is rumored to have been taken off the Marshal’s uniform during the funeral. Zaharov said that this was not true. Stalin was buried again in Marshal’s uniform, but at that time, according to shwernik’s order, he took off the gold medal of Soviet Socialist Labor hero he had worn on his chest.

data map: Stalin and Khrushchev

in 1961, in order to prevent the resurgence of personality worship, Khrushchev made a decision that shocked the world – to remove Stalin’s body from the tomb. Later, people had different opinions on how Stalin was removed from Lenin’s tomb. One of them said that Stalin’s body was thrown out of Lenin’s tomb after taking off his clothes, to show the hatred of the regime for Stalin, a “tyrant”.

in 2001, general zaharov, the former director of the 9th Bureau of the KGB, who was responsible for the removal of the body, revealed the inside story of the secret operation to the Russian newspaper “arguments and facts”.

special mission

after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, although there were still voices denouncing Stalin’s crime and opposing personal worship, the strength was significantly weakened compared with a few years ago. After a few years of feverish thinking, people are much calmer than when they just changed the Dynasty: if the political situation is unexpected, Khrushchev is expelled from office, and a Stalinist iron hand comes up, it is enough to be punished by justice just by criticizing Stalin.

in order to eliminate people’s concern about the reversal of the wheel of history and completely put an end to the Stalin era, Khrushchev began to plan to remove Stalin’s body from Lenin’s tomb.

Khrushchev first informed the KGB of this secret plan and asked them to be ready. The 9th KGB Bureau was a security bureau at that time, which was responsible for the security of senior party, government and military leaders and the guard of Lenin’s tomb.

on the eve of the October Revolution Festival, the whole Soviet Union was preparing for this great festival. No one expected that a secret plan with great symbolic significance was brewing in the Kremlin. One day, Khrushchev summoned zaharov and general wejenin, the commander of the Kremlin garrison, to the Kremlin and told them that a decision might be made today to remove Stalin’s body from Lenin’s tomb. The new tomb site has been selected and asked them to make preparations in all aspects. He disclosed that the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee has established a five member group, including the first Secretary of the CPC Georgia Committee, the chairman of the Georgian Council of ministers, the chairman of the Soviet KGB, the first Secretary of the Moscow municipal Party committee and the chairman of the Moscow Soviet Executive Committee, headed by shwernik, chairman of the CPC central supervisory committee, who is fully responsible for this work.

then, shwernik convened a meeting of relevant personnel to arrange the methods of secretly removing the remains in detail. A few days later, November 7 is the anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution of the Soviet Union. At that time, the Red Square will hold military parades and mass demonstrations, and the working group will close the Red Square under the pretext of holding rehearsal activities. Everyone in the working group has a specific division of labor. Chekalov, deputy director of the ninth KGB Bureau, is responsible for supervising the whole relocation work; Konev, head of the special regiment of the Kremlin security area, is responsible for booking a good coffin at the funeral home; The garrison sent six soldiers to dig the new grave, and eight officers were responsible for carrying Stalin’s crystal coffin out of Lenin’s tomb and putting it into the new grave; The camouflage around the burial place is in the charge of Colonel zhelasov, director of the Logistics Department of the security area. The team suggested that he block the left and right sides of the red square with plywood so that outsiders can’t see the movement inside. As this is a highly confidential political mission, the KGB requested the garrison of the Kremlin to select the most politically reliable person to carry out it.

Lenin’s tomb is built of brownish red marble with the words “Lenin, Stalin” engraved on it. Since the coffin removal plan will be implemented immediately after the decision is adopted by the central meeting, it is difficult to make a new tombstone to replace the original inscription immediately. Therefore, the working group ordered the artist savinov to make a wide white cloth belt and write “Lenin” on it, and prepared to cover the original words on Lenin’s tomb for the time being.

thorough preparations are ready, and the action team is waiting for the news of the central plenary session.

the 22nd plenary session of the CPC Central Committee was presided over by general secretary Khrushchev. On October 31, the last day of the plenary session, spiridonov, the first Secretary of the Leningrad State Party committee, came to the podium and made a brief speech. After that, he suddenly proposed to remove Stalin’s body from Lenin’s tomb. Khrushchev pretended to think deeply and said that this was a serious issue and should be voted on. He looked around the hall and asked if there was any disagreement. Someone in the distance of the hall echoed “no”. Khrushchev immediately submitted the question to the plenary of the general assembly for a vote, and the venue was like a forest of arms. “Those who object, please raise their hands, No. those who abstain, please raise their hands, and No. the decision is passed unanimously.”

Hall fell silent. Before people woke up from the decision to mark the end of an era, Khrushchev announced the successful conclusion of the conference.

were secretly buried in

. At 21:00 that night, members of the committee came to Lenin’s tomb. Stalin was lying in a crystal coffin in a Grand Marshal’s uniform, and eight officers slowly lifted it up and sent it to the laboratory below. The officers opened the lid of the crystal coffin and moved Stalin’s body into the wooden coffin.

later, it was rumored in Moscow that Stalin was taken off his Marshal’s uniform during the relocation. Zaharov said that this was not true. Stalin was buried again in Marshal’s uniform, but at that time, according to shwernik’s order, he took off the gold medal of Soviet Socialist Labor hero he had worn on his chest. After that, Shi ordered the guards of Lenin’s tomb to replace the gold buckle on Marshal Stalin’s clothes with brass. After the coffin was capped, shwernik and the president of the Georgian Council of Ministers burst into tears.




eight officers carried Stalin’s coffin out of Lenin’s tomb and came to the red wall of the Kremlin. tomb