in February 2003, Javier stepped down as president of the Czech Republic. In his farewell speech, he sincerely said to his compatriots: “sometimes I make mistakes, but I can assure you one thing: I always try to abide by my oath when I accept this position – to abide by my cognition and conscience.”

in February 2003, Javier stepped down as president of the Czech Republic. In his farewell speech, he sincerely said to his compatriots: “sometimes I make mistakes, but I can assure you one thing: I always try to abide by my oath when I accept this position – to abide by my cognition and conscience.” 13 years of political career was a complete accident for him. As a playwright, becoming a politician was not his prior design. In the history of human political civilization, he provides an unprecedented example. He is a real intellectual. He acts with conscience and cognition, and finally set foot on the political stage of the Czech Republic and even the world, allowing mankind to see new possibilities. In today’s rapidly changing world, a clean intellectual without political experience can bring conscience and morality into politics, Inject new vitality into real politics. When he left the world, looking back on his spiritual heritage, I think the most important thing is his thinking about his era as a thinker. It is these irreplaceable thoughts that changed his country, promoted the self liberation of Czechoslovak society, and affected Eastern Europe and the world.

after the “Prague Spring” was crushed in 1968, the Czech Republic was filled with empty, false, lie and gloomy air. Under the rigid post totalitarian control, people had only the freedom to choose different brands of refrigerators, color televisions and washing machines. In the tossed and turned ordinary life, fear, indifference, numbness, boredom Boredom devours the spirit of the whole nation, and people’s souls seem to be evacuated. It is in such a dilemma that it is difficult to break free and there is almost no hope, In April 1975, he wrote the open letter to President Husak:

“What I mean by fear is not an exact emotion in the usual psychological sense. Most of the people we see around us do not tremble like trembling leaves: their faces show the expression of firm, self satisfied citizens. The fear we are talking about is in a deeper sense, if you like, in an ethical sense, that is, for a kind of persistence The long-standing, widespread and crisis collective consciousness shares more or less, worries about what is or may be threatened, and gradually becomes accustomed to this threat and regards it as a practical method. We follow various forms of external adaptation as the only effective means of self-protection.

naturally, fear is not the only building material in the current social structure. However, it is the main and basic material, without fear or even superficial unity Discipline and consistency no longer exist…

“a system based on fear and indifference, a system that drives everyone into a single bunker of pure material existence and takes hypocrisy as the main form of communication with society, what impact will it have on people?…

Without much imagination, we can see that such a scenario has only led to the gradual erosion of all moral levels, the collapse of all decent standards, and the general destruction of values and meanings such as truth, adherence to principles, loyalty, altruism, dignity and honor. In a kind of deep moral corruption — it originates from the loss of hope and the belief that life has a meaning. Life must fall into a biological and vegetable level.

of course, he did not naively think that the problems he raised would be responded to and even solved immediately, but he believed that “telling the truth is always meaningful”. As an individual life, he also needs a “second tone” in the depression and depression of reality. These words mean that the playwright’s Javier began to change to the thinker’s Javier. He touched the focus of that era and explained the real situation of the era with irrefutable and meticulous expression. In 1977, He analyzed this in the power of the powerless: “The post totalitarian society is characterized by the lack of normal social life, so it is unable to predict any far-reaching political changes, but it also has its positive side: it forces us to examine our situation according to its consistent logic and consider our future according to the global long-term world development trend. The most fundamental and internal conflict between mankind and the current system is better than traditional politics The fact that governance is much more profound determines the direction of our thinking. ”




, “living in reality”, “the power of the powerless”, “anti political politics”… With his unique language full of insight and penetration, he presented his observation, feeling and thinking, which not only flashed the edge of criticism, but also contained new factors leading to a healthy society in the future, Behind these languages is a powerful spiritual force, which is unimaginable for the behemoth standing opposite him. In my opinion, these new languages provide a new starting point. In fact, he himself realized the power of language very early. On October 15, 1989, the German bookseller’s Association awarded him the peace award. He was prevented from going abroad to receive the award. The theme of his written speech was the mysterious power of language in human history. He said “Words are indeed the root of our existence and the essence of the cosmic life form we call ‘man’. Spirit, human mind, self-consciousness, the ability of conceptual thinking and induction, the ability to understand that the world is a whole, not just our place, the ability to know that we will die one day and continue to live under this cognition Isn’t all this mediated or even created by words? ”

languages are like the same light. Once a new language is produced, it will illuminate the darkness. Javier’s language will stir up the waves of history in the closed and rigid Czech society, although no one was aware of it at that time. He knows that language is the beginning of all things and knows it at the same time