One of the reasons for the formation of the

samurai male style is the good “pedophilia” and “romantic” of the nobility in the Heian era. The fashion of the nobility is the pursuit of daily life since the establishment of the Kamakura shogunate. From the perspective of pursuing elegance, “homosexuality in Edo era was a noble elegance”. The article

is taken from the Japanese “color Tao”. Author: Hao Xiangman published by Hubei people’s Publishing House

. In Japan before the 20th century, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual sex, whether it is the love of flesh desire or platonic spiritual love, it is collectively referred to as “color”. Beautiful women are called “sex women”, handsome men are called “Sex Men”, heterosexual love is “women”, and men’s sexual desire is “men”.

among Japanese (including modern Japanese), the male sex of samurai is second to none in the world. It was an important part of Bushido. In the eyes of the Japanese at that time, the homosexuality of samurai was more noble.




one of the reasons for the formation of the male style of samurai is the good “pedophilia” and “romantic” of the nobility in the Heian era. The fashion of nobility is the pursuit of daily life since the establishment of Kamakura shogunate. From the perspective of pursuing elegance, “homosexuality in Edo era was a noble elegance”.

Ye Yin, written by Yamamoto Chang Dynasty in 1716, is a representative work of Bushido in Japan. Although its main content is to explore the spirit of Bushido, it also states many rules of samurai love. For example, “the extreme of love is secret love. After meeting each other, the value of love will begin to decline. Lifelong secrecy is the essence of love.” The so-called essence here is the “public spirit”, that is, men’s “homosexual way”. Yamamoto Chang Chao therefore earnestly taught the Samurai: don’t be like a wild cat in heat. When you meet a little pleasing to the eye, you are eager to climb onto each other’s back. You have to observe it for at least five years before you can confide your love to each other. Once the two love each other, they must swear not to be more “brothers” like martyrs. Because the tenet of “loyalty” is derived from the spirit of “loyalty” of Bushido, gay warriors form “alliance brothers” with each other while swearing allegiance to the Lord. This simulated brotherhood makes them become brothers in need on the battlefield, share life and death, and meet each other between wars, because they have few opportunities to contact women, especially junior warriors. “If the public” that is, young partners (or “alliance brothers and alliance brothers”) are so important to them that Nishihara, a Daoist in the Edo era, even said: “if the public (Youth) without alliance brothers is equivalent to a girl who has no one to propose marriage.” That is to say, if there is no man willing to favor, it is a shame for people who think they are lecherous. Lecherous in the Edo era is not ashamed, but proud. If men do not have the ability to eat all men and women, they may not get the title of “lecherous man”.

the classic introduction to the way of homosexuality is “friends in heart”. A typical example is the love between Samurai Horio Zhongqing (1599-1633) and daimyo Maeda Lichang (1593-1658). The “alliance” between them should also lead the red line through the elderly under the moon like marriage. At the age of 16 or 17, Horio was handsome and won the reputation of “the most beautiful boy in the world”. At the age of 23 or 24, Maeda Li, who was the head of the state of Kaga and second only to the general’s family, often fell in love with him secretly for a long time. Finally, he asked a senior official of the shogunate, an adult Qiben, to be a matchmaker before he was able to date.

on his first date, Tian Li was often overwhelmed by nervousness. As a suitor, he didn’t say amorous words. After silence, he remained silent. Finally, he only choked out the words “the moon is beautiful tonight”, As a result, Zhongqing Horio dropped the sentence “it seems that brother Zun likes the moon very much, so let brother Zun enjoy the bright moon by himself. I’ll leave first so as not to interfere with brother Zun’s leisure of singing wind and playing with the moon”.

but after all, Maeda is often the head of a country and has great power. Zhongqing Horio dare not refuse his courtship casually. He may set a test by doing so. Maeda Lichang doesn’t seem to have a grudge about it. Instead, he doesn’t think about food and tea and is restless. In the future, Zhongqing, a young American, expressed her desire to visit Lichang on another day to express her gratitude. Li often heard this news, jumped three feet, immediately ordered people to build a welcome room, led three months in advance, and looked forward to the arrival of the reunion date every day.

the day has finally arrived. Li Chang got ready early in the morning and only waited for the distinguished guests to come. Unexpectedly, around 10 a.m., the messenger brought the news of Zhongqing’s urgent illness and told the Lord that he would not be able to keep the appointment. Li Chang was so angry that he wrapped himself in bed and sighed all day. When the family boy brought dinner, he also shouted, “I can’t eat!” So that all the children and ministers dare not say a word.

around 6 pm, the messenger of Zhongqing came again. This time, the messenger said that he must convey the message of the Lord in front of Li Chang. The minister saw that the messenger looked shabby and didn’t ride a horse. He must be a lowly warrior, but it was hard to refuse, so he had to report the messenger’s intention to Lichang first. As soon as Li Chang heard this, he quickly turned over, got up and took a big step towards the porch. The family ministers stopped one after another. How can the Lord of a country personally meet the messenger at the entrance? Li Chang only replied, “I can’t manage so much!” Just run quickly in three steps and two steps.

Li often came to the porch and urgently shouted, “where is the messenger?” At this time, a beautiful young man suddenly appeared behind the messenger and replied, “here.” It’s all Zhongqing’s trick. It’s not hard for ordinary people to imagine what kind of night Li Chang and Zhong Qing spent that night.

from many ukiyo paintings that reflect the appearance of samurai in the Edo era, we can see the portraits of samurai generally depicted as small white faced, beautiful teenagers and samurai entourage.




another important reason for Samurai looking for male sex is the ban of the shogunate on Samurai whoring. Throughout the Edo era, generals of all generations had different attitudes towards Samurai whoring, and some were relaxed, some are strictly prohibited. When it was strictly forbidden, the samurai dared not go to the brothel, so they went to see the performances of Kabuki actresses. Actresses are actually prostitutes in disguise. After the beautiful witch okuo gained widespread popularity, praise and fame, many wandering women imitated her and formed different song and dance groups. When the shogunate even banned Kabuki actresses, samurai had to pursue male sex, which was an important reason why “if all Kabuki” was popular for a while.

in the middle and late Edo era (18th-19th century), the samurai engaged in homosexuality because of their poverty. Although they were high in status, they still couldn’t afford a wife when they didn’t have money. In the early days of Edo (17th century), due to the limitation of status, samurai couldn’t marry a woman from common people. If they couldn’t find a suitable woman in the same class, they had to be single. Such poor Samurai had to sympathize with each other and form alliance brothers like husband and wife.

samurai pursue male sex. If psychologically analyzed, the main reason is that a considerable number of them are not good at words and do not adapt to the flirting of geisha houses.