forest. From these points of view alone, it is enough to coexist with water lilies ~

(Ningfu people)

(water lily; its scientific name nympheae comes from “nymph”) 4. Rose – all the gods of love, beauty and pleasure and beauty; Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Venus, etc.

Rose refers to almost all ornamental flowers of Rosaceae and Rosa.

needless to say ~ just post other people’s information…

Rose’s tried and tested beauty of conquering people’s hearts attracts people like a mystery, and forces them to explore, compare and give symbolic meaning. This beauty refers to its shape, color, tissue structure of petals, especially its fragrance, and the ultimate beauty. In the eyes of the Greeks and other West Asians, roses are a gift and thanks to the gods. Many myths say that roses were made from the blood of the gods who came down to earth, especially the gods of love and abundance. The most common story is that when Aphrodite was born from the sea, there was a strong wave foam protection around her waist. When she left the shore, she became a bunch of white roses. (different legends in the symbol of plants by de Mariana boyshet show the origin of this plant. Some people think it comes from the blood of Adonis, some say it grows from the blood of Aphrodite, and some Greek poets mention that this beautiful plant appeared on the earth when Aphrodite was born… In addition, graces (the three goddesses of beauty and benefit represent the happiness and beauty given by nature), Muse