from ancient times to the present, every country has a strict legal system. The existence of the law believes that this restricts the people to live more heart and security in the society. However, even under such circumstances, there will still be a lot of violators. Murder is a very serious crime. People who have committed this crime in history will basically be sentenced to death. However, these laws are completely useless for Jack the Ripper. Why do you say so? Let’s have a look.

in 1888-1891, 11 women were murdered in the infamous Whitechapel area of East London. Five of the murders had frightening similarities, so they were attributed to the same unknown murderer. All the victims were prostitutes. The killing of street warblers only lasted from August to November, and then suddenly disappeared, just as quietly at the beginning of the crime. For many years, there have been a variety of statements to speculate on the true face of the murderer, but they are purely street gossip and have no clue. As soon as possible, these five homicides have been carefully examined for thousands of times, but investigators still believe that they contain a few hidden clues. Investigators keep inferring which people are likely to commit such crimes through crime profile. The first case of




took place on the last day of August of the previous year. The deceased was found lying on Bacchus street, across the street from the London hospital. The victim was stabbed with several knives, which seemed to be an unorganized means of murder, but the dispatcher believed that the part of the knife implied clues related to the murderer. Many syphilis patients are treated in London hospitals, and the emergency room is nearby, so the murderer chose to commit murder near the hospital has a special meaning. At that time, syphilis was rampant in London, and the area near Whitechapel was full of migrant workers and dusty women. Naturally, syphilis was prevalent in the area. Some of the people involved in the investigation are psychiatrists who believe that the killer may have sexual diseases such as syphilis. It is clear that the virus is rampant among communities in the east end of London for a time, and is not limited to prostitutes. At that time, syphilis was a terminal disease, and there was no cure for it. In the end, it would lead to mental disorder and death. It can be inferred that the murderer once suffered from illness and was treated in the hospital. Finally, he left in frustration.

the second case occurred nine days later. The deceased was found in hamberning street one kilometer away. She was a prostitute like the previous victim, and the victim’s uterus was taken away by the murderer. Experts believe that the murder of the victim and the removal of representative organs means that the murderer has sexual revenge, which further confirms the previous inference. The case caused a great sensation at that time, and the media faked the killer’s letter and published it in the newspaper, which has promoted sales. The signature on one of the letters gave these cases their name. Jack the Ripper was actually nicknamed by the media for the murderer.

at the same time, a third case occurred. On the same night, the difference between the two prostitutes was less than an hour. The police learned that there was a reception nearby that night. The police inferred that the murderer should be someone at the reception, but he left the reception with anger because of the incident at the reception. I saw the victims on the road and murdered them. In order to analyze the identity of the murderer, the police restored the scene of the incident, and found the handwriting left by the murderer on the wall at the scene. The content is: Jewish nation, no one can be arbitrarily humiliated and wronged. Lack of self reproach and inability to accept criticism are typical symptoms of mental patients. The early party may cause Jack to feel deeply unfair and angry. The scope of the police investigation gradually became clear. The murderer was a Jewish businessman who was plagued by brain tonic degenerative diseases (syphilis can affect brain tonic nerves, leading to neurological disorder and memory degeneration).

so far, four murders have occurred, which has caused panic among the people, but the power of this fear will be further expanded.

November 9 of the same year. It’s been six weeks since the last double homicide. The fifth homicide occurred, and the victim was cut into pieces on his bed. This case is not the same as the previous 4 gas case. The police began to doubt whether the murderer was the same person. The first four cases occurred outdoors, and the crime time was only a few minutes, which was very short. This time, the murder took place indoors, and the murderer had enough time to commit the murder calmly. According to the scene, the police judged that the murderer and the victim knew each other. It is likely that the murderer, as a guest, had an erotic transaction with the victim indoors. This time, the victim was separated and disfigured, and the killer took the victim’s heart. Due to the post distribution harness, the police judged that the killer may also be a group of executioners or butchers.

the police delimited the activity area of the murderer according to the crime scene, and the investigation found that. A famous butcher was jailed for stealing his boss’s meat. The charge is not big, but it is also another important indicator of mental patients in the eyes of psychiatrists. The butcher, who was married and had children, died in 1981, two years after the case of Jack the Ripper. The death report stated that the cause of death was an STD, perhaps from the streets of Whitechapel. According to the medical report, patients claim to often hear strange noises and do some evil things involuntarily. Hearing noise or voices forcing you to do something is the symptom of mental illness caused by late syphilis.

then the police got an important tip that someone had witnessed the murderer. The informant’s occupation was also a butcher and belonged to the same street as the suspect’s shop. In the fourth case, the informant came out of the tavern and went to check when he heard the strange noise in the side street. He just saw the assailant. Although the informant repeatedly said that he did not see the face of the perpetrator, he gave the police an intriguing clue: the killer was about three inches taller than the victim, and the height difference between the suspect and the victim was exactly three inches.

the police believe that the suspect is at least the executioner of the first four murders, and no one meets the profile standard better than the suspect. First of all, the suspect has perfect motivation. He may have contracted syphilis from prostitutes. Secondly, the suspect lives in the whole prisonIn the center of the case area, he has a shop nearby, which can clean himself and hide the obtained organs in time. His death certificate proved that his mental state was worrying and he had been listed as mentally ill. He was a Jewish businessman and good at butcher’s knives, and he had several books on anatomy. All the evidence leads people to believe that Jack the ripper is a butcher practicing in Whitechapel district.

there are different opinions about the identity of the real Ripper Jack. So far, there is no official statement. I just wish the dead rest in peace