currently has no evidence of homosexuality. The only historical record of




is the court record in 1476. He and three other young men were charged with sodomy of jacoposaltarelli, which was later rejected because there was no evidence in court.

are controversial. For example, John the Baptist generally believes that the prototype is Sarai, and there are other copies from his followers or Sarai himself.

the level of sketch and sculpture in Da Vinci’s devil is far below the historical level, and this one was not painted by Da Vinci.

the incarnateangel is written by Sarai, but his artistic level is not high. He also painted the naked Mona Lisa, and his pornographic works also appear on the back of Atlantis Codex. Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite student was count Francesco melzi, one of melzi’s sons, not him.

melch did not find any love or poetry when sorting out Leonardo da Vinci’s notes, and clearly expressed his disgust with sex.

Vasari’s biography also does not mention Leonardo da Vinci’s sexual orientation. Most of the other works with homosexual tendencies have no real name, or come from leonardeschi, such as Dionysus, or are imitations of workshops in other regions.

in the Louvre’s Dionysus is considered to have some ambiguous meaning of androgyny, but it was not written by Da Vinci.

Leonardo’s list of works

Leonardo da Vinci’s homosexual tendencies have also been mentioned since the 16th century. The most widely known is Freud’s psychoanalytic interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s vulture dream in his article Leonardo da Vinci and a memory of his childhood in 1910, It also believes that the behavior of the vulture hitting his mouth with its tail is a passive gay childhood fantasy, which is based on the memory of sucking his mother’s nipple.

this description is used for reference in the play of Leonardo da Vinci’s devil, including the mysterious cave. (but there are great differences in other plots)

it seems that I was destined to have such a deep relationship with vultures forever, because I remember a very early past. When I was still in my cradle, a vulture flew towards me. It hit my mouth with its tail and hit my lips many times. ” The reasoning process of

is roughly as follows:

tail (Coba) symbolizes male sexual organs in Italian, hitting his mouth and inserting, so he is emotionally gay, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s mother’s excessive tenderness and his sales record of male students.

vultures represent mothers in Egyptian hieroglyphs, fertilized by the wind and the son of vultures (also similar to the pregnancy of the Holy Spirit and recognizing the little Christ); Having a mother without a father since childhood (Leonardo da Vinci lived with his biological mother before the age of 5, followed by his father and stepmother), he began to think about who I am, where I come from and where I go (here is a metaphor), and became a young researcher (the research activity sublimated into the extraordinary creativity created by curiosity instead of the sexual desire from the subconscious).

thus concluded that Leonardo da Vinci was: emotional homosexuality, little Christ, young researchers of sexual repression, and finally led to sexual indifference in adulthood.

“reproductive behavior and everything related to it are so disgusting that without traditional customs, beautiful faces and aesthetic nature, human beings will soon die.” From the Atlantic Codex. The specific argumentation content of


the mother is represented by the shape of vulture in the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, and the head of the goddess worshipped by the Egyptians is also the shape of vulture. The name of the goddess is pronounced “mut”, which is similar to the pronunciation of German “mutter” (mother). Freud believes that these three messages are connected. Freud does not think it is a coincidence.

according to the entries written by tuichler in rosecher’s dictionary, the goddess in Egyptian mythology is a hermaphroditic God with male genitalia, while the “tail” (coda) of the “vulture” in Leonardo da Vinci’s childhood fantasy is the symbol of male genital organs.

so Freund hard linked the vulture, mother, tail and genitalia, explained these phenomena with his infant theory, and believed that the common source of the two is the child’s assumption that the mother has male genitalia.

children who lost their father’s custody in childhood, under the excessive care of their mother’s warmth, can wantonly “Oedipus” and avoid “castration anxiety” – derived from Freund’s “Oedipus complex”, to the effect that they fear that their father and son will be hostile to their mother’s sexual feelings, and then implement castration revenge, This theory (including most of Freund’s theories) has been abandoned – which has infected some femininity.




the key to the formation of homosexuality is that when he lived with his father, he suppressed his sexual impulse towards his stepmother, resulting in Leonardo da Vinci imitating his father’s way (Leonardo da Vinci’s father mixed up and abandoned his wife) to treat his art, so he left so many unfinished masterpieces to avoid sexual repression.

in Leonardo da Vinci and a memory of his childhood:

in Leonardo’s case, we have to adhere to this view: the contingency of his illegal birth is too much different from that of his mother