it is said that he once told fortune for the daughter of Fujiwara zhongo that she would be gang raped by thousands of people in the future, which was appalling at that time. Zhong o is a right minister, a noble minister and the son of a thousand gold. How could such an encounter happen. But later, he was defeated and captured in the rebellion of zhongo, which was humiliated by the chaotic army.

it is universally acknowledged that the Japanese nation is good at imitation. Whether it’s a lighter or a camera, you can imitate it and learn it like it. Sometimes it’s more clever than the original thing. They not only imitate things, but also imitate customs and habits. People eat Western food, they also eat Western food. People wear dresses and high hats, and they also wear dresses and high hats. People play mahjong, they also play mahjong. Other girls wear hot pants, and their girls also wear hot pants. People walk naked into the street. They are more thorough. They go to church naked to get married. If others are immoral, they are even more immoral. They will betray their allies more thoroughly. In the early days of




, the relationship between China and Japan became deeper and deeper. Although the middle eldest brother Prince was defeated by our Tang soldiers in the battle of Baicun River in Korea, and 30000 elite soldiers defeated him, he and his confidant minister Fujiwara kamaku did not dare to hate. On the contrary, he knew he was bad and stepped up to learn. They sent groups of envoys and foreign students to China to absorb Chinese culture. These people knew the importance of the mission and were willing to learn with an open mind. At that time, it was convenient to travel. As long as you could cross the Strait of Malaysia, the Chinese garrison would pick you up and send you by land to Chang’an. However, after the withdrawal of the Tang army, Silla unified North Korea, and this shortcut was cut off. The Japanese ships sent to Tang Dynasty had to make a detour. They had to cross the sea and land in Su and Yang. The road is not only far, but also dangerous. The waves in the China Sea are very strong. Either the ship is broken and drowned in a shipwreck or it is blown to Nanyang. Therefore, it has become a journey full of unknowns and willing to risk life and death.

but for cultural exchanges, people with lofty ideals between the two countries can still communicate. Among them, the most noteworthy is the master Jianzhen who went from China to Japan. Jianzhen is from Yangzhou. His common surname is Chunyu. In the Tang Dynasty, Yangzhou was an important port. Everything had to take the lead. Going to sea made people look forward to it. Jianzhen left home at the age of 14. At the age of 21, he ascended the altar and received a full warning. He specialized in commandments and taught in Yangzhou. Before and after that, he talked about the great law and the great book 40 times, the law note 70 times, the weight instrument 10 times and the tin mill book 10 times. He is proficient in three learning and three multiplication and delves into truth. In addition, many monasteries and Buddha statues have been built, and an open-ended meeting has been held to relieve the poor and sick. There are more than 33000 volumes of Buddhist scriptures copied by himself. He is an eminent monk with full knowledge, piety and high virtue. He was famous in the north and south of the river in his forties. Japan specially sent two monks Rongbo (2) from Xingfu temple to study abroad according to the imperial decree of cutting business fatigue, and then invited Jianzhen to Japan to teach the commandments. Rong Bo (2) Zhao ran beryllium boiling together. After ten years of hard training, they dared to see Jianzhen and report their intentions, Jianzhen replied, “I’ve heard that Zen master Si of Nanyue was reincarnated to the kingdom of Japan as a prince and prospered in Buddhism. Recently, the king of Nagoya of your country sent thousands of cassocks. There is a poem beside the edge, saying:

although the mountains and rivers are foreign, the wind and moon are still the same day, so as to send the Buddha to form a good relationship.

The old monk is willing to go to your place to make this good fortune. ” He resolutely accepted the invitation. However, it is not a simple matter to gather people to cross the East. It’s not easy to rent a boat that is willing to take risks. There are few people who can’t set sail. For the first time, he wanted to organize a group with North Korean monks and go with them. But before the departure, the Korean monks suddenly made things difficult and had to give up all kinds of blackmail. The second time, in view of the fact that foreigners are not easy to provoke, he United 185 believers from all walks of life. Among them were painters, sculptors, glassworkers, embroidery workers, stone tablet workers and other art craftsmen, and set sail with their proud disciples Xiangyan, Fajin and Situo, who were all famous rising stars at that time. Unexpectedly, there was a strong wind and the ship had capsized before going to sea. Jianzhen almost drowned, and many classics, Buddha statues and Buddhist utensils were lost. A large number of food, medicinal materials and spices also sank to the bottom of the sea. The plan failed again. However, his obsession of going east to promote Buddhism has not been dispelled. He wants to go south by land to Fuzhou and then go north by boat. At that time, there were restrictions on entry and exit, and there were villains everywhere. No matter how lofty an eminent monk he is, he is just an old man in Fujian, a strange place. A small report and an unwarranted crime were added, and the government banned his action. Rongbao, a Japanese monk who was preparing to go with him, was also imprisoned. The plan failed again. In the seventh year of Tianbao, when Jianzhen was sixty-one years old, he sneaked into the sea again. After going to sea, there was a mirage in the sea. The Zhouzi confused the direction and encountered a typhoon. He blew all the way south. After fourteen days, he suddenly saw land, but Zhenzhou, the southern tip of Hainan Island. They had to land in the drought. When they crossed Qiongzhou, Leizhou and other places with malaria, everyone got sick. Proud disciple Xiangyan and Japanese monk rongbeiji ate baqibo and died in Duanzhou. Jianzhen suffered from miasma. Although he returned to Yangzhou on a long dry road, his eyesight has been blurred since then, and he became blind two years later. Although he is blind, his ambition is strong. Another Japanese monk, Puzhao, who invited him to Japan, vented his anger and went to Asoka temple to practice. Until the twelfth year of Tianbao, Yang Guozhong became prime minister. Yang Guozhong is a standard corrupt official. He desperately wants money. It’s easy to do if he wants money. Naturally, all legal restrictions are greatly relaxed. Jianzhen then took the vice ship of Tang Ambassador Fujiwara Qinghe, who was going to return home, and set sail together. Who knows, when you go out to the sea, you encounter a strong wind. Fujiwara Qinghe’s boat has been blown to Vietnam, while Jianzhen’s auxiliary boat has been blown to Japan. Where there is a will, there is a way. Finally, the emperor has lived up to his pains. After five failures, Jianzhen achieved his goal. There were only twenty-four people with us this time, and they carried much less things than the second time. In addition to various classics, 3000 Buddhist relics and exquisite Buddha statues, there are the authentic works of Wang Xianzhi’s father and son, which are now listed as Japan’s national treasures. At that time, the Japanese government and the public were shocked and greatly impacted by Chinese culture. Especially Jianzhen’s perseverance and his profound knowledge