friends who have seen the film “Spartan 300 warriors” know that this film is about the battle between Greece and Spartan city states during the Third Expedition of the Persian Empire in history. In the film, the Spartan warriors are extremely powerful. They are born a powerful soldier and kill tens of thousands of Persian troops with 300 people. So is it true that there are only 300 Spartan warriors fighting in history? Now let’s get to know each other.

Iran is now the great Persian Empire in ancient times. Persia was once the most powerful empire in the Middle East. During the period of 492-490 BC, Darius I went to Greece twice, and ended in failure. After Darius I died, his son Xerxes ascended the throne. Xerxes inherited the last wish of his ancestors, organized 100000 troops and more than 1000 warships, and launched the third expedition to Greece again.

responded immediately after Greece got the news. At first, 10000 troops organized by various city states were prepared to fortify in a place called Beixi Valley, but the plan was rejected by the Macedonian city states. They thought that the Persian army in this area was easy to infiltrate, and then under the pressure of quantity, it would be defeated miserably. This suggestion was adopted by the city states at that time, so the defenders in the area were immediately evacuated and made other plans. After careful research among various city states, we found that wenquanguan was a very good place to block the Persian army. Wenquan pass is a narrow channel that is easy to defend but difficult to attack. One side is a high cliff and steep wall, and the other side is the sea. Therefore, it was decided to send heavy troops to defend Wenquan pass. And sent a fleet to defend the Cape of artemison, so as not to let Xerxes land from the sea and flank the hot spring pass.

Greek city states organized 7000 troops at the hot spring pass, including the 299 Spartan royal guards, while the rest were the soldiers selected from the city states, all under the unified command of Spartan King Leonidas. In the film, only the 300 Spartan royal guards are mentioned, and there is no too much mention of the soldiers of other city states. On the eve of the




war, Xerxes did not launch an attack. His 100000 troops camped on the lawn not far from Wenquan pass. At the beginning, Xerxes launched his psychological tactics and sent a letter to persuade Leonidas to surrender immediately, or my 100000 army will shoot arrows and rain that can shield the sun to attack you. Leonidas didn’t show much fear, but said sarcastically, “that’s great. We can fight in the shadow.”. Xerxes could not shake Leonidas to surrender. After waiting for a few days, he sent Leonidas a letter again, and this time it was an olive branch. He told Leonidas, “as long as you are willing to surrender and surrender to me, I will make you king of Greece.” This time Leonidas hit Xerxes in the face again and replied, “if you know what is the most precious in life, you won’t always think about what others have. In my life, dying for Greece is more important than getting the throne.”. Xerxes was furious. In his rage, he gave an ultimatum to the Spartans to surrender immediately, but Leonidas was still unwilling to show weakness: “if you want, come and take it!” Xerxes lost his patience under the constant provocation of Leonidas, and finally decided to speak by force.

on the first day of the war, Xerxes sent his largest but not very cherished Legion to fight. Most of them were the troops of Persian servant countries, such as some troops of Medea and Thrace, equipped with short spears and small shields. On the Greek side, Greece, with its condescending geographical advantage, fell into three rows with its huge shield spear and set up a square array of Greek spears. The small shields of Medea and Thrace could not compete with the Greek phalanx at all. The killed were scattered, and groups of soldiers rolled down the hillside. Xerxes was so surprised that he jumped up from his chair three times. Under this first attack, the Persian army has lost nearly 10000 people, while only three people were killed in Greece. After receiving the news, Xerxes clearly understood what a powerful army he was facing. But Xerxes was not convinced. On the same day, he launched a second attack on wenquanguan, but this attack sent 20000 people, of which 10000 were the “immortal” of the elite Persian Imperial Army, and the other 10000 were the remaining Midian and Thracian soldiers. However, this did not change the final outcome. 20000 people failed again.

on the next day, Xerxes sent 50000 elite troops to attack Wenquan pass, but under the long-term attack, he still could not shake the Greek army. In order to avoid greater losses, Xerxes immediately ordered the withdrawal of troops and the suspension of attacks. At this time, Xerxes was very confused.

on the third day, when Xerxes was confused, the army caught a Greek farmer living nearby. In order to protect his life, the farmer told him that there was a path to bypass the back of Wenquan pass. Xerxes was overjoyed, so he immediately sent his elite forest guards to the mountain path. After a series of trekking, the Persian army came to the hillside. But halfway up the mountain, I met more than 1000 soldiers from the city-state of Francis. Since the fighting did not break out for a long time, the vigilance of these Greek soldiers was relaxed, but the Persian army did not dare to attack rashly. So they drove the Greek soldiers to the top of the mountain with arrow rain, but the Persians didn’t continue to chase them. They stopped all over when they passed the intersection that could lead to Wenquan pass. From this pass, the Persian army directly marched in and killed the back of the Greek garrison at the hot spring pass, forming a encirclement.

Leonidas knew that the battle would be lost. So a small meeting was held temporarily. In order to preserve the strength of the Greek army, he led 300 Spartan royal guards